Magnetic Chalkboard Wall & Growth Chart

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This is a project that I completed about a year ago but since my blog is new I have to catch up! I have so many ideas for using magnetic and chalkboard paint but this is the only project I’ve done so far.  When we renovated our kitchen recently we installed a stainless steel GE monogram refrigerator….my dream refrigerator….until I found out that it is NOT magnetic. How is metal not magnetic?! I had so many plans of covering it in Sienna’s artwork and photos.  So I had to come up with an alternative…..a magnetic chalkboard wall.
First, I taped off a large rectangle using blue tape.  Use Q-tips to burnish the edges of the tape and you won’t have any paint leakage underneath.  I used Rustoleum Magnetic Paint for the magnetic layer.  I recommend buying it at a hardware store so that they can put it in the shaking machine and mix it up for you.  The metal filings in the paint tend sink to the bottom and are hard to mix manually.  I did a lot of research on my magnetic wall before doing it and found that there are 2 tricks to getting it right:

Trick #1: Apply many coats. I ended up doing about 6 coats and I probably should have done about 10 to 15.  Each layer adds more metal filings.  The more coats you add the more even the metal layer will be.
Trick #2: Buy the right magnets. I went through several different kinds.  If the label on the magnets says “the strongest magnet ever” don’t believe it. The only magnets that will hold anything are neodymium disc magnets. They look like watch batteries and they are more expensive but if you don’t use this kind you’ll have stuff falling off the wall all over the place. They are super powerful and will even pinch your fingers if you hold a few together. I found some at Michael’s that were 6 for around $3.50. I glued buttons to the top of the magnets to decorate and to make them easier to grab off the wall. Make sure to spread the magnets out far enough apart while they are drying or you will end up with a big gooey mess (I learned the hard way!)
After the magnetic layers are dry you can add your chalkboard paint.  I used Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint.  The trick with this layer is to allow it to dry for 3 days so that it can cure properly. Once cured, you can prepare the surface for chalk by rubbing the side of chalk over entire surface and erasing.
To make the growth chart I taped off the increments with blue tape and used the remaining chalkboard paint.  I printed off numbers from the computer and used graphite transfer paper to transfer the images to the wall.
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I decorated the top of the board with some chalk drawings that can be redone when I get bored with them.

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The bottom half of the chalkboard is reserved for Sienna’s drawing.

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Recent Spring Sewing

I love this little dress top I made for Sienna. She recently wore it to a tea party to celebrate her friend Elliana’s birthday.  This is by far my favorite sewing pattern right now.  It is the FAITH Double Layer Dress Top by Sew Sensible.  You can buy the pattern online at You Can Make This.  The directions included with it are step-by-step and include pictures!  Anyone who can work a sewing machine can make this top.  I made little matching  shorts to go with the top but Sienna also wears it with jeans when the weather is cooler.  It looks dressy but is very comfortable and roomy for playing.  I won’t put Sienna in anything itchy or tight so this outfit is perfect!

Recent Spring Sewing via lilblueboo.comFAITH Double Layer Dress Top by Sew Sensible via

Below is the back of another dress top I made in another set of fabrics.  The top layer is Amy Butler and the bottom layer is a $3/yard coordinating fabric I found to match.  I love Amy Butler fabrics but they tend to get pricey when you need a lot of fabric!  The huge bow in the back is my favorite part of the outfit.  It reminds me of one of those big wind-up toy keys.
Recent Spring Sewing 1 via lilblueboo.comRecent Spring Sewing 2 via
For the shorts I use New Look pattern #6689 which I picked up at Joann’s Fabric.  You can also get it online at the Simplicity website. It is a very simple pattern and is always roomy enough for a diaper and lots of horseplay.  I use this pattern for lots of different outfit variations and just change the length for shorts or capris and add a ruffle to some.
Another easy outfit: the Momma’s Darlin Apron Top.  You can purchase this pattern online at You Can Make This as well. I love these patterns because you can download them instantly. I made the bow a little longer than the pattern asks for, but I love when bows hang down with large loops.   The shorts are by the New Look pattern I mentioned above.  I found these fabrics at Joann’s for about $2/yard when they were having one of their sales.
Recent Spring Sewing 3 via lilblueboo.comRecent Spring Sewing 4 via

Some souls are so special, heaven can’t wait……

Some souls are so special, heaven can’t wait 1 via lilblueboo.comSome souls are so special, heaven can’t wait via lilblueboo.comAfter 18 days on this beautiful earth, my cousin David and his wife Ashley said goodbye to their sweet baby Maxton. Maxton earned his angel wings on March 21, 2009 at 11:56pm while David and Ashley held him.

Sweet Maxton was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) at his 19-week ultrasound. CDH is a life threatening birth defect that affects approximately 1 in 2,400 births every year. CDH occurs when the diaphragm does not fully form, allowing organs to enter the chest cavity preventing lung growth. Every CDH baby is unique and a variety of treatments are performed. There is no way to predict what any given child’s outcome will be. The cause of CDH is also unknown.

Ashley wrote about Maxton’s struggles every step of the way in his fight against CDH. She continues to write about her son and how he touched so many lives in his short time with us. Her strength is amazing. You can read her blog here.
Tomorrow, March 31st, is Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Day.
Some souls are so special, heaven can’t wait Maxton via lilblueboo.comThis painting was for Maxton’s nursery. I’ve made it into a memory painting to celebrate his life.  I mailed it this morning.
Some souls are so special, heaven can’t wait. – unknown
Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our heart forever. -unknown
Every time I think of you I thank God. -Philippians 1:3
Please pray that David and Ashley will have comfort in knowing there are many prayers going up for them and baby Maxton.
You can read more about CDH and the organizations that help families within the CDH community at the links below:
Global CDH

All things girly….

Just finished framing this new painting for a little baby girl named Riley.  Girls are so easy to paint for…..pinks and greens plus a birdie and some polka dots.  I love all things girly.  There are lots of little goodies in the painting if you look closely: Flower-shaped buttons, rhinestones, butterfly buttons with hand-stitched bodies and antennae.  The mother I made this for received the painting as a gift at a baby shower.  The bedding in her nursery is white with pink, brown, green polka dots and has some stripes in the same colors.  Take a look at the Katie Bedding Collection from Pottery Barn Kids.  Every time I paint one of these little nursery paintings I realize just how much I love to make things that I hope will make others feel happy.

All things girly via
Here is the final framed painting.  I used an antique white frame with a white mat floated above the backing.
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Lil Blue Boo

Lil Blue Boo vial lilblueboo.comI know someone will probably ask why I named my blog Lil Blue Boo…..I needed a cute little label for my sewing projects.  My nickname for Sienna is “Boo” and I love the color blue (my favorite color is green but the name “Green Boo” didn’t sound that great).

The clothing labels are really easy to make.  You can buy cotton fabric that goes through your inkjet printer and then just cut them to size and iron the edges inward.  I used a little bit of Stitch Witchery (fusible adhesive) to keep the sides together so the tag edges won’t fray when I wash the clothes.

"Twinkle twinkle little boy……"

Twinkle twinkle little boy via
“Twinkle twinkle little boy……how you fill my heart with joy!” Just finished this painting for my friend’s baby boy.  I don’t get a lot of boy requests for paintings so I am excited to finish another one. This one is a surprise gift so I hope it matches her nursery!  I love all the different blues and I added my favorite “moon man” by Shel Silverstein.  The frame was chosen to match a pewter crib.  I had to cut the mat by hand….maybe I’ll invest in a mat cutter one day but right now I don’t have room for it!