About Me

Hi there, I’m Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.

Amazing Ashley via lilblueboo.com


Lil Blue Boo is all about encouraging others to find their creative streak. I love writing, sewing, silk screening, painting, photography, journaling, and power tools. I have a serious obsession for color, fabric and trinkets. Lil Blue Boo sewing patterns grew out of a love of new and reclaimed knits. Lil Blue Boo clothing is an eclectic mix of original hand cut silk screens, vintage finds, recycled fabrics, and comfortable style. I love coming up with unique one-of-a-kind and limited edition knit clothing for adults and children and I love sharing the process with others. I write daily for Babble.com’s The New Home Ec on a variety of DIY projects.


A few of my favorite projects to check out:
Frida Kahlo in Buttons and the Mona Lisa in Buttons
Getting Organized
A Vintage Sign Using Canvas
Spin-spiration Folk Art


I recently have had some crazy curveballs thrown at me that have made me consciously decide to “choose joy” as a way of life. I’ve chosen to write publicly about loss, and the nitty gritty of unexpected surgery and chemotherapy in hopes that my experiences will help others. I was diagnosed with Choriocarcinoma in October 2011. Starting in the uterus, it spread to my lungs, liver and regrew in my pelvis area after an emergency hysterectomy. You can read more about all of this in The Cancer Chronicles. I recently shaved off my long, long hair too.….it was a great experience.


Fighter Ashley via lilblueboo.com


I am married to the most wonderfully supportive hard-working husband who just happens to be my best friend. We met in college in 1997 and dated until 2001 when we were married. He also happens to be the best father in the world. My husband, daughter and I have lived in Palm Desert, CA since 2006. We moved here from Charlotte, NC to pursue a more balanced lifestyle. I found out I was pregnant the day we moved!



Ashley and family via lilblueboo.com



I’ve always loved creating things. I grew up with a very crafty, creative mother and I have two very crafty, creative grandmothers that I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with at a young age before they passed away. I love creating with my daughter.

I learned to sew at an early age. It was the best “crafty” skill my mother taught me. I learned to paint in college at Wake Forest University from an amazing art teacher Page Laughlin. I was a mathematics major and ended up going into the financial industry, sometimes working 100 hours a week. Don’t ask me how…..but I ended up in Leveraged Finance structuring and underwriting financing for oil companies.


After 6 busy years in investment banking (and somewhere in there getting my MBA), I started accepting painting commissions for colleagues in the little spare time I had. One day I just quit my job (well, actually I asked for a leave of absence to go and caddy for my little sister Perry). I was tired of never coming home the same day I went to work. I never ended up caddying for her….I ended up painting, sewing, drilling, journaling, mitre-sawing…..full time!


How could I forget Diesel! Diesel is our 2.5 pound Yorkshire Terrier. He will be 9 years old this year. He is so small sometimes I think he could be the smallest dog in the world. You can read more about him here.

Diesel the terrorific via lilblueboo.com




A couple things that people are surprised to learn about me:

:: I used to fly airplanes…I was so close to getting my pilot’s license….solo flight and everything…..but decided I just didn’t “get it” and having to take Dramamine before flying was not a good sign. (I can’t even drive a stick shift, should I really be flying a plane?!) My dad flew as a hobby and wanted us kids to be able to land it if something happened to him. You can read about him here, talk about someone with an abundance of energy…..

:: I love reading memoirs….of anyone, famous or not.

:: I once met Johnny Cash in a dream. I swear to God it was really him.

:: I used to show horses competitively and regret selling my thoroughbred Andy when I went off to school because I would probably still be riding.

:: I love being a mother but never had any desire to breastfeed or experience labor and I could not stand being pregnant. I’m a little scared my daughter will inherit my OCD, ADHD, stubbornness etc and be impossible to control.

:: I love being a wife and taking care of my husband. Sometime amazed that he puts up with my OCD, ADHD and stubbornness.

:: I eat 1 of two things every morning for breakfast along with a diet coke…..cheddar goldfish or McDonald’s bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. My mother made us eat a lot of organic, barley, super-green algae, aloe juice etc growing up….and I think it backfired.

:: I studied abroad in China during college to learn Mandarin Chinese.

:: I can recite all the old testament books of the bible in under 14 seconds.

:: I can’t stand to drink water. I drink about 5 diet cokes a day and only drink water when I run. I’m trying to change this. (Update: I haven’t had a soda since October 21st!)

:: I have thought about opening a gun range. I am a really good shot….even with a heavy M-4 (similar to an M-16).

:: I love watching movies while I paint and as a result I have seen thousands (once I had Blockbuster print off movies I had rented from them…..it was a roll of paper about 10 feet long…I’ve switched to Netflix now to save money). I love movies that are based on true events.

:: I love donuts, mustard, bacon, broccoli, brussel sprouts, vinegar, deviled eggs, onions, chips and salsa, pancakes, peanut butter, chicken tenders, movie popcorn, nachos……but not together.

:: I hate asking for help…..for anything. I also don’t like feeling indebted. But I love helping people and giving things away.

:: My daughter and I LOVE to make dance videos:


Lil Blue Boo clothing is an eclectic mix of original hand cut silk screens, vintage finds, recycled fabrics, and comfortable style. I have an amazing team of local women that I employ who all share the same passion I do for handmade, quality clothing that is made in the USA. We make everything “in-house” from the original patterns to the silk screened size labels!


(photos by Paint the Moon and Bloom)



Visit my workspace and behind the scenes!
I have a serious obsession for color, fabric and trinkets and I’ve pretty much taken over every available work space in the house and we are working on expanding a larger workspace. I love peeking into other people’s work areas. You can see the evolution of my painting and sewing studios here. My workspace changes almost daily as my business changes and grows and I have to find more room!



    • Dana Mahoney says

      My name is Dana Mahoney and my husband and I are friends of your mom and dad. IWe are golfing buddies of them and I have had your Mom on my mind and not sure how to reach her, all I have is your dad’s old email. would love to find out how she is and get in touch with her. So many of us are so fond of her and a bunch of us are together this weekend for golf (I know you know how that is) and we were remembering fond memories last night. Could you please give her my email to contact me danamahoney56@gmail.com.
      Also, I just found out about your surgery and we all send our biggest hugs and best wishes to you and your family. We have you in our prayers. You have wonderful family support and I know your Daddy is right there with you. Please give Mom a big hug as well.
      Dana Mahoney
      PS I remembered the night in Guadalajara that your father showed me the Lil Blue Boo website, that id how I am finding you, he was so proud

    • Shelly Weaver says


      I recently found your site through craftgossip, and I love it! I’m so inspired! You are truly an amazing woman. Your talent, character, faith, courage, and “joy”ful outlook on life are such a breath of fresh air. You inspire me to be a better person. I will be praying for your full recovery and strength for the journey. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family.

      Choosing Joy,

  1. Andrea and Casey says

    I just found your site and I'm in love… with your ideas! I think I should learn to sew better. Your little girl's hair reminds me so much of my baby girl Jocelyn's. Thanks for all the fun tutorials and ideas! Keep posting!

  2. :o) mg says

    Um… I'm feeling a bit like an underachiever. What a colorful palate you have of life experiences.
    Clearly, God has blessed you abundantly.

  3. Lisa Renata says

    you sound like a pretty interesting, fun and loving person.

    nice to meet you.

    lisa renata

  4. Elle's Mom says

    ok, how am i just reading this now!? so fun to read. love all of the little random facts about you :-)

  5. ScrappinAway says

    I just recently found you blog and I love it. I also like to paint and have just recently gotten my first few clients. I alos do children's nurseries and canvases. I really enjoyed reading about you, love you sense of humor. I kept reading it out loud to my hubby while he was trying to watch a ball game, I think I was driving him crazy, ha! Anyway thanks for being so inspiring!

  6. Marianne & Clayton says

    I just found your site and have read almost all of it already. You are so talented, amazing, and so, so generous! Thank you for your tutorials. I am getting super excited to go brush off my piles of empty canvases and try some landscapes. Your blog is my favorite kind, the kind that lights a fire under me. Keep up the awesome work, and thanks again!

  7. ZeidmanZoo says

    WOW! it sounds like you've had quite an interesting life, and are extremely talented and generous! how kind of you to not only share your tutorials, techniques, ideas, etc. – but also your private life! i spent the last year of my life learning to do all kinds of fun things that i swore i would when my younger when started school – i started with spackle and paint, and moved on to learn electrical and plumbing too! i am now inspired, in part by you, to have hemmed my first pair of pants (by hand) bought my first sewing machine – even though i don't know how to sew! next up is a class i think, and then some creative refashioning, and maybe costumes, home dec…. thank you so much for sharing so much with all of us!

  8. kristenvuc says

    I think we would be the best of friends if we lived next door! Finding your blog only yesterday, I have got through it upside and down. You are inspiring me to put my ideas to work for me. I am also running to my purse to purchase your dress patterns for my little people. I, too, search for finding 'cool' patterns for boys. My son humors me and wears tshirt pants and shirts with appliqued ties on them. I will follow your post faithfully! Keep it coming!

  9. Kristi says

    I think we could be best friends . . . except for the gun part. Guns scare the dickens out of me. And at one point in my life I drank so much Diet Coke that I had to give it up cold turkey. No caffeine now for 10 years! It didn't help with the water consumption though.

    I am off to shop in your Etsy store!

  10. CJinNZ says

    Wow i just stumbled across your website and am amazed at how talented you are! You have also done so much in your life – you seem like a beautiful, down to earth, energetic and brave soul!
    I cant wait to try out some of your projects. I am very creative (so i'm told) myself but always need a boost for ideas. I have a 2 yr old son and am a stay at home mum.
    I am looking forward to making loads of things. I will show you what i make (if you like) as it progresses.

  11. indiapiedaterre says

    Oh my, you are amazing!! You can absolutely see from your blog that your daughter has inherited your energy! I love to sew too. I much admire the combinations of pattern and color in the clothing you make. It's inspiring me to wonder how to create similar combinations in clothes for myself even though I'm not a child, I'm 42! It must be possible — even to combine prints and color, and woven fabrics with knits in a unique T-shirt or something. I also love to fly, my husband has a pilot's license and a plane but I have no desire to be a pilot. I'm too distracted looking at what's on the ground from above. LOVE your blog.

  12. says

    Reading this made me feel so much better about my chaotic and all-over-the-place ambitions. My family and friends give me a really hard time because I’m a Deaf Education major (who wants to use ASL but not necessarily in the traditional classroom), dancer, writer, aspiring traveler, crafter, interior decorator, etc, who can’t wait to get married and be a mom. I’m determined to find a way to harmonize all of these things into my life-story, though.
    Who says you can’t do it all, right!? You gotta fill 80-something years with something!
    Anyway, your story is inspiring!

  13. says

    I love your site. and I love your honesty! I saw your tutorial on Dharmas site. The one with the snowflakes across the bottom of the dress. I want to know if you have tried this technique on silk. I need an idea on a technique for using the dynaflow dyes on silk glasses cases. I teach Seniors (citizens) here in Big Bear Lake, CA. I made a promise long ago that we would NEVER do “gramma crafts” (pom-pom and googley eyes) in my classes..I thought the reverse stenciling was a great idea, using the freezer paper and snowflake paper punch! any ideas?

  14. {{{Kelly}}} XtOphY Design Studio says

    just came across your blog….I think I am forever hooked! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  15. says

    For months now, I have been faithfully following your blog! It is so therapeutical and so motivational, thank you! Your energy and creativity have pulled me out little by little out of my “lazy-fear-what-if” mode.
    Congrats on your To Be News!!! That is sooo exciting! May only happiness and health surround you and your family!

  16. Sherry (BTLover2) says

    I just found your blog via a “pin” on Pinterest. I don’t know where you’ve been all my life! :) I’m going to enjoy reading your posts (old and new) and learning from you. We have similar interests, but more importantly, you inspire the hell out of me! What an amazing person you seem to be!

    Looking forward to spending time here. You are my new virtual BFF 😉

  17. Shelly says

    Lol…didn’t know you were a sharp shooter. Niiiice! I took a firearms course and was a dead shot in the prone position with my Glock…I miss those days.

  18. Cecilia says

    I just stumbled upon your website… I think you are amazing and realized that you just have what I’d love to have: EXCELLENT TIME with your kid, doing craft that you like. I’m a working mommy in Bolivia and still hate myself for not to be brave enough to quit my job and enjoy my little girls’ little company.

    I LOVED YOUR SITE And will be around. you inspired me


  19. says

    I love those videos! sooo cute! your little girl is adorable, and you seem like such a cool mom, so great to see!!!!

  20. says

    I’m new here! And I just wanted to say that you’re the perfect girl! As in, every woman wants to be you and every guy wants to marry you! lol. But for real. I’m excited to “meet” you! :-)

  21. Amy says

    One of my friends is an Investment Banker, and she only dreams of a day when she will muster up the courage to quit that job! 100+ hour work weeks are her life! I’m not sure how y’all do it!

  22. Marilyn says

    I discovered your blog less than 2 weeks ago and have already tackled (in a good way), three diferent projects. I tried the popsicle stick puzzle tonight and am having a problem. As I’m peeling off the paper (last step), I seem to be peeling off too much of the actual photo. What am I doing wrong?
    I used:
    Liquitex matte gel medium
    plain photo copies (black and white on regular paper)
    waited for the gel to dry
    had to keep wetting the paper to rub it off

    • Marilyn says

      I love your site. I’m having a problem with the popsicle stick puzzle. As I peel off the paper (last step), I seem to be peeling off too much of the actual photo. What am I doing wrong?
      I used:
      Liquitex matte gel medium
      plain photo copies (black and white on regular paper)

  23. says

    Just came across your site and it made me smile–being a North Carolina native and a workaholic scientist it makes me happy to see someone that is just like me! I love to sew and am getting back into it now I’m don with school (for now) and your daughter is so precious! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with :)

  24. says

    Hi Ashley,

    My daughter follows your blog and called me this morning to tell me about your post of October 14.

    I am 69 years old and a cancer survivor of 47 years. I had choriocarcinoma when I was 21.

    I live in Arizona and my husband and I went to Chicago, IL, Passavant Memorial Hospital, where I went through my chemo therapy with about fifteen other girls from around the world who had choriocarcinoma. We were tested for various chemo treatments to see what would work best. I guess you could say that we were “guinea pigs”.

    I knew that what we were going through would help women in the future but as it was such a rare cancer, I never thought I would actually hear about it again.

    My daughter, my three granddaughters and I traveled to Chicago last year. It was the first time I had been back. Passavant Memorial is no longer there as I knew it, but Northwestern Medical Center is going strong. They were having a fundraiser there the evening we arrived for Cancer Research.

    I had wonderful doctors at Passavant, in fact I found that one of my doctors, Melvin V. Gerbie is still affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital on East Huron St.

    Anyway, if you ever feel like you want to talk to someone who has gone through what you are going through, I’m here. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  25. Seasonal Heart says

    Wow! From Mandarin Chinese and flying planes to making G6 mash-up videos. I feel like I need to do something else right now LOL 😉 Great bio!!

  26. Cindy says

    If you have not heard about this site, I wanted to share it with you
    She has lots of great recipes and information about fighting cancer with nutrition. I am so glad to hear your treatments are working. You are in my daily prayers.
    Love to you and your family

  27. says

    Wow, Ashley. I bookmarked your children’s art site a while ago for inspiration for my own business, I just love your site and layout, your blog and style. Thank you for the inspiration, I launch my business tomorrow, dec 1st! But then I linked here to find your Choose Joy mantra and what has brought you to this place, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life struggles with “us” and for reminding me personally to choose joy in the ups & downs of life. Thank you, you are much more than a great artist. I plan to visit you more often. Please check out my site too, you will see we have much in common~

  28. says

    I just stumbled on your website on a sleepless night in Charlotte, NC and have fallen in love with your blog. I share your obsession with doughnuts and am constantly searching for the perfect doughnut. So far the Bavarian Cream from Oscar’s Doughnuts (now deceased… moment of silence please) in Leesburg, FL where I grew up is the front runner and I can’t get it anymore. Very frustrating to find the holy grail of doughnuts and not realize it because you’re sixteen and not in tune with your doughnut love just yet. Now that I’m musing, the KrispyKreme Apple Filled doughnuts hot on the way to International Marketing Class in Gainesvills FL might be a contender as well…… Sorry, I can get a bit “oh ,shiny” when i write it’s the Gemini in me. Anyways, just wanted to say hang in there and let you know that a blog friend in Charlotte is sending positive, healing vibes across country for you. The big question is… are things simpler in Palm Desert?

  29. says

    Hi, just a quick compliment on your wooden pendants/necklaces. One of my passions is woodwork. Coming up with something that is small, unique, meaningful, and useful has been challenging. Christmas is near and what a great gift to give. Thanks for the inspiration ! Just as I express my unique thoughts freely in music, I’m already brewing up something similar to the long/latitude idea. I’m gonna get more serious putting a site together too after seeing yours…cheers…but right now to the wood shop!! :)

  30. Jenny Ronimous says

    I know that you must be busy and exhausted, I follow your blog and pray for you and your family and admire your spirit through your difficult times. That said, I have a question. We lived for a year in CA and bought the Disney Mickey Mouse ears ornament to remember it by. This weekend, the tree fell over and of course it took the brunt of the fall. The front with the Mickey emblem and one ear is still intact as one giant piece. I can’t bear to just toss it and was wondering if you have any recommendations. I thought if anyone could brainstorm the perfect solution – it would be you! Thanks in advance for any time you spend on this and keep your wonderful spirit.

  31. Katie says

    Hello! I visit your website from time to time but this is my first comment. I love all of your crafty things! I think my favorite right now is the little fairy village. It’s so cool! You and I have a few things in common, I also like crafty things, mostly sewing, and I love reading autobiographies/watching biographical movies. Some of my favorite books are those by Maya Angelou, Johnny Cash, Eleanor Roosevelt. Speaking of Johnny Cash, he once said that his older brother used to visit him in his dreams and always appeared a few years older than Johnny Cash was in real life. I thought that was interesting since you said you met him in a dream! Anyway, if you haven’t seen Thirteen Days its a great movie I would recommend it to you. I also wanted you to know I will keep you in my prayers, that the Lord will give you the spiritual, emotional, and physical strength that you need until this time passes. You have such a wonderful, positive attitude! Remember He is always with you. =)

  32. Alyson says

    Hi, I stumbled upon your website via Pinterest, and reading this just noticed you live in Palm Desert. I live about an hour and a half from you in always sunny El Centro. AKA the desert next to Mex. lol. I just have to say after reading about your Dad, and your recent curveballs, I admire your choice. to choose Joy. Keep your chin up and I will continue to pray for you. I have since I found your blog about 2 weeks ago :)

  33. Chilaquillez says

    Your a Star! Love your blog. I was a creative person who now sleeps when I get free time. I’m a new mother of twin 3 month girls and a 1 year old son. I’m tired. I’m making some of your art work, one of these days. My son is currently in that stage of knocking down everything on a table bookshelf, etc and I’m returning to work on Tues. But I have your Blog as one of my Bookmarks and I follow you on Facebook. I have a brillant idea for family Journal/madlib kinda book ideas I got from just looking and bouncing of your thoughts and doings. Your awesome.

  34. Kim says

    Hi Ashley,
    You are a beautiful and courageous woman! I was drawn to your website from a blog that I am a part of. I check your blog regularly to see how you are doing. You are such an inspiration and am happy you have such fabulous care :) I have read that you may begin loosing your hair. My mother went through chemo and although her hair grew thin, it never completely fell out. It’s just hair and will gorw back, beat cancer! I would encourage you to check out a friend’s site and read the home page as to how she started her business. http://www.marigoldcaps.com . If you go to the Press link, the gal on the far right was the inspiration behind my friend’s creations. She is a breast cancer survior and said that wigs were itchy and so my friend searched for the softest fabrics for her. The hats are awesome and such a beautiful story to go with them. Sadly my friend suffered her own tragedy last year and her mother continues the business.
    Take care Ashely and keep up your beautiful spirit. You have a lot of cheerleaders :) Go, FIGHT, WIN!

  35. says

    Your are fabulous, beautiful, warm, loving and so inspirational I adore you … I am serious God Bless you and your family.
    I have had many dear friends and family members with some type of cancer some who have survived yet some who have gone on to heaven their spirit lives deep in my heart.
    I love to craft as you will see if you venture over to my web site but I also love to crochet and knit so if need any hats or scarves you just let me know I will make you want ever you want.
    I do funny ones too like sock monkey, hello kitty etc
    Each and every day Ashley you will now be in my prayers..
    Sincerely Rachel

  36. says

    Hi Ashley,
    I just discovered your blog and have spent the last hour reading the
    cancer chronicles. Just want you to know I’ll be praying for you and your family. You are an inspiration and a blessing to all.

  37. says

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  38. Stella says

    So, I first came across your blog through pineterest because I loved your nursery embellished paintings. I too paint random creations for friends having babies, but have always just painted on canvas, so I stole your hardboard/framing idea!!! I was just starting my first one today and wanted to glance back at some of yours, well it’s been almost two hours and I have yet to look at the paintings. I am sitting here, almost frozen, at all you have been through last year. What an amazing woman you are!! Your courage and confidence are beyond words.
    The other thing that struck me is that when I was just reading your “about me” section, it was almost as if I were reading about me, the person I wish I could be. I too am beyond OCD, ADD, a bit bossy and controlling, slightly opinionated and have the nickname stellanator at work. I am a nurse In L/D and in the icu. I love nursing because I freaking rock at my job and the reason I am so good is because it is “outlined” and very clear what an outstanding nurse is and I can become whatever it is my patients need. I know how to make them like me and be whoever they “need”. The key with nursing though, It holds very little creative risk, it is very dependable and guaranteed. 5years into my career now and i have yet to feel fulfilled, like I am supposed to do something else, something bigger than a twelve hour shift. I have ideas oozing out of my ears but have such a fear of failure that I keep these ideas to myself. Just recently, I started showing some friends things I paint, sew, create and feedback is positive. But without guidelines, orientation or a mentor/preceptor, how will I measure how well I am doing compared to the next. That’s just it, there is no one to compete against, to be better than…it’s all on me…and that frightens me the most!!!!!!
    Reading how you were in a very rigid, straight laced job and left it all to show off your unique talents…this is so inspiring to me. How exactly did you get started? How did you get up the courage to take that leap? Were you, at one point, uncomfortable with others seeing your work? Having a negative opinion of what you created? Sometimes I also think, what I do isn’t that difficult, why would anyone want to pay me to do such simple projects. Aaaaaaaaahhh, why do I need some policy/procedure manual to feel comfortable or a team to be better than. I have had my toes at the edge of this darn cliff for over a year now. I don’t feel fulfilled because I feel so restricted but yet to have more freedom terrifies me.

    I guess I have rambled long enough. My point is, I wish I had your courage to do what you have done, to Have the courage to get out there and risk failing. Yet as I continued to read and discover the level of courage you hold on a daily basis, it makes me see that my “fears” are just stupid. I have nothing to lose, but maybe the opportunity to take that leap. Thank you…

    • Danielle says

      wow…I’ve been a fan of Ashley’s forever~ read so many of the comments that others said, but that was TRULY Soul Searching… hope you’ve made the Leap and THANK you for sharing what is obviously so personal…

  39. says

    I stumbled upon your site through Pinterest and I am so glad that I did! At first, I thought that I was just going to get some really cute organizational and DIY ideas. When I came to The Cancer Chronicles I had to see what that was about. I am touched by your story. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2011. Never have had a cigarette to my lips! I am blessed because it was a complete fluke (or miracle) that it was even found. I had my left upper lobe removed and hopefully that was the end of my cancer journey. But I think that it started me on another journey. Although I am extremely blessed to have had such a wonderful outcome so far, my attitude toward life has really changed. I too am choosing joy each day. I am not so judgmental. I just try to be a better person. In the back of my mind I constantly wonder why I was so fortunate when there are so many others who are not? Hopefully I will find that answer one day. I have a blessed life with a wonderful husband whom I met in the 5th grade, and the best 10 year old son a mom could ask for. Maybe I am just meant to be the best wife and Mom that I can be.
    I will continue to follow your story. I have purchased a pack of choose joy bracelets and will pass them out as a reminder that happiness is a choice. I wish you a healthy, blessed 2012. Keep your courage!

  40. Stella says

    It’s now ten pm and I must stop reading….I worked last night and have yet to sleep. Your blog is the best “book” I have ever read. All my questions I mentioned in my first looooong post, you have answered in some way, in some post already written. So many quotes I have written down to help me in my life and future. As posted by you quoting someone else , THE MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE, HAVE SOME SORT OF PAST (or something along those lines). I swear to you, a coworker said to me as I was leaving my shift, after we got on the subject of me back in the day, (before they knew me)…that I was one of the most interesting people she knew and hearing about my past (just a scratch on the surface I might add) left her hanging for more…lol. I cant wait to read more!!!!! I don’t even make sense now, I can’t get my point across effectively…to many moments during the past 6+ hours of reading that gave me chills d/t shocking similar events and ways of thinking and endless advice you provided me yhrough your stories and post, so many of these long standing questions were answered.

  41. Aude says

    just a quick note of Alsace in France you want a good years 2012to you and your family!!!!!!
    good years
    Sorry for my English

  42. says

    I loved reading this Ashley. I too am from Charlotte, NC but we have lived in upstate NY (just outside of Syracuse) since 2004. My hubby and I were also married in 2001 and I LOVE Diet Coke…way too much! :)

    I love that you speak Mandarin, how amazing is that. I wish I could learn. I keep telling myself that i am going to try to learn it but I don’t seem to do it. My hubby and I have two daughters who were adopted from China and I would love to learn how to speak Mandarin so I could teach them one day. :)

  43. Melissa says

    You are an amazing woman. I stuMbled upon your blog via one of the other blogs I follow. I was immediately mesmerized by your strength. Having just gone thru some crappy months of life, your “choose joy” attitude hit home. I got out of bed that morning and decided THAT would be my mantra also. I almost ordered the purple bracelets and then decided I needed a more permanent reminder. Choose joy is now tattooed on my wrist. A constant reminder. The problems in my life are not nearly as tragic as the ones you have/are facing. Nonetheless, they brought me down and turned me into a person I am not. Thank you for reminding me what life is all about. (I wish I could figure out how to attach a picture so I can show u my tattoo!!!!)

  44. christie g says

    I too stumbled upon your blog thanks to a forum friend and cannot quit reading. You are very inspiring and so full of life. I love that your daughter is always by your side and is full of energy with you. Keep up the good work with all your projects!

  45. Mary Anne says

    Hi Ashley,
    There isn’t anything I can say that hasn’t been said above. I’m thankful to have stumbled on your blog through Pinterest and I will certainly be following you on your journey! I have many dear friends, fighting the fight, over the past two years and I know without doubt that prayers works. You will be in my prayers and I look forward to reading more of your inspiring posts! Take good care and God Bless!

  46. Marion Dewar says

    Hi Ashley. My name is Marion Dewar and I am from Charlotte too. I live in Raleigh now. A friend (Angelica Herman Adams) passed your website to me b/c i am fighting breast cancer and am 34 too. I also was diagnosed Oct 2012. I am bald now too! :) loved watching your video. truly a blessing from God to me. It helps not feeling alone.

  47. Jackie Alvarez says

    Dear Ashley,
    I have been reading your blog for awhile and love all your projects. I am a breast cancer survivor and also chose to shave my hair off….I made my husband do it (much to his horror) :). I must say your video of the experience is great. My family cried when my hair started to fall out. The treatments were awful but everyone pulled together to give me love support and I am happy your family is loving you and supporting you too. It’s a tough journey but you will also meet incredible people and discover wonderful things along the way. The Lord will help you through it and you will become even stonger and more beautiful than you are today. I will be praying for you daily and keeping up with your progress!

    Blessings from Miami, Florida

  48. says

    Thank you for sharing your video and your decision to live joyfully! My friend Ashley LeMaster posted this on her FB and I in turn posted to my wall. I watched your video while bawling! You are so brave and have a beautiful family! I am so excited to have met you via your post, I will be praying for you and look forward to hearing that you’ve been 100% restored! God Bless!

  49. says

    Hi AShley!

    I found your inspiring video of when you shaved your head. My company has a clothing line for chemotherapy patients that make treatment a little more bearable. Our clothing has discreet access for the treatment site that won’t let you be exposed to those around you, keeps you warm and covered, as well as giving enough access to nurses. The clothing can be worn before, during, and after treatment. I’d love for you to take a look at the site and let us know what you think. Your blog is wonderful and we’d also be honored to use some content about you or have you a guest blog poster, and possibly a guest for us on our tweet chat that we hold twice a month on Twitter! Please let me know :) Take care

  50. Melissa says

    Hi Ashley,
    My name is Melissa, I have been following your blog for long time, I absolutely love your projects, you have so much creativity and talent. Im also a mom, i have 3 years old twins a boy and a girl, (Gustavo and Sofia) they r 3 now, and after i had kids i got so much inspired in Crafts, sewing (Im learning i love your tutorials) and photography, kids bring the best of us my husband says :-)). Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with all of us that don’t know u but after reading all seems like we know u for long time. I love you posted you decided to “choose joy”, and Im on your team, everyone should embrace this attitude to a better world. I read a book when i was kid Pollyanna, It remind me of the attitude, looking the good things in life. I watched your video and what a inspiring moment, it got me to tears. Thanks again to share this moment with us. You have an amazing family that seems like r supporting you in everything. We will be praying for you to get well soon, and continue to follow your story. Love and take care of yourself Melissa

  51. Amanda / Bulldrogs and Bulldogs says

    I just discovered your blog and I am so happy to have ‘met’ you. You are one inspiring lady and I am so looking forward to spending some time looking through your blog. I have a feeling I’m going to gain some serious inspiration in so many ways from you.

    Hope you have a wonderful and joy filled day :)


  52. Lisa says

    Thanks for such a great and inspiring blog. I’m praying that you will go into complete remission! Take care and thanks again for helping others to remember to “choose joy”.


  53. plaza says

    hi, i was looking at your pictures and i must say i am inspired by all your creations you have a true talent i have a few question and would love to speak with you through email if you could please email me as soon as possible i would really apperiate it so much my email is flowertree0000@hotmail.com thanks

  54. Tiffany says

    Hi there.
    I was just introduced to your blog yesterday. I spent hours reading it and am in awe at your strength. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October at the age of 39. I have 11 year old triplets and a wonderful husband. I am currently going through chemo. Even though I put on a happy face, it has been very difficult and I can relate to many of your feelings of not feeling well on many levels. After reading your posts, I finally had the courage to shave off the remaining patches of hair that I had left. I don’t think I look as beautiful bald as you do…. but it does feel good to have it finally be gone. Thank you for sharing your experiences. My new mottos is “I CAN do hard things.”

  55. says

    You are such an amazing woman- keep up the blogging. Your bosts bring sunshine to my days!
    I miss Palm Desert. My grandparents lived at Del Webb and Aunt lived down the road. I grew up in Yucaipa, right off the 10 freeway, but have been out East since 18. Thanks for the pics of the palms when taking a walk with your mama!

  56. margaret says

    dear ashley,
    i just wanted to tell you about this peppermint tea that i get at traders joe’s.
    its herb peppermint tea.
    it has to say herb peppermint tea.
    i tossed the box away so i don’t know the exact name.
    but it helps you go poop.
    it’s the peppermint in the tea.
    Please try it.
    I drink a cup every moring and the next morning i go poop.
    so try it. it may work for you.

  57. Stacy M. says

    Hi Ashley! I just found your blog through Pinterest. Reading your story is like reading about my life. We have so many striking similarities. I lost my father very suddenly and unexpectedly, soon afterwards I had a still born at 20 weeks pregancy and then a year later 6 weeks after the birth of my son I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer. Against all odds, I chose life and 5 years later, I am still here and kicking and dancing with NED (no evidence of disease). I am so proud of you as a fellow survivor and the message that you are spreading in that you can’t control the circumstances but you can control how you deal with it. God bless you and your family!

  58. Liz says

    Hi! I just wanted you to know that I’m praying for you. My daughter, Bethany, is almost 5 months old. She was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at two months old. She’s had 4 rounds of chemo so far and will continue with 7 more. I’ll be thinking and praying for you as we travel on our journey as well, and especially when she is having her treatments at St. Jude. If you’d like to follow our journey as well, you can visit caringbridge.org and search bethanyhenderson (all together). Also, I’ll encourage people to buy the beautiful necklace from The Vintage Pearl.

  59. Rhonda S says

    Found your blog through Pinterest. Your perspective is uplifting and I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for your healing and strength. God is doing great things through you. Blessings!

  60. Emma Beatson says

    Hi Ashley,
    I hope your going well. I have been trying to subscribe to your updates via email but its not working for me. Not sure if its my end or yours but thought I would let you know anyhow. When I put my email in and click subscribe it just opens another page that says,
    ERROR 404
    Hmmm….will ask my husband if he can tinker around with our computer and find out whats happening as I am keen to get your posts via email so I don’t miss any!
    Take care of yourself, btw your eyes really pop so much more with your pretty little shaved head.
    Warm wishes from Australia, Emma.

  61. Michelle says

    Hi Ashley,
    I just found your site via Pinterest – you are amazing! Just wanted to send some prayers for you and your beautiful family from Arizona.

  62. says

    So, I just read through the last 4 months of your blog, and I can’t really put into words how inspiring/amazing/wonderful/er . . . yeah, so instead of exhausting thesaurus.com, I’ll get right to the point. I know you have a lot going on, but I have a small favor to ask – my friend Kat’s son, Zach, is having a tough time with his cancer right now – could you or Lisa-acting-on-your-behalf drop him a note? You’re just such a positive force in this often negative world, I’m hoping it will help him feel a little better. Thanks in advance. Here’s his Caring Bridge link: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/zacharyhartsell?ref=nl

  63. Marcia says

    I don t speak english very well… I m brasilian. I found your blog and I don t know how, but I loved it! I want just to say that I love your history, I ll come here always now!!! keep posting!
    Good luck!
    Marcia R.

  64. Melissa says

    A friend recommended your blog! *New Follower* You are amazing! Praying for you every step of the way! ~Melissa Pagnozzi

  65. says

    You are an inspiration, and after reading your blog just made me realize how fortunate I am. My mom has had quite a few health issues an when I asked her what holds her together, she replied ~ Optimism. and I hope it keeps you going as well. Best wishes and prayers for you

  66. daphne says

    Just discovered your blog and I’m amazed at your strength and it just reminded me never to take anything for granted especially family and friends. Your “choose joy” message is something everyone should live by and your choice of leaving the corporate life for a creative path is very inspring. Stay strong and best of luck with everything! x

  67. Linda West says

    I received the bag of “Choose Joy” bracelets. I am passing them out to everyone who will promise to wear it or at least put it in a place of constant view and pray for you and your family EVERY minute they can! Pray for you healing and your family to be strong !! Thank you for sharing ways we can help you.

  68. says

    I look forward to your emails. I enjoy the updates on your family, projects and of course your battle. You are AMAZING and such an inspiration. Your joy is contagious and your positive energy – we who read I beleive are reflecting it back to you!
    I decided to ride the PanMassChallenge and do what I can to help fight this battle against cancer. Yes, this not even 5ft hot blooded Portagee is getting on a bike and riding from Wellsley to Provincetown for 2 days! Aie! This will be a great experiece. I ride for you, and your family, and so many more. I look forward to crossing that finish line and thinking of you!
    Theresa Schultz

  69. gwen says

    I am so happy to hear about your story. I am battling cancer myself and am choosing joy through it all as well! praying for you sista! (:

  70. says

    Ashely, I just found out about your story and honestly can’t remember the last time my eyes have burned this badly with tears…and that’s coming from a girl who’s done a lot of crying over the last few years! The Holy Spirit has definitely moved in me tonight. I’ll fall asleep seeing your pretty face in my mind…and praying for you fiercely.

    I just wrote a post called “Let Your Light Shine” because I felt so strongly that the Lord was urging me to remind women that they had a light inside…even if things seem dim and dark right now. When I watched your “right of passage” video and started reading your blog, I could see your light GLOWING.

    Oh, Lord Jesus, COME and heal this precious child of yours. Thank you for her JOY and her LIGHT in the darkness. Come, Lord Jesus. COME.

    love and prayers,

  71. says

    Hi, I magically stumbled upon your beautiful blog through Pinterest, literally about 20 minutes ago. I look forward to reading on as you share your story. Thoughts and prayers with you all the way from New Zealand x

  72. Joe Mattingly says

    Ashley… I just got the call from Kim Rhodes who gave me your shocking news.
    I know some how you and yours are going to beat this nasty issue. I can’t tell
    You how offer I think of you and every thought is great. Other than the obvious, you are doing exactly what I thought you would end up doing. Sounds like you are living life. Sorry to hear about your dad but am so glad that you hVe a precious little girl. They are by far the best as my now 24 year old CPA will agree. I know you seem extremely happy and will always think of you as a precious friend. Love always. Joe

  73. Kim says

    Hi Ashley! I love your website! So many crafty adorable ideas! You have inspired me to learn how to sew! Any recommendations as to what time of sewing machine to buy for a beginner? Any advice would be appreciated! Keep up your awesome website – Love it!!

  74. Michelle Balletti says

    Hey there! I’m a follower of you on FB and had noticed you just posted something about going to LA and to Ikea…I always like finding people who live in Cali! I live in Northern Cali and the fabric shops that you wrote about will have to go to a list of MUST GO TOs….I know you’ve been fighting cancer, which just breaks my heart because I know how that affects the family (part) since both my mom and dad have had issues with cancers, yes plural, plus two of my aunts. I can only send heartfelf prayers your way with love and support. And just to let you know if I do take a car ride down there someday soon, I’m totally going to stalk you until I can meet you (ok, stalk is a heavy word but I think you get the idea *wink wink)…..take care and blessings to you and your family!

  75. Annie Glassman says

    After trying, in vain, to art journal for obver 10 years, I got over that hump by looking at your composition notebook tutorial. Then I started following your blog. It always takes my breath away how a connection can be made across time and space. I wish you well in every way and I thank you for helpin me get over my “dryness.” You spoke in a voice I could hear.

  76. says

    Ashley…I’m just passing through…

    I’m a manager/marketer that came across your site looking for examples of layout, presentation, color, etc.

    Read your story…just wanted to say I’m one more person sending you good energy.


  77. Xochilt Rivera says

    Blessing to you… I am so happy that I found your blog through Pinterest.. But I totally believe it was God leading me to your story. It took me a while to realize that you had a Molar Pregnancy and Chriocarcinoma. I also had a Molar pregnancy in 2009 I was pregnant with twins. It was killing me and doctor had no clue what was going on. By the time I got to the hospital I was 20 wks and had all the side effects of the mole. I also had congested heart failure. So they need to terminate the pregnancy or else I would of just died. By a month in a half after it had spread to my lungs. So then after that I started chemo. They started with methotrexate shots. For about 6 months on and off and my levels kept rising. It was also resistant. So we did all the way through EMACO. I also had open heart surgery in between 2 yrs due to the port that caused a blood clot in right atrium of my heart. Had the worst side effects of chemo and I had every single one of those effects. Anyways long story to tell but I know by the grace of God I am alive and well because of him. I also had another baby! Yes I know crazy right but I knew the Lord would keep his promises. 1 yr after chemo I got pregnant and now I have a healthy baby girl named Emma Grace. That make total of 3 girls. I also have a girl named Sienna she is 10 yrs old and Miranda that is 13 yrs old. Your blog so reminds me of me. I wished that I could of blogged and write as good as you so I could do the same. I know God kept me here for a reason and I also feel like one in a million with this rare cancer. They said that I had malignant GTD stage III but I not sure sometimes I think that it was also Chriocarcinoma. But who knows. Only God know and all it matters is that I am alive. I also wrote some stories about it on my FB and one of them I talked about how it was my choice to be content in every situation the Lord gives me. Choosing peace~ I will be praying for you. I know that the Lord is near and he will carry you all the way through. God bless you always. Xochilt Rivera

  78. Amena says

    Wow. A friend sent me your site for a dress she said she wanted to make. So i checked it out, only to discover you and I are in the same boat. I read your story and I am so amazed to see there are more young mothers out there battling cancer and making it public. I have found peace with my cancer, though its stage 4 and not going anywhere, I hope you can do the same. I just had double mastectomy end of February and noticed your dates are close to current too for surgery and chemo. Being creative has been my savior (along with fabulous husband, daughter and dog too). There is nothing like the feeling of being lost in he creative process and the thrill when you’ve finished your creation………sounds like a moto for life. I hope your getting lost a lot (in a good way!) Good luck and stay strong and healthy!! YOU can do it……..as my energy person says, I am here to beauitfy the world, and it looks like you are too! But mostly, have fun!

  79. Dede@designeddecor says

    Love your site! I read your about section and it is so inspiring. I am just starting a blog and tapping into the creative side of my life. I hope that my blog can be as creative as yours in the near future. Best wishes to you and your family.

  80. Sara says

    Hi Ashley,

    Just came to you website for the first time today. What a wonderful blog you have! You have a beautiful family too. Good luck with everything!


  81. Andrea says

    It is so fun to see people, moms, anyone, with the drive to do everything that interests them. Sometimes I hear that I should focus, but this is much more fun. A sign painter today, a novelist tomorrow, and a cartographer yesterday. In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Eddison, I see you pursuing everything with zeal and joy. Thanks for the inspiration. I will check back often.

  82. says

    I came across your site and wanted to say I am so glad I did, we have so much that is the same in our lives. I also have cancer and I am a young mom who loves a lot of the samethings you like. I love photography, arts and crafts, sewing, screenprinting and more. I want you to know you are in my prayers and I hope things are going well for you all.
    Good Luck,

  83. Jennifer Marsh says

    I just wanted you to know that my mom in Missouri found your website and story last year. For Christmas she bought us all the purple bracletes. My family and I wear them almost everyday, it’s almost like putting on my wedding ring. I wanted you to know that what you stand for is catching and people are listening. Thank you.

  84. meagan says

    wow , where do i start , i stumbled somehow across your page on facebook and then found my way through to here , it was a meant to be situation. i read and read your blogs , cry , laugh and get very inspired by everything you write through the chalenges in your life , you truly are an inspiration , i have been reading them for a few months now but it didnt hit me until today. i have been seeing a lawyer to try and get my ex husband to pay a joint loan we have to together and have threatened with sueing, but to what end , i know he will never pay it…so today i decided to choose joy and just let go…. im going to keep paying it and stop pestering him about it… yes i let him win , but WOW do i feel a HUGE weight has lifted off my shoulders, i suffer greatly from depression and anxiety and its time to just let it all go anything that hurts or upsets me , its just not worth it, i have two gorgeous kids and one on the way and an amazing fiance who goes above and beyond to make me happy…. my life is COMPLETE, bcoz of you :) , time to live my life ….THANK U

  85. says

    My husband surprised me with a pack of “Choose Joy” bracelets today. It made me so happy to talk to my kids about the concept and see them wearing the bracelets and, at least partially, understand what they symbolize. It made me even more happy to see them explaining it to other children in the neighborhood. <3

    We choose joy. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it's helped us decide to follow our hearts and choose joy in our lives – and to do what we can to spread the word for others.

  86. says

    Hey Ashley!
    I am friends with and a former colleague of Rosemary Nye. I also graduated from Wake Froest but a couple of years ahead of you in 1995. I had lunch with Rosemary today and she was telling me about your business. I have a slipcover business in Hillsborough, NC…it is currently based at my home. I also have an Etsy shop–just started that in February to get some more exposure. While I don’t love the fees, the sales have more than made up for it! I would love to chat with you about what you do and please feel free to share tips and secrets. You should be able to email me through my website. I actually majored in Exercise Science at Wake…and later taught second grade…however, this creativity thing is my true passion! I’m married to my best firend and have one daughter–just like you! :)
    Looking forward to connecting!
    Best Wishes!

  87. Adwoa says

    This is so refreshing! I am so inspired..the courage to quit your day job and follow your heart. I am a pediatrician and have been working on my creative streak when I am not sleep deprived. Still wrestling with the decision, but I am encouraged by your story. At the right time, I believe that decision will be made with a lot of peace and courage just like you. Keep up the faith and continue to enjoy life!

  88. says

    You have been nominated for THE SUNSHINE AWARD, please go to my blog and collect your award. I LOVE your blog and you inspire me and bring me sunshine everyday!!


  89. Sherry Rosenkranz says

    Hi Ashley – I am sure you get tons of requests, but a dear friend suggested I contact you regarding Camp Kesem and some funds we are trying to raise so we can send campers off with photo books and DVDs of their memories. If you aren’t familiar with Camp Kesem, it is a free week-long camp for children who have parents who have (or have had) cancer. The link detailing our fundraiser is: http://igg.me/p/126926?a=733492

    I was hoping you might repost? Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Sherry Rosenkranz

  90. says

    I found your site today while surfing the web and I love it! We’ve never met but I love your story and your incredible journey to follow your passion!

    I have created a tween brand with my daughter . Its my passion and we have been building this brand with a focus on empowering tweens. I am working on a implementing a new brand strategy. I would love to speak with you regarding a strategic partnership as we are looking for some one who can work with us on crafting ideas using our characters. I love your ideas!

    If you’re interested, please kindly drop me an email and we can arrange a call to discuss. Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing from you!


  91. says

    Hi Ashley,thanks for being such an inspiration! May God bless you.This is the first time I write on anyone’s blog, you really got me to see that those “ideas ” can become reality.

  92. Mechele says

    Hello, I just came across your site and wanted to tell you want an inspiring person you are and very talented. Thank you for welcoming us all into your life and sharing your joys, struggles, health and happiness. You are a very wonderful person and I can’t wait to go back and read all of your entries and to read the many more you have to post. I did watch the video when you shaved your head and cried. I loved how you let your daughter draw on your head, I don’t know you at all but now I kind of feel like I do. Thank you again for sharing your life with us all. God bless.
    Mechele, new faithful reader.

  93. says


    I would love to interview for my upcoming telesummit, the Radiant Moms’ & Girls’ Revoution!

    Summit Mission:

    To contribute to a revolution of possibility and recognition of Mothers as leaders today and girls as leaders of our tomorrow.

    To inspire conscious choice and new options for women and girls struggling with challenges in the care of body, mind, heart, and spirit on a wide variety of topics.

    To provide wisdom, inspiration, tools, and practices that will generate radiant well-being, presence, connection, and leadership, even in stressful conditions.

    To co-create a global community with shared VISION of body, mind, heart and soul RADIANCE freely expressed in every woman and girl on Earth!


    Georgette Star

  94. says

    really is amazing your story, and now live in joy each day. Your life is a miracle! inspire. God did a great miracle in you. from Lima, Peru. Susana Garcia


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