Journaling – Part II

I have a whole shelf of amazing books on journaling. Here are just a few books that I would flip through on a regular basis for inspiration. I’m pulling them back out to get inspired again. Read them, borrow them, buy them, share them….you won’t regret it!
The Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon If you haven’t heard of Dan Eldon, once you see what he was about and what he compiled in his short life, you will never forget him. Visit his journals online here.

both by Gwen Diehn

all by Sabrina Ward Harrison

And last but not least, visit Teesha Moore’s website and blog.
I found this journal entry late last night and just found it hilarious. It was written about 2 weeks before I walked into the office at my investment banking job one day and quit abruptly to pursue my passion of painting and creating. It is a very telling entry just by the border I wrote at the top “rut….rut…..rut…..”

Journaling - Part II via

It reads “stayed home from work today…not feeling well. not sure if it is a virus or stress. funny thing is I didn’t call in sick or anything…no one seemed to notice.”

I am thankful that I realized that if I didn’t care enough to call in sick, and no one at work cared enough to check to see where I was then maybe it was time to move on. Once I started carting journals and ziplock bags full of crayons and markers onto corporate jets, my career in leveraged finance began to end.
On a lighter note, that day I also bought a monoxide detector (which detected no monoxide in our house) and received new MBT sneakers in the mail which are supposed to “firm your butt.”


  1. Halo Hill says

    GOOD FOR you! I'm sure you're much happier without that job! I am happier now that I've left mine too!

    Rock On!