Turn a Cause Bracelet into a Keychain

This is so easy to do! You can make a keychain out of one of your cause bracelets in about 5 minutes. My keys are always with me so I love this idea. The tutorial is here at LDS Greats and I came across this project at U-Create.
Turn a Cause Bracelet into a Keychain via lilblueboo.com


My bracelet above raises awareness about CDH. CDH is a life threatening birth defect that affects approximately 1 in 2,400 births every year. My cousin David and his wife Ashley’s precious angel Maxton was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) at his 19-week ultrasound. He fought hard for 18 days but earned his wings on March 21, 2009. You can read more about Maxton’s story here.

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise!

I am SO pooped right now! I woke up at 5am this morning to finish two little nursery paintings for a baby shower (actually a “sprinkle”) for two of my friends. When I got home from the shower at noon, my husband and a bunch of friends surprised me with a birthday party! I had the best day hanging out in the pool with our kids, drinking margaritas and grilling out!

The paintings I finished are little miniatures of the “sugar and spice” paintings that I typically do.

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise via lilbluebool.com

I ended up using the little crinkle tag toys as little toppers for the gift wrapping.

Nursery Paintings, Baby Sprinkle, and Birthday Surprise 2 via lilbluebool.com

I can’t wait to hit my pillow now! Have a great night! Here we are at my birthday today after I blew out 32 candles!

Brett and Ashley via lilblueboo.com

Baby Crinkle Tag Toy

I made these little crinkle tag toys last night using the tutorial at Joy’s Hope. Such a cute and easy idea for a baby present! I’m going to a baby shower tomorrow for my two friends Monique and Seena and I’m so excited to give these to them!

Baby Crinkle Tag Toy via lilblueboo.com

I stuck to the tutorial except that I didn’t use flannel (I didn’t have any….not much use for it in the desert!) and I reduced the squares to 5 inches. I used a lightweight cotton fabric so before cutting the squares out I ironed on a lightweight fusible interfacing (Pellon brand) to make the fabric a little heavier. The crinkly plastic was from microwave popcorn….it gave Sienna and I an excuse to attempt eating two whole bags!

Lace Detail on Shorts

I made these cute little shorts but they seemed so plain that I added the little lace border at the bottom.  I love the lace so much I’m going to have to find more! Don’t you think the shorts look dainty now?

The pink fabric is from the line Swanky by Chez Moi for Moda Fabrics. I used my favorite little short pattern I picked up at Joann’s Fabric: New Look pattern #6689

Lace Detail on Shorts via lilblueboo.com
Lace Detail on Shorts 2 via lilblueboo.com
Lace Detail on Shorts 3 via lilblueboo.comI made a cute little applique t-shirt to match using several layers of the same fabric sandwiched around the blue version of the same. I left the edges of the flower ragged to give it some texture.

Lace Detail on Shorts 4 via lilblueboo.com
This is a gift for a friend but hopefully she won’t read my blog today. I needed a post!

The 2nd mystery charm is…..

….a pair of ice block tongs. Ice block tongs were used to transport ice for iceboxes primarily from the mid-19th century to the 1930s. Before refrigerators, ice was delivered to homes for use in the kitchen icebox. Below is a photo of actual pair of ice block tongs:

The 2nd mystery charm is ice block tongs via lilblueboo.com
Photo borrowed from here

The winner of the random drawing for the cute little silver charm set is Nikki! Congratulations Nikki and since you are a friend of mine now everyone is going to think my giveaways are rigged!
Thanks to everyone who entered and good job on the guesses!

Ribbon Organizing

I’ve been looking everywhere for a wooden paper towel holder that I could use to hold up the dowel that all my ribbon is organized on but I haven’t been able to find one! I got fed up today and just hung the dowel below one of my shelves using string…and I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I feel much more organized tonight…..

Ribbon Organizing via lilblueboo.com

Ribbon Organizing 2 via lilblueboo.com

Vintage Charms and Trinkets – Charm Giveaway II

Someone Else’s Story

Charm bracelets often tell a story and represent different events and interests in a person’s life. I’ve come across a few vintage charm bracelets in antique or jewelry stores that I just couldn’t pass up. It just hurts my heart a little bit when I see “orphan” charm bracelets or even “orphan” photos (see my 2003 artist statement). Who did this bracelet belong to? Was someone looking for it somewhere?

The bracelet shown below was put together by someone I never met, each charm was picked out for a reason I’ll never know (a trip, a hobby, an event?), and for some reason they had to part with it (money, death, a relative who didn’t value it as much?). I love this bracelet because it spans many decades. It has very vintage charms on it from the 1940’s and 30’s, lots of detailed moveable charms, and more modern ones including buildings and mementos.
Vintage Charms and Trinkets - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
Here are some closeups of some of my favorite charms on this bracelet:
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 2 - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
1930/1940 Vintage Charms
Sewing machine, manual movie camera, spinning wheel
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 3 - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
A great little lantern with red glass
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 4 - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
Amazing little camera with leather around the outside (keep in mind this is the size of a fingernail!)
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 5 - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
How cute is the ice cream cart? It opens to show 2 colors of ice cream (although I’ve never seen dark green and dark red ice cream before!)
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 6 - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
Piano man that moves back and forth along the keys, typewriter with a roller that moves back and forth on a spring, rotary phone with moving dial
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 7 - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
Was the previous bracelet owner a twin or have twins?
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 8 - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
Can you guess what the above charm is?

Leave me a comment with your guess!
If you are the first to guess correctly I’ll put 10 extra entries in for you for the drawing.
Extra entry for all followers….just leave a comment letting me know!

Enter before this Monday, May 25th at midnight (eastern time). I’ll announce the randomly generated winner on Tuesday. US and Canada shipping only.

The winner gets the cute little charms shown below!
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 9 - Charm Giveaway II via lilblueboo.com
airstream trailer, high heeled shoe, cowboy hat

Random Tip – Photos before Drywall

If you are renovating a home, building a home or just renovating a room….. before the drywall goes up…… TAKE PHOTOS of what is behind your walls! My framer told me to do this and I can’t even tell you what a lifesaver it has been! I’ve been have this musty smell come out of a few of the light switches and under the bar sink in the kitchen. By posting my question and the photo below on a DIY website, a plumber was able to help me pinpoint what was wrong without me having to tear out all the cabinets!

Random Tip - Photos before Drywall via lilblueboo.com
Now we will probably have to just cut a small hole. I’ve used these photos with electricians to find wiring and to check what the framing looked like behind a wall in order to raise a door up. It has saved a TON of headaches. Just wanted to pass the tip along!

Afternoon Clothes Recycling

Spent some of the afternoon sewing and came up with a cute toddler halter dress recycled from an old boatneck t-shirt of mine.  I’m working on the pattern so stayed tuned for all the instructions! It was a quick sew.

Afternoon Clothes Recycling via lilblueboo.com

Original boatneck t-shirt

Afternoon Clothes Recycling halter dress front via lilblueboo.com

Front of finished dress

Afternoon Clothes Recycling halter dress back via lilblueboo.com

Back of finished dress
Afternoon Clothes Recycling halter dress on via lilblueboo.com

Sienna wearing her new dress (she doesn’t pose for cameras unfortunately)

Afternoon Clothes Recycling halter dress back on via lilblueboo.com

The back of the halter dress
I’m not that happy with the direction of the stripes on the top…I wish I had made them horizontal. Now I need to go dig up another shirt to make a new dress from!

The mystery charm is…..

….a vintage typewriter eraser! My grandmother went to secretarial school and I suppose that is why she had one on her charm bracelet.

The mystery charm is via lilblueboo.com

Erin was the only one to get the correct answer! Yay Erin! I think the most popular guess was a pizza cutter/pastry brush combo. My favorite guess was the paintbrush/pizza slicer combo…too funny. Below is what an actual typewriter eraser looks like if you are curious:
The mystery charm is typewriter eraser via lilblueboo.com

Photo borrowed from here


The winner of the random drawing for the cute little silver charm set is Christy Klein! Congratulations Christy!

Erin will get the charms shown below for being super smart and figuring out the answer! A cute little chair, a sardine can, and a little cherry on a stem!

The mystery charm is...winniers charms via lilblueboo.com

Thanks to everyone who entered and good job on the guesses! I’ll be posting another set of charms soon with another charm to identify soon!
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