Busy Muraling….

…if that is a word. Not a lot of blog posts this week because I am focused on painting at a client’s house. So today’s post is a photo of what I worked on today. This corner is only about 20% of the mural….so stayed tuned for the rest in a few days.

Busy Muraling via lilblueboo.com

Everyone always assumes that my daughter must have the most amazing room since I paint so much nursery art. Nope. Her room is beige with a few Beatrix Potter wall hangings I put together and a couple of birdcages.
Busy Muraling Siennas room via lilblueboo.com
BUT….I’ve painted a lot of nurseries and the one I am working on now is definitely my favorite and I think it might inspire me to tackle Sienna’s room soon. What little girl wouldn’t want to sleep in a fairy forest?


  1. Elizabeth says

    Just found you from SITS and your work is great! I wish I could have you do my future baby’s nursery!

  2. Michelle says

    Just got your comment. Wanted to respond.

    I feel guilty too sometimes when I use sposies. Why do moms always feel guilty about stuff? LOL.

  3. Rocksee says

    Visiting from SITS! You have a great site!!

    Stop by and visit my blog and enter my giveaway to help the village of Eagle, AK!!

    Nice to meet you!!

  4. Shari says

    It’s amazing Ashley, really gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the progress. (what’s SITS? Is this like a private club or something? 😉

  5. Morgan says

    SITS stands for Secrets in the Sauce (link is on bottom left side of page).

    Impressive mural so far! I would like to do a mural in my sons room someday…