To Write Their Names in the Sand…..

“Their dream is to bring warm light back into bereaved families lives. They wish for everyone Hope and Peace.” from Names in the Sand

What a wonderful, giving blog. And I was so sad to read Carly’s post today…..I wish I had an answer for her! Maybe one of you do…..

Here is Maxton’s name written in the sand:

To Write Their Names in the Sand via

Sweet Maxton was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) at his 19-week ultrasound. After 18 days on this beautiful earth, my cousin David and his wife Ashley said goodbye to their sweet baby Maxton. You can read more about Maxton’s story here.


  1. Shari says

    I wish I had an answer for her too. I know it sounds nuts, but maybe she needs to contact Oprah?!

  2. The Grover's says

    Thank you for sharing about sweet Maxton's life. My daugther, Olivianna Grace, was born with CDH in June of 2008 and lived only 11 minutes. Her name was written in the Australian sands as well as yet another memory of her precious life. Although I will never understand why her life had to be so short…God made it so wide.
    I will pray for your cousin and his wife, as they continue to walk this journey of healing. It is such a difficult journey to walk on, but our loving father carries us through.

    Your blog is beautiful. I just found it and have been reading it for hours. (and that little Sienna of yours is a doll!)