Top Tutorials Week

Happy 4th of July! We are off to Lake Tahoe for the week! Luvinthemommyhood is having her “top tutorials week” so I thought I’d tag along and have my own as well! Head on over and vote for your favorite tutorials on her blog! BUT before you leave Lil Blue Boo….let me know which of my tutorials is your favorite too!
Top Tutorials Week via
This is a great chance for me to list some of my tutorial links (in no particular order) for newcomers! Welcome to my Lil Blue Boo blog!
Thanks so much for your support of my blog! I love coming up with new ideas and sharing them with others! All of you help me to stay inspired and I love reading your blogs as well!
EARLY tomorrow morning we will be driving through the middle of nowhere to get to Incline Village. Only poor little Diesel and the housesitter are being left behind. I know I will be going through CRAFT-WITHDRAWAL about 2 hours into the drive…….but it will be SO nice to get out of the 110 degree heat for a little while!
Boo in Tahoe via
Sienna in Tahoe last summer…..she looks so young!
Have a great week and I’ll be back soon!


  1. Angela Neil says

    I like them all – but I think my favorite is the Border Fabric Sundress!!

  2. Pink & Green Mama says

    I love love love the cork stamps, I was saving mine as drainage for my flower pots but now I think I'll have to make some stamps too!!

  3. Mandy says

    I just found your blog – it was linked from another blog that I just discovered. Great site! Thanks for sharing so much of your crafty, simple ideas! I can't wait to read more now. ~Mandy

  4. Christy says

    I loved your 4th of july tutorial. I just had to make a t-shirt for myself. Everyone loved it! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  5. Reviewer11 says

    I love your blog entry on how you made a scrapbook for your husband. So cool! I just finished mine yesterday but my writing is ugly. Any suggestions on how I can write nice looking handwriting? :(

    From a SITSta