Boutique: Done

Last night was the Artisan & Commodities Girls Night Out in downtown La Quinta. It was a really small crowd but lots of fun. The food and frozen margaritas were the best part! I had a little table with some clothes, nursery art, portraits and blog info.

Boutique: Done via

It wasn’t really the “handmade” clothes or sewing crowd, so I didn’t sell many clothing items or patterns. I put them all in my Lil Blue Boo Etsy Shop. I did talk to a bunch of people about portraits and nursery commissions and gave out a ton of cards.
Boutique: Done 2 via
My awesomely supportive sweet hubby stopped by after picking Sienna up from school and surprised me. Sienna was very uncooperative with picture taking! It was REALLY hot so I had to put my hair up. Does my top look familiar?
Boutique: Done 3 via
I have the most supportive friends too! You might know Lisa from ElleBows? She made adorable bows to go with the little dresses and tops I brought. Leslie has the oldest sewing machine known to mankind with “ONE stitch option” and she still volunteers to be one of my pattern testers!  Emily has her own little craft blog and is the best cook! Thanks you guys for helping and watching the booth! Here we are at the end of the night:
Boutique: Done 4 via
The night was a success but I am over the “boutique” thing for a while. At the end of the night as I was loading up my car battery decided to die! Some kids hanging out at the liquor store across the street heard the car die and must have been bored beyond belief because they came over and asked if they could jump it. They were SO nice and polite and helpful and I had to FORCE them to take money for their trouble. They used their Ipods/Iphones to light up the engine to see what they were doing….very surreal.


  1. Disney says

    Oh goodness. Don't you love all those boutiques and craft fairs that your put tons of effort into and don't see any rewards from?? At least you were with friends though! Sounds so fun!

  2. Polka Dot Moon says

    What a fabulous picture of you creative gals!

    Boutiques are a ton of work, but fun to go to and even better when you are with some friends!!

  3. kaylin rose and mara anne says

    It looks like you had fun…I know the show can be a lot of work. I hope you get lots of Etsy sales now.

  4. carly k says

    Your set up was darling! And when I have a child, you are totally doing a portrait for me:)

    Your friends look so nice, too. Aren't girlfriends the best!

  5. K says

    That is awesome that those kids (I'm guessing they were old enough to hang out at the liquor store?!) helped you out. Lighting up the engine with iPhones and iPods..surreal indeed. Your boutique items look great.

  6. Lo says

    Sorry you did not sell a bunch but at least you had fun! Funny about the kids and the car battery, LOL

    Im almost finished with my 1st Sienna dress. The "book" was a little intimidating and cutting all that knit fabric blew but once I started sewing it took me about 20 mins to put together. I'll send you some pics when Im done :)

  7. Jen R. says

    That's good that you had a good time. I did a school show where I made $8! Your stuff is so cute I can't Believe that you didn't make more! I love that pic of your with your friends. That would make a great profile photo cropped, you look beautiful.

  8. Katie says

    I'm in the process of making tons of stuff for a vendor's night/boutique in a few weeks and I'm wondering if there will be people interested in the baby accessories and hair clips I make. It's always a toss up as to who will be interested. I'm also a photographer so I'll have some landscapes displayed as well. Wish me luck! Love your blog, love your stuff :)

  9. Katie says

    Hey, I was looking more closely at your boutique picture and noticed I think a pattern book? The Sienna dress pattern would be great if I could buy it already printed since my printer doesn't work, LOL. Is that an option, and if so, how much is it?

  10. The Miller 6 says

    Way to go Boys!! nice to have good kids out there to help out! your booth/boutique space looks awesome!! I so have to go fold my fabrics…you make me wonder what jewels I have hidden in there, buried beneath the other great fabrics!!

  11. emerzim says

    Ha! I was out of town all weekend and I'm getting caught up on the interwebs. That's a cute picture of us! And thanks for the link, my stats certainly noticed it! :)