A Dress for October (Updated)

Another dress for the fall using 5 different t-shirts.
A Dress for October (Updated) via lilblueboo.com
I bought Sienna (yes, storebought) the perfect black and white striped leggings to wear underneath. Now it just needs to cool off! It was only 101 degrees here today.
A Dress for October (Updated) 2 via lilblueboo.com
I’m sewing an identical one for my Etsy store except that the purple is at the top and orange is at the bottom….I’ll finish it tonight. The plan was to offer someone their pick and Sienna would get the leftovers, but my iron was too hot and I smeared some of the text at the top of the dress! She’ll never notice.
A Dress for October (Updated) 3 via lilblueboo.com
Halloween tees are SO much better than when we were growing up, right? I wouldn’t have been caught dead in one until recent years…..
A Dress for October (Updated) 4 via lilblueboo.com
Pattern used: The Sienna Dress
A Dress for October (Updated) 5 via lilblueboo.com
Update: Here is the 2nd one I made. I LOVE the little owl tag that is on the bottom ruffle! This dress is in my etsy shop now…..there will only be one.
A Dress for October (Updated) 6 via lilblueboo.com
A Dress for October (Updated) 7 via lilblueboo.com


  1. Laura, Lynn and Macie Scow says

    Well it's about to snow here in my home town so if you need me to, I will gladly take that DARLING little dress off your hands. You wouldn't want your poor little lady to sweat to death right (or mine to freeze)?!?!

    I love your blog and am a proud stalker of it! :)

  2. Lo says

    Hey now lady! I just finished one with the wicked kitty, LOL Im working on the funny bones comedy club tomorrow :)

    Love it!

  3. Shelly and Todd says

    My first attempt I shortened to a tunic length but the neck got all wierd. Aleah doesnt know any different so it's in the PJs pile. I'll try again tomorrow and I love the Halloween themed one. My how adorable she is.

  4. sandy says

    Sienna looks adorable in her dress, as usual. She looks like a real cutie-pie. I love this pattern and how you mix up different t-shirts. Too cute!

  5. Natasha says

    Hi Ashley, let me just say I love your blog! It's nice to see another mom who likes to dress their daughter is fun, off-beat, funky clothes.

    I made a tshirt refashion dress because of your super cute ones and posted pics on my blog. I also linked to you and told my readers that they should pick up the pattern from you if they'd like to make one. (:

  6. Rowanmayfairs says

    Love the dress !!

    Your blog inspires me !!

    I was looking at some my old stained baby tee's that thanks to childbirth I can't wear anymore 😉

    I am inspired to do something crafy with them.. Maybe cut the designs off the front that aren't stained and applique them onto something else !

    I have your esty store added as a favorite and hope to eventually purchase one of your patterns ! Just too many projects going on right now to purchase another pattern !


    Oh I love and I am inspired! You take great pictures as well! I am a fan of your blog, if you have any advice for a beginner like me, I could definately use your expertise!

  8. Norwood Mama says

    I skipped the leggings/tights and made legwarmers. I bought striped thigh highs at Target and cut them off. Plan to add ruffle of ribbon at bottom…someday!