"Dress Me" Roboto

Here is my new little robot design that I am using on some dresses and skirts for my shop….she is a girl version of the boy robot I made the other day. I made this little knit dress today with an applique version and added interchangeable bows for the robot’s hair. They snap on and off so that the wearer can pick which one she wants “lil miss roboto” to wear! Sienna has so many clothes already I’ve listed it in my etsy shop. Stay tuned over the next week for some different versions and sizes!

"Dress Me" Roboto via lilblueboo.com



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    That is so cute! I love the interchangeable bow idea!!! You've inspired me to make my daughter a Christmas dress out of t-shirts this year! I'll be posting pictures on my blog when I finish it. You should stop by sometime.


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    Oh I love the girl robot!! And interchangeable bows??Seriously?? That's amazingly cute!!

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    P.S. I'm leaving an extra comment just to say thank you for not making me do a word verification. hate those!!

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    Your cool friend Cheryl says:

    Now how stinkin' cute is that?!

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    love the interchangable bows!

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    Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: says:

    What a cute idea – my daughter would love it!

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    Elle's Mom says:

    This is ridiculously cute!

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    Seriously, ridiculously cute! I want one too ;)

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    OMG! That is just adorable. What a cute way to dress up a robot for a girl. How cute would that be if your had twins. One boy and one girl. Love it!

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    sofia's sketchbook says:

    i'm def trying this BOY GIRL robots for the twins!!!!!! can't wait!!!!!

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  1. […] Lil Miss Roboto needed a boyfriend….so here he is….with interchangeable ties and bowties. There is a slight robot obsession in our household right now. Last night I think the three of us danced to SNL’s “what up with that” skit a few too many times…Sienna picks out the robot dance immediately. (If you haven’t seen the SNL skit click here…..I’m dying …..I can’t stop singing the song…..hiphop…..flipflop…..robocop…..lollipop……) […]