Pink Damask (Updated)

Hot off the easel….a finished this nursery painting for my little niece who is due at the end of January. Her name is Sawyer Rose… the name! Her bedding is made from Michael Miller’s pink and brown damask mixed with pink dot chenille and the furniture is dark mahogany.

Pink Damask (Updated) via
Silver stitching, painted metal pieces, lots of rhinestones…..

Pink Damask (Updated) 2 via
Updated: I’ve had a few questions about the stitching….DO NOT put hardboard under your sewing machine! 1/8″ hardboard is just that: hard. For the stitching in my paintings I take a teeny tiny itsy bitsy drill bit that just barely fits into the drill and I drill each and every tiny little hole and then it is stitched by hand!


  1. Ashley says

    I've been wondering: Do you do the stitching on these with your sewing machine? What size needle do you use? I've done my fair share of sewing on paper (even did my wedding invitations that way), but would've never thought of using it on something so heavy.

  2. Kaela says

    LOVE the name! I have a friend and Sawyer was her maiden name and named her firstborn that! I'm also wondering about the stitching – isn't that board more hard than paper?

  3. Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: says

    That is gorgeous!! Wow – truly beautiful! What a lucky neice you have :)

  4. Dina says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you do a post including Sawyer's name :-)
    …. AND I love this sign! My Sawyer would love it too! Makes me smile to see her name on such beautiful, fun things!