A Plump Matryoshka

Sienna had her little pajama Christmas party at her “pre” pre-school today. I made these t-shirts for her teachers. I made one for myself and I guess I didn’t realize that some screenprints look different on kiddos than they do adults. While the little matryoshka lady is still pretty cute….my chest makes her appear a little plumper than normal (and I don’t have much of a chest). I used t-shirts from Old Navy….and I love them because they are so soft and LONG (I’m 5’11” tall….so I’m always on the lookout for ANYTHING long).

A Plump Matryoshka via lilblueboo.com*I sure am glad the back of this photo is blurry…..so you can’t see the laundry bomb or the mess of a bathroom I have going on. I don’t even close my drawers anymore which drives Mr. Lil Blue Boo crazy (new year resolution).

I also delivered some Christmas presents. Do you have items in your shop that just won’t sell? I sure as heck do. But….clothing that the Etsy buyers have rejected is going to make some little girls and boys VERY happy. Shelter from the Storm is getting a a huge bag of samples and items I’ve taken down from my store…..they are all tagged and packaged to look good as new. It has been a rough year for a lot of people….just an idea if you are looking for alternative ways to give back.

A Plump Matryoshka 2 via lilblueboo.com
Well, back to sewing. Sienna is still napping from her big morning…STILL wearing her pajamas. I’m also working on a BIG idea for January with my sponsor Dharma Trading that I can’t wait to roll out to all of you! You are going to love it I know! I must keep a secret…I must keep a secret…..argghhhh


  1. MirandaS says

    Cute, but nothing original. I'd love to see some really UNIQUE ideas on this blog. All I have seen here I"ve seen done elsewhere…only better.

  2. Mama Llama says

    Wow, Miranda…Happy Holidays to you, too! Keep spreading that cheer! By the way, please link us to your blog full of unique and high quality work.


    Do you know which t-shirts those are? I'm always on the look out for shirts that are long enough, too.

  3. ForeverYou says

    I love the matryoshka. I wish I had one! Since i grew up with them( I am Ukrainian) SOOOO cute
    Looks good on you. Can`t wait to find out what project is a secret!!!!

  4. Ashley says

    MirandaS: Thanks so much for the constructive criticism! Always looking to improve….

    Mama Llama: The tee is the Old Navy Perfect Fit Tee. Love them!

  5. Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: says

    Wowza, Miranda! Like mama llama I'm looking forward to your blog full of completely unique, original ideas as well!

    Shirt looks great on you, Ashley!

  6. Disney says

    Totally loving the look on your face in this photo. And I don't think the doll looks chunky!
    P.S. I'm so with you on the long shirt thing. I'm only 5'8", but I have kind of a long torso, and it's impossible to find shirts that fit!

  7. Disney says

    Oh, and P.P.S. please try to come up with something new for once. I've done all of this before….only better. Haha! (I think someone is a little jealous!)

  8. Ashley says

    Cracking up over here……you are such a one-upper Disney! LOL! That's it….I quit blogging….

  9. Shari says

    Wow, who knew the comments would be more fun to read than the post! (No offense Ashley 😉 Haha!

    I'm the opposite, 5'7" and looking for petite tees because those darn Old Navy long tees make my hips look wider than a plump Matroyska!!

    Now Ashley, get to work on something creative already will ya? I'll give you 5 minutes :)

  10. Anna says

    super cute, I love those long shirts too, wayyy better than having stomach showing, sheesh! Thank you clothing designers everywhere! Previous posts, yikes, little cranky there people. Also, it's so nice to see that you're donating all those items to kids in need.

  11. Tanya says

    I love the shirt!!! I am always cutting my shirts and re-hemming because the trend now is LONG shirts and I have a short torso.

  12. forever folding laundry says

    Very cute!
    I think the overwhelming majority would say you are adorable and super creative! (There's always *one* in every crowd….)


  13. Your cool friend Cheryl says

    YAY tall girls!! (I'm 5'10" and can never find shirts long enough…)

    Can't wait to see what you're cooking up.

  14. Missy says

    I really really like that print. And your new nerd one is perfect for my nephew!

    My sis-in-law is 6' and she gets a lot of her stuff from Shade clothing ) and DownEast Basics (http://downeastbasics.com). They've got some really cute, long tops.

  15. sofia's sketchbook says

    i'm 5'1"…..it will like a little summer dress for me! love it!!!! and yes i wish i was tall and had long legs sometimes!!!!! hahahahaha

  16. Happy Together says

    I agree, still super cute and hooray for long shirts! I will not wear a shirt that does not come but so many inches below my waist.

  17. Jaime says

    Love that you keep it real here…drawers open and all! Makes me feel better with my laundry monster lurking about…;)

    Love the shirt! And even though I am only 5'7 I have a long waist and love the longer length shirts. Otherwise the shirts totally hit at the wrong point and just, well, don't work and I have to lengthen them with some creativity! :)

  18. mommabear says

    Oh Ashley! I love what you do with your non-selling items on Etsy!! What a great idea!!! Even though I still can't believe you have non-selling items! You rock, keep up the good work and lovely inspiration!!!

  19. V and Co. says

    oops forgot to say this:

    love your shirt, love your "mess" love your all the inspiration!!! keep em coming! 😉 -V