Second to Last Challenge!

This week will decide the remaining two competitors for the final challenge! I can’t believe I’ve even made it this far! I have yet to win a challenge week….but each week I’ve received enough votes to make it through! Last week I barely squeaked by. Check the bottom of the post to see if you guessed which project was mine!

Here is a look back so a far at what I’ve made:

Week 1 “Harvest” Theme:
Vintage Harvest/Crate Label Patches (tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 1 Crate Label via

Week 2 “Leaves” Theme:
Teeny Tiny Shrinky Dink Necklace
(tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 2 Leaves via

Week 3 “Green” Theme:
Scrap Ribbon Wallet/Clutch (tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 3 scrap ribbon wallet via

Week 4 “Turkey” Theme:
Turkey-inspired Ruffle Bustle Skirt (No tutorial yet)

Second to Last Challenge week 4 Turkey theme via

Week 5 “Snow” Theme:
Princess Snow Globe Shirt (Tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 4 snow theme via

Week 6 “Mittens” Theme:
Mitten Cork Stamps (Tutorial here)

Second to Last Challenge week 4 mittens theme via

Week 7 “Gifts” Theme:
Wooden Pendant Accessories (Tutorial to be out soon)

Second to Last Challenge week 4 gifts theme via
And can you guess which is mine this week? Go over and vote on your favorite “New Years” themed project! Thanks!

Second to Last Challenge week 4 New Years theme via



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  1. Charity says

    Hello! I just love your blog. Your ideas inspire!! I would love to see, purchase, (whatever) your turkey inspired ruffle bustle skirt. My girls would go ga-ga over it. Will you be posting here or with Etsy?
    Again, thanks for all your efforts! Good luck with SYTC. Were all rooting for ya!

  2. Shelly K says

    This week is hard. At first I thought the Log book cover was yours but now I'm second guessing and thinking it's the Subway Art.
    Hmmm….will be anxious to see the outcome of this week. I'm pullin for ya~!

  3. The Coys says

    Wow – Just found your blog and LOVE it. You are very talented in so many different mediums. It's great! Who says wood shop has to be for men? Looking forward to exploring around here more.