Saturday LBB Gallery Share – Cuteness Overload

I post so many photos to the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page during the week I’ve got to play catch up on the weekend! Here are a few favorite images and fan photos from this week:

An itty bitty Stephanie Corfee/Lil Blue Boo “Rockstar” collaboration dress. Photos by Danielle.

Izzy in a Lil Blue Boo Matryoshka bubble dress. Photo by Olivia Hooper Photography.

Nookie Scooter” herself, wearing a Lil Blue Boo birthday dress:

Sandi sent me this great photo of her daughter in a Lil Blue Boo “Daddy’s Girl” dress. Love it!

Boo in her Matryoshka Pirate dress before school….here is a link to the graphic if you want to make your own!

New unicorn Croc clogs for Boo (from Zappos)…the horn glows in the dark…but now we have to keep all the lights off in the house so she can see it:

New seahorse Croc clogs….Boo is growing out of shoes faster than I can keep up! This is our new pajama top and lady bug shorts look:

A few favorite dresses made this week:

Morphing Matryoshkas

A larger sized “Rockstar” dress

A doll sized “Rockstar” dress:

A custom Harajuku dress, complete with cherry blossom trim:

Ugh, did I mention we had a big earthquake? The center was right next to us too. It felt like the house was going to come down and huge waves of water sloshing out of the pool. Boo was at school down the street…..I literally was out of the house in seconds even leaving the back door open. Everyone was okay, just shaken up. A reminder to restock my disaster kit again!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’ve been working on some little shorts/tee matching lady bug sets to upload to Big Cartel sometime on Monday. Then I’m going to retire the ladybug until next year! Check the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page for listing times!


  1. Michelle@Somedaycrafts says

    I drool over your creations! So beautiful! I love the daddy's girl dress! That would have been so fun for my daughter to wear for father's day!

  2. Natalie says

    Sooo many cute things. I love that first dress, and Boo in her pirate dress is just too cute. Are you working on a pattern for the shorts?