Hip Mom Jewelry Camera Necklace Giveaway

Our fabulous sponsor Hip Mom Jewelry is helping us celebrate Two Weeks of Photography with Lil Blue Boo!


Hip Mom Jewelry specializes in personalized jewelry. Whether you are searching for hand-stamped sterling or gold-filled, or a special piece to celebrate a birth, wedding, or anniversary they are happy to work with you to create your own treasured heirloom.

Hip Mom Jewelry is generously giving away one of the Shutterbug Photographer Necklaces to one of you! Take a look at this awesome necklace you could win, featuring a vintage camera. I know you camera lovin’ mamas are going to love this! Ashley has one and I am seriously jealous!


::This giveaway is now closed. The winner is # 35, Donna from My Sweet Things. Donna please email lisa @ lilblueboo dot come to claim your prize. Thanks!

Thank you to Hip Mom Jewelry for this wonderful giveaway!




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  1. 1

    We have a hiking area around here called Buttermilk Falls. It makes for the best pictures! Trails, trees, and a small waterfall where you can jump off rocks into the water. LOVE IT! :)

    I love these necklaces!

  2. 2
    Patrick and Emillie says:

    I love taking pictures at my dad's GNCC ATV races! So intense and so much fun!


  3. 3

    I follow you on Facebook! :)

  4. 4

    Oh, this is so cute! I love it!!! I love taking pictures anywhere my kids are! They always keep it challenging!

  5. 5
    mommypants13 says:

    I like to take pictures outside!! Mostly at the beach or in the redwoods

  6. 6

    I love to take pictures outside. The park is one of my favorite places to go.

  7. 7

    I follow Lil Blue Boo on FB

  8. 8

    Now a follower of Hip Mom Jewelery on FB

  9. 9

    Anywhere near water! Whether it's a puddle, stream, fountain. It always adds movement and reflection.

  10. 10

    I actually just ordered me a new REAL camera.. Been using the smaller ones, so i could take it every-where
    but I live in Tennessee and it's beautiful here. So I love taking picture of the leaves and spring, mostly i love taking pictures of the kids and them having fun and of course the horses and pets.
    We would love to win the necklace and was already on both blogs. So thank u for the give away and good luck all!

  11. 11

    how cute! i love taking pictures in front of old brick, better yet if it's chipped painted brick!

  12. 12

    follow LBB on FB

  13. 13

    favorite place for pictures is either an old barn down the road from our house or an antique gazebo that we visit when we head to the city!

  14. 14

    Beautiful necklace! My favorite place to take photos is in the Snake River Canyon…beautiful!

    skrpbkmom at yahoo dot com

  15. 15
    The White's says:

    I follow you both on facebook and your blog! I just recently found a fabulous place! We have a childrens and womens hospital here in Mobile, AL that has a fantastic park with HUGE oaks and a little stream, bronze figures, always decorated for the coming holiday, etc.. Check it out on my blog! soulshinegallery.blogspot.com

    I'd LOVE to win!

    Jennifer =)

  16. 16

    I love taking pictures on my boys out in the country fields. It makes for great pictures!

  17. 17

    I love taking pictures in downtown New Orleans around all the historic builds and crazy people. Makes for a great background!
    I've been dieing for a camera necklace so my fingers are crossed!!

  18. 18

    I follow Hip Mom Jewelry on FB!!!!
    Ohhh how I hope I win!

  19. 19

    I follow lil BLue boo on FB!!!!

  20. 20
    Soren Lorensen Design says:

    Still trying to figure out favorite spot, but am loving inanimate objects like old barns, trees etc :)

  21. 21
    Soren Lorensen Design says:

    And I follow LBB on FB :)

  22. 22
    An Ivory Beauty says:

    I love taking photos at Balboa Park here in San Diego,CA.



  23. 23
    ellzabelle says:

    I love peeling paint, so we look in alleys in our town for inspiration! ellzabelle@hotmail.com

  24. 24
    ellzabelle says:

    I'm a follower of LBB.

  25. 25
    An Ivory Beauty says:

    I follow you on facebook!



  26. 26
    Katherine says:

    Hmm…I don't have a favorite location, yet. But, I def. love to shoot outdoors :) (vague I know)

  27. 27
    Katherine says:

    I follow LBB on FB!

  28. 28
    Katherine says:

    I now follow Hip Mom on FB too :)

  29. 29
    mommy2luke2008 says:

    My favorite location is Dawes Arboretum! It's beautiful and has so many different settings to choose from!
    maryw1981 at yahoo dot com

  30. 30

    Anywhere there is amazing light. This time of year is just wonderful with big shadows and glowing red and yellow leaves!

  31. 31

    At my Mother-In-Law's house, she lives in rural Virginia. My husband grew up the same acres of land so it's not only gorgeous but sentimental too!!!

    :) Kristyn

    kristyn dot fleige@gmail.com

  32. 32

    I "Like" LBB on FB! ;)


    kristyn dot fleige@gmail.com

  33. 33
    Beetle Britches says:

    the junk yard :) sounds weird but so much cool stuf :) I am a fan of both on FB :)

  34. 34

    Beautiful! I like to take pictures in any outdoor situation!

  35. 35

    We have so many wonderful hiking trails here in Georgia and I always have my camera in hand. My most favorite place to take photos is outdoors in the woods.

  36. 36
    Leach Family says:

    My all time favorite spot was in Colorado Springs, CO at a place called: Garden of the Gods! So beautiful!

  37. 37
    The Cannons says:

    Fields! I love natural light and using the beauty that just is! The Texas sunsets are perfect

  38. 38
    The Cannons says:

    I follow you on facebook!

    vccannon at gmail.com

  39. 39
    The Cannons says:

    I follow Hip Mom Jewelry on Facebook
    vccannon at gmail.com

  40. 40

    i love taking pictures in old bookstores. and they smell good too!

    love love you blog.

  41. 41

    I love taking pictures at my parents house- they live in an old brick house way out in the country with beautiful trees and flower fields. It is an amazing place to be.

  42. 42

    I also follow LBB on facebook!!!

  43. 43
    Taylor Kay says:

    My favorite place to take pictures is at the city park here is Green Bay Wisconsin. It's called Pamperin Park. There are tons of trails and trees; and if you go up a hill, there is a railroad track that isn't used anymore. I actually had my senior pictures taken there! :)

  44. 44
    Taylor Kay says:

    Oh, and I am also a follower of LBB and Hip Mom Jewelry of FB! :)

  45. 45

    My favorite location is the beach not too far from us.

  46. 46

    I follow LBB on facebook too.

  47. 47
    fG.WWbMKxp1xsFLuQwZpCy43u1zS8m0- says:

    I follow Hip Mom Jewelry on facebook too.

  48. 48

    That's so cute. What a fun idea. I hope I win!!!!

  49. 49
    Katherine says:

    Anywhere outside!! I'm am now a fan on FB too!

  50. 50

    I like LBB on FB!

  51. 51

    My favorite place to take photos is on a red bench my hubby built for me in our backyard. Great light and I love the way the color just "pops" in pictures. :)

  52. 52
    Emily Simmons says:

    We have a museum here called Norton Art Gallery> It is breathtaking with azaleas, fountains, bridges and tons of trees. The majority of pictures I have taken were taken there. Professional photographers go there all the time too.


  53. 53
    Emily Simmons says:

    I like you on facebook…and off of facebook for that matter! lol!


  54. 54
    Emily Simmons says:

    Following Hip Mom Jewelry on facebook too. Love it!


  55. 55

    I love taking photos outside, in the park, with nature all around.

  56. 56
    To the Moon says:

    I like to take pictures in a fall forest with all it's multitude of colours.

  57. 57
    To the Moon says:

    I like LBB on FB

  58. 58
    To the Moon says:

    Like Hip Mom Jewellry on FB

  59. 59

    I love going to a field of golden weeds – just as the sun is starting to go down – love the glow!! Our metroparks in Ohio & Michigan are fabulous!

  60. 60

    Our small town has a beautifully landscaped river front. We like to take a lot of pictures there or on the railroad bridge right before it crosses the river.


  61. 61

    I am a FB fan of Lil Blue Boo!


  62. 62

    I am following Hip Mom Jewelry on FB. She has some neat stuff.


  63. 63

    I love taking pictures in my backyard- funny, right? There's an old fence, a garden full of fun plants in the summer, lots of space and light, and it is super convenient! :)

  64. 64
    SuzyQSparkles says:

    My favorite place to take photos is where there is soft natural light, by a window or outside, especially in the early morning.

    I'm ALWAYS scouting for new places to take cool portraits and photos!

  65. 65

    I love to take pictures at the Riverfront here in Louisiana…along with going to a public garden with lots of shade and beautiful landscaping!

  66. 66
    Nancy's Couture says:

    My favorite place to take photos is at the park and my MIL rose garden.

  67. 67
    Nancy's Couture says:

    I follow LBB on FB

  68. 68
    Nancy's Couture says:

    I follow Hip Mom on Fb too.

  69. 69

    I love taking pictures in the middle of a wide open field and in the alley ways of the city!

  70. 70

    I follow LBB on Facebook!

  71. 71

    I follow Hip Mom Jewelry!

  72. 72

    There is a great park near my parents' home in PA that has a old barn, the town's first jail, a huge bridge and a gazebo. It's a perfect place for a photo shoot. (The jail has a fantastic old door that is great for framing shots!)

  73. 73

    I love taking pictures in our backyard, especially on the swingset

  74. 74

    The beach or at the park. Really anywhere outside.

  75. 75

    Potters Bridge (a local park) is the best for pics…. lots of trees, a paved trail, and a covered bridge.

  76. 76

    I follow LBB on Facebook!

  77. 77

    And…. I now follow Hip Mom Jewelry too! :)

  78. 78
    lindagerig says:

    I love to take pictures in the fall with all the fall leaves. I have eight grandchildren to take pics of. lindagerig@sbcglobal.net

  79. 79

    I love to take pictures everywhere! there's always an opportunity for a great shot!


  80. 80
    Andrea Lopez {PHOTOGRAPHY} says:

    I LOVE taking pictures on Blewette Pass in WA. Especially during the Fall. This necklace is so perfect for me. I really hope I win.

  81. 81

    I love anywhere that has natural light. my fave it to walk around & take pics of anything interesting I see.

  82. 82

    Follow on FB

  83. 83
    Artsy Aut says:

    Pictures at the beach are my new fav!

  84. 84

    My favourite spot to take photos is on a set of railroad tracks by the farm we just moved to this summer, there is also and old abandoned farmhouse made of brick that works awesome for photos right near it. I think moving to the farm will reveal many neat locations for taking photos.


  85. 85

    I love taking pictures outside mostly, of people. That is my fave!

  86. 86

    following you on facebook!!

  87. 87
    Jill Macknicki says:

    I love taking pictures of my kids playing in outdoor…beach, hiking, playing in our yard…basically just enjoying nature. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  88. 88
    mamainstitches says:

    My backyard!

  89. 89
    mamainstitches says:

    And I follow you on facebook ;)

  90. 90

    We live in the desert. I love nature pictures with large boulders and bright desert flowers. I love taking picture in our garden ~ with pumpkins, next to wildflowers, by the coyote fence, picking peppers. We love our garden ~ the photos will be great memories!

  91. 91

    We live in the desert. I love nature pictures with large boulders and bright desert flowers. I love taking picture in our garden ~ with pumpkins, next to wildflowers, by the coyote fence, picking peppers. We love our garden ~ the photos will be great memories!

  92. 92

    I love it when I am in downtown – here Detroit! Cool settings for pictures. Thanks.

  93. 93

    I love to take photos wherever I'm at in the moment. I have a five year old – so anyplace to capture something she's doing is just perfect to me!!

  94. 94

    I love taking pics anywhere my kids are! So much fun to follow their adventures :)

  95. 95

    I love taking pics anywhere my kids are! So much fun to follow their adventures :)

  96. 96

    I love taking photos of my kids outdoors!

  97. 97

    Outside! My favorites are down by the river or just in the green grass! But, I need to start driving around looking for some other places to shoot!

  98. 98

    Liked on FB!

  99. 99
    Drama queens mum (Kimberly) says:

    I love taking pics outside. At the beach, Springtime with flowers & fall with the Autumn colors. dramaqueensmum at gmail dot com

  100. 100
    Drama queens mum (Kimberly) says:

    I like you on Facebook. dramaqueensmum at gmail dot com

  101. 101

    i was just looking at hip mom jewelry about a week ago looking for a christmas present for my mom and saw this necklace and wanted it! wow, i would love to win it!!! i love taking pictures of my kids in outdoor locations. i just discovered wheeler farm just south of salt lake city that has so many different backgrounds for pictures…trees, barns, tractors, an old truck, pumpkin patch, and grass. and there's duck ponds and a cool bridge, so the possibilities are endless!

  102. 102
    Vindiciti says:

    My favorite location for taking pictures is at a botanical garden! There was one at our last duty station (military base) and it was gorgeous for incredible family photos. Here, there's one at the closest zoo. We're about to move again, so I'll have to find another one. I LOVE the awesome plants, landscapes, and architecture that you can find at those gardens!

    vindiciti (a) yahoo com

  103. 103
    Vindiciti says:

    I Facebook follow you (Mary Kopac Crow)!

  104. 104
    lil misses' mama says:

    I like to take pictures of my little ones outside against our fence gate–looks a little rustic (as long as I crop out the electric meter on the side of the house) and catches the light well. When I photograph products for my etsy shop, I usually take them inside on top of an ottoman I love which is positioned near a window of my home…

  105. 105
    lil misses' mama says:

    i follow you on facebook!

  106. 106

    Great necklace! I love to take photos in the field behind my house. In the winter it is endless snow, and everything just pops.

  107. 107
    KarrieLyne says:

    I just found your site and it's wonderful! I will definitely be back and I have added you to my reader :)

    That necklace is so pretty! I would love to win it! My favourite place to take photos is outdoors on a cloudy day. I seem to get the best shots then :)

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  108. 108

    I love taking pics at the beach – right before sunset. The lighting is absolutely perfect & I love the contrast of the sand against the sky … the perfect backdrop for pics!

  109. 109

    My favorite is the pumpkin patch, but we have some great parks, too! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  110. 110

    I love to take pics of my kids outside. Anywhere outside. Our favorite right now is an old cemetery in our town. Not creepy. It has wonderful old trees and a park-like setting away from the graves. We have found several of our ancestors there too. I have been practicing my manual mode there!

  111. 111

    I follow you on facebook! I love your jewelry.

  112. 112

    I follow LBB on facebook. Such inspiration! I am really loving this series!! It's like getting expensive photography classes for free. THANK YOU!!!

  113. 113
    the monkeys' mama says:

    my favorite is this awesome little park in the middle of Atlanta. It has a stream tons of benches, lots of stones overlooking several ponds and a great playground–soooo many Kodak Moments :)

  114. 114
    the monkeys' mama says:

    i follow you on FB! and love it!

  115. 115
    the monkeys' mama says:

    i now follow Hip Mom Jewelry! love her stuff. off to check out more…yay for great links!

  116. 116
    Josh, Melissa and Brynn says:

    Love the necklace! There is a little farm near me that has great places to take photos and great light. It's my fav. :)

  117. 117
    Megan "the" Bug Creator says:

    My favorite place to take photos is at the park. There are so many places to take them and so many colorful things around it is a sure fire way to get some good shots!

  118. 118
    Megan "the" Bug Creator says:

    I am following LIL on facebook!

  119. 119
    AllyOop Boutique says:

    I would love to win this necklace for my Mom! She is an amateur photographer & we give her such a hard time about our kids only recognizing her with a camera in front of her face. This would be the perfect Christmas gift for her.

  120. 120

    right now, my favorite place to take pictures is in my classroom. it's worth lugging that camera everyday to capture precious moments while my children are at "work"!

  121. 121

    inside the sliding glass door…

    or the beach…

  122. 122
    Mom and Camera says:

    The field at the end of my street!

  123. 123
    Mom and Camera says:

    I follow on Facebook!

  124. 124

    OMG! I am thrilled. Thanks so much to you for the opportunity to win and to Hip Mom jewelry!!

  125. 125

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