Welcome to 2 Weeks of Photography with LBB

Welcome to our two week series of photography related posts at the Lil Blue Boo blog! Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned pro, we hope you walk away having learned something new or find a link or resource that you might not have heard of before.

We love practicing photography at Lil Blue Boo! It’s a hobby that has brought us a lot of satisfaction. It’s fun to search our town for new locations to shoot at, and discovering new props we can use. We both agree that we are FAR from professionals, rather we are mommies with fancy cameras 😉 However, we are constantly learning new things about our equipment and ways to achieve better photos. Most important piece of knowledge we have learned, you can take beautiful pictures no matter what type of camera you have. Throughout this series we will be sharing some technical information about photography that helped us along the way, along with some fun things you can do with your photos, craft projects, and our favorite links and resources! There are going to be some amazing guest bloggers too!

So, grab a button and lets talk photography!

Lil Blue Boo


  1. Katera says

    I'm super excited for this series! I have a decent digital and we're saving for a DSLR. I hate taking the kiddos to get their pictures taken when I could do it myself! :)

  2. mommy2luke2008 says

    I'm sooo excited about this! I just subscribed to your emails so I wouldn't miss a thing!