Happy New Year!

Lil Blue Boo wants to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!


There are so many exciting things happening in 2011! We can’t wait to share them all with our amazing Lil Blue Boo community. Thank you for your constant support, we could not do it without all of you.

*Happy New Year graphics courtesy of Picnik*

Boo’s Directorial Debut

Busy packing for a family wedding so I thought I’d share this little dance video directed by Boo. Please, no comments on my lack of dance skills.

Now go dance with your kiddos :)

This one is my favorite though:

The Lil Blue Boo Valentine’s Day Collection!

Introducing the Lil Blue Boo Valentine’s Day Collection!
Available for a limited time only or until supplies run out!


The Li’l Miss Valentine Hoodie with hand silk screened applique and heart print:



The LOVE BUG silk screened t-shirt and matching twirl skirt:



The Valentines Beret:


The Lil Blue Boo Valentine’s Day collection would not be complete without a matching dress for Li’l Sally (comes in 10″ and 15″ doll sizes):


Entire collection can be purchased in the store HERE this week!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and happy holiday! This Christmas was just amazing…it makes it so much more fun now that Boo is old enough to really understand what is going on.

Last night, Boo counted out 8 carrots and a few cookies for Santa and we put her to bed. I really THOUGHT she was sound asleep and I started filling some stockings and then out of nowhere she pops into the den “oh my gosh MOMMY, ……I thought you were SANTA!” She scared me half to death….I threw the stocking behind me and pretended to be checking the cookies. She begged to sleep in the den because she said she needed to talk to Santa about something. Instead I convinced her to leave a note…something about a helicopter she wanted to add to her list.

Early this morning I heard her run out to the den and do a huge gasp…..then she ran back to our bedroom to tell us that Santa had come and she had forgotten to wake up and catch him! She was so teary and shaking the whole time she opened her presents…..I was worried she was going to faint from excitement!

Boo got most everything from her list: the bike, the telescope, a little helicopter, Li’l Sally’s sister……but somehow there was a miscommunication and the #1 most requested item, the watercooler, wasn’t purchased. She’s been telling people ALL day that “Santa GOTFOR (forgot) my watercooler!” We think he might stop by on his way back to the North Pole tonight or tomorrow and drop it off (whenever Target opens back up). She had also written Santa a few letters and stashed them under the tree, and I guess he didn’t pick them up and she was pretty sad (wish I’d known they were there….this is only going to get harder next year!)

Mr. Lil Blue Boo gave me a new ski helmet, a gift certificate for a new ski jacket, a ton of candy, and a new hair dryer….he also washed my car. I didn’t need a THING so my presents were perfect. I gave him hand sanitizer (he never has any in his car when I need it), eye drops, a shirt Boo and I picked out in red which makes him look even MORE handsome than we already think he is, and about 10 pounds of chocolate covered peanuts. We are really easy to shop for :)

Even Li’l Sally, Boo’s Apple Tree House doll, had presents this year:

We are so lucky to have some amazing friends who all cater to Boo’s wild imagination….”Uncle” Walker wrapped up his space shuttle gift in engineering plans and labeled it just how Boo would have imagined it:

Tuckered out (with her new doll Li’l Laurina from Apple Tree House). Li’l Sally is wearing her new Melamoose PJs:

Right now I’m taking a break to write this post while I cook….every year I make these balsalmic brussel sprouts for my mother-in-law (only she and I will eat them, and my whole house smells like cabbage now) and squash casserole. In a bit we will head over to my in-laws again for dinner and games and family time….it doesn’t get better than that.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day….whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or any other holiday….I hope everyone is spending it with their loved ones and in a warm place, in good health and with full tummies.

Lots of Love from Lil Blue Boo :)

Lil Blue Boo / Paint the Moon Giveaway

A holiday giveaway! Two winners will receive a set of one adult and one child’s vintage camera print tees PLUS a $25 gift card to Paint the Moon Photography. I use Paint the Moon’s actions to edit my photos….I can’t imagine my photos without them now!

These vintage cameras were designed by the fabulous artist Stephanie Corfee! Annie from Paint the Moon took these amazing photos of her daughter wearing one of the tees….and of course the photos were edited using her own actions!

Contest ends Friday at noon and the winners will be announced after the holiday weekend.

Happy Holidays from Lil Blue Boo!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

A Baby Shower Gift – New & Upcycled

A big bucket of goodies for our dear friend Jackie who is having a baby boy soon! It turned out so cute I thought I would share some gift ideas:

“Big” and “Li’l” t-shirts, one for big sister and one for the new baby brother:

The shirts were silk screened using the contact-paper method (click here to find the full tutorial for the method):

We added an upcycled pair of baby pants. These were made from a golf shirt and I added some cute truck trim to the bottom. (You can make a similar pair using elastic for the waist using the Recycle T-shirt Gauchos Tutorial.)

A pair of upcycled baby booties to match the pants (free pattern from Michael Miller):

We added in some new blankets, toys and this fun book The New Dad from A to Z by friend Dan Consiglio (also the author of the hilarious blog What my Kid’s Art Says). Dan’s book is the perfect gift to add for a dad because of its offbeat humor.

I love an eclectic mix of new and upcycled gifts!

Photography: The First "Real" Shoot

Contributed by Lisa

I recently had the pleasure of taking photos of a friend and her gorgeous family. I only had experience taking pictures of my own little toddler, so photographing a family of four was a whole new experience for me. This was my first “real” shoot and I was so nervous because I really could not have predicted how it would go.

The nice thing about using a friend’s family for your first shoot is that it takes some of the pressure off: most likely they will be understanding if you suffer a major anxiety attack or you accidentally delete all of the images off your card (my two biggest fears that day!).

My equipment used in the shoot was a Canon rebel xsi and 50 mm 1.8 lens.

Here are some of the photos from the day…





I was more then pleased with how the photos turned out. I loved the setting and the family was so beautiful! We were shooting in 80+ degree weather in the middle of the desert in December. These kids were troopers and so were the parents!

I thought I would share some of the things I did to prepare for my first “real” photoshoot. I assume you already know all about your camera, how to shoot in manual, understand lighting, and have had lots of practice. If not, check out all of the posts from our two weeks of photography!

::Check the Sunset Calendar::

I use this Sunset Calendar to find out when the sun is going to set in my area for any given day. I allowed for 20 minutes of prep time and an hour of shooting before the sun was completely down. Little kids won’t last more then an hour usually :-)

::Scout out the location::

Know the location! I took my daughter and did some practice photos at the same time and spot we were planning on taking the family photos. I knew which areas to stay in ahead of time and I knew what the lighting was going to be like.


For a while now I have been collecting images of poses I love. I find them in magazines or from other photographers that I admire. I studied them before the family shoot and picked a few favorites that I definitely wanted to have them do. Many photographers sell posing guides or cards that you can attach to your camera bag. Willette Designs has a nice selection of posing guides here.
::What to Bring::

Besides my camera and lens, I brought several props, including a little wagon, quilts, and some vintage chairs. We mainly used the bright patchwork quilt I picked up at a local thrift store, and the landscape. Ask your family if there’s anything special they would like to incorporate.

Bring extra camera memory cards, especially if you plan on shooting in raw. Bring one of THESE to put them in and not a Ziploc bag like I did! I’m so NOT a professional obviously! If I were, I would also probably have an extra battery and a backup camera.

Bring a helper if you can. I had Ashley come along and I could not have done it without her. She served as a backup shooter and got some really nice family shots, she helped place the family in poses, and held the baby so I could get some photos of mom and dad together. She also took some photos of me in action which was funny to see :-)


Lil Blue Boo is lucky enough to get to work with some amazing professional photographers that photograph our clothing. We have a new found respect for what you do and have to applaud you because this is not an easy job. You just make it look easy.

A Chalkboard Pig

Remember the piggy bank that Boo picked out a few nights ago for Daddy’s Christmas present?

I convinced her to paint it with chalkboard paint! To paint a ceramic piece like this I recommend using chalkboard spray paint because you will get a smoother finish, but with a toddler that isn’t so easy. We used a small roller and this can of chalkboard paint:

I let Boo do most of the rolling herself:

Every once in a while I could ask her if I could “try painting” and she would let me smooth out some of the large areas for her:

We used a small paint brush to paint in the hard to reach areas and then smoothed them out with a roller:

You will need to do several coats of the chalkboard paint, letting it dry in between.

A little trick I use for rollers so they don’t dry out? Wrap the paint-covered roller in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer! You can even leave it overnight and just take it out and continue painting when you need to:

Here is the finished chalkboard piggy bank…..it’s a little bumpy but I think Boo did a pretty good job!

After the paint has set overnight, you can use chalk to decorate it:

Boo wanted to write her name….

…..and Daddy’s, so he will know whose piggy bank it was when he opens it Christmas morning:

This would be a great gift for any age…..child or adult! So fun to decorate the piggy’s expression:

Or make one for yourself and write what you are saving for on it!

Here are a few other projects I’ve done in the past using chalkboard paint:

Christmas & Boo

My quirky 3-year-old….and her new “pirate” pose as she calls it:

Boo has been saying for weeks now that she will NOT go see Santa. No way, no how. Remember last year (click here for photos)? I asked her one more time the other night thinking maybe she’d change her mind:

Me: We need to go to the mall and see Santa….pleeeeaaaaase?
Boo: I’m NOT going to see Santa already. He’s at the North Pole. And he HAS my letter.
Me: So you won’t sit on his lap for a picture?
Boo: No, I only want 2 pictures of me and Santa.
(I guess the 2 pictures from when she couldn’t express an opinion yet?)
Me: Does Santa scare you?
Boo: No, he just makes me nervous.
Me: What does it mean if you are nervous?
Boo: It means I don’t like to sit on people’s laps Mommy.
(Totally fine by me. And the more I think about it, I totally agree with her….I mean, there’s no way you would get ME to sit on Santa’s lap!)

And so that was the end of it for me. If she doesn’t like Santa, then she doesn’t like Santa. She wrote him a letter….that should be enough, right?

But then the unthinkable happened…..

Boo’s school had a Christmas program last night. The school had wonderful intentions…..and at the end surprised all the kids with Santa. Each class, with all the parents in the audience, had each child get in line with their teacher to go up and see Santa. I didn’t really know what to do…..for the first time in my life I was totally paralyzed. I stood by while my child was stuck in a line to see Santa. Her eyes were tearing up like she was going against some deep conviction she had. And the rest of the story just breaks my heart…..because she has such a sweet spirit, she was extremely polite to Santa, got up on his lap, tears welling up in her eyes and tried to smile the whole time. She didn’t want to hurt Santa’s feelings.

Here is one second before that smile:

As soon as she stepped off the stage, I gave her a hug and told her how brave she was and there was a nervous laugh/sigh of relief as she wiped her tears away. The whole car ride home I was worried she would think I had betrayed her. I mean, that kid on Santa’s lap was not my kid…it’s the only time I’ve ever seen her so unsure and, ugh, sad.

THIS is my kid…..in a nutshell:

Ok so, in the car on the ride home:
Me: Did you get to tell Santa what you want for Christmas?
Boo: No, he was only giving candy canes….(long pause)….I think I’ll just tell Daddy what I want for Christmas.

I’m officially over Santa. Sorry Santa.

The other day in the car she told me the whole story of Jesus’s birth in detail…..her own detail but it was pretty spot on. The wise men were “wishy men” and Joseph is “Joe Fess”…..she knows the reason for the season. She does some things that totally blow me away. Like the time she came into the living room and asked us to open the back door because she had to ask God something….and wasn’t sure he could hear her from her bedroom. Are children closer to God? Things like this just make my head spin…..I HAVE to know…..like the time my Grandfather called my sister and left a message, after he had passed away?! I researched that one for months! Sorry, total tangent there…

Oh, and tonight Boo and I went out to dinner and out of the blue:
Boo: Sometimes you just don’t listen to me Mommy.
Me: I’m sorry….I’m listening now. What do you want to tell me?
Boo: That’s what I wanted to tell you, sometimes you just don’t listen to me.
Me (trying to mask my utter disgust towards myself): Duly noted. I promise to listen to you better.

I guess this means I’m not getting the “mother-of-the-year” award?

Back to Christmas:
Tonight I took Boo to do some Christmas shopping. I let her pick out anything in the whole store for Daddy. She picked this:

Mr. LBB is going to be ecstatic. Just what he’s always wanted. I think I’ve convinced her to let me help her repaint it with chalkboard paint.

Last week Boo DID write her letter to Santa Claus with Mr. LBB’s help. She’s asked for:

1. A watercooler

I have no idea…..

2. A camera with no feet, only legs

I’m assuming this is a camera on a tripod?

3. A telescope that can see all the stars

a toddler figure out how to focus a telescope?

I’d already done my shopping for Boo…..and I didn’t pick up any of these items….maybe I’ll leave them up to Daddy. I’m 100% certain she’ll be the happiest little girl on earth when she opens ANYTHING we get her….that’s just her personality. She’s always grateful and excited. I can’t wait for Christmas morning…..Mr. LBB had to confiscate a few presents so I wouldn’t cave and give them to her BEFORE Christmas.

My favorite gift I just can’t stop thinking about? This beautiful little custom waldorf-style doll made by my friend Debra of Apple Tree House Dolls…..I found the yarn for her hair on a trip to L.A. and knew right away it was perfect for a doll for Boo. I haven’t figured out what to dress her in yet…but she’s named Laurina after a little girl we sponsor through Three Angel’s Haiti. She’ll be the perfect sister to Boo’s other ATH doll Li’l Sally (when Boo met Li’l Sally).

Of course Li’l Sally needs a gift, she is after all like a member of the family! I had a little custom backpack made by Bitty Bags. Boo LOVES rainbows….isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Tia does amazing work!

My last handmade gift: Boo LOVES ketchup….she puts it on everything: pancakes, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets. She spotted this t-shirt from across the entire store. I secretly bought it and made it into this dress for her. She might just faint when she sees it.

One week left until Christmas!

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial)

I’ve had requests for this tutorial for a while and I finally just made myself finish it this week! Everyone loves these hair accessories and it is a great way to use up those extra knit scraps!

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com

This is a photo from last spring with Li’l Miss Elle wearing a pom in her hair….I can’t believe how young she and Boo look!

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Materials needed:
Knit scraps
3 ” or 4″ needle
Nylon thread
Glue gun
An alligator clip, head band or pony tail holder
Optional: velvet ribbon for lining clip

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Step 1: Cut out strips of knit yardage or t-shirt scraps measuring about 5″ x 3/4″ and thread your needle:

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Step 2: Take your first strip and insert the needle about 1/8″ from the middle edge….you will stick the needle back through at another 1/8″ and continue……

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
…..until you’ve created an accordion-type fold onto the needle:

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Step 3: Repeat the last step for your next strip of knit…..

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
…but twist it around once it is on the needle so that it lays across the other piece like a cross:

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Step 4: Continue to add your other strips of knit in the same manner and twist them once they are threaded into a star shape as shown and flatten them all down together to the bottom of the needle:

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Step 5: Once you have added enough strips so that the pom is the fullness that you prefer run your needle back through to secure all the strips.

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Stitch back and forth through all the layers one or two more times to secure them well….you may need a pair of pliers for this step to help pull the needle through!

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Step 6: Tie a knot to secure your pom…..

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
….and turn the pom over to the other side and tie the top layer in to a little knot as shown:

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Step 7: Trim your layers to the length you prefer and making the top poms just a tad shorter than the ones below:

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
A finished pom!

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
Use a glue gun to attached an alligator clip to the bottom. You can glue a small velvet strip to the inside of the clip to make it “non-slip.”

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
I love using silk screen scraps….

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
….and upcycled knit:

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
You can add a pom to a headband…..

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
…..and even sew one to a pony tail holder!

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com
So many varieties!

Upcycled Knit Pom Pom Hair Accessories (A Tutorial) via lilblueboo.com