Do you crochet? (Updated)

I taught myself to crochet last night from an online video (see video here) as I caught up on some reality TV. It wasn’t as hard as I thought! I had to rewind the video a few times and I kind of made it up as I went:

I made this little snow hat for Boo’s doll. Doesn’t it look great with the silver halter prom dress?

I’d love some recommendations for a few easy patterns. Boo’s larger dolls could use some little shoes and cardigans! I think I could turn the hat upside down and add a strap for some shoes if I thought through it enough. I think I’d need some major help for an item of clothing…..

It was 76 degrees here today….but there was snow! Boo’s school had snow made for snow day….it was the first time she’s actually ever seen snow.

So what do you make when crocheting? Do you use a pattern? I’d love to know!

Updated: Thank you all so much for the amazing links! I already bought a new pattern yesterday and started making Boo’s doll some shoes (pattern from Turtlekeeper)! Next up maybe a doll dress or cardigan?


  1. Simply Sara Designs says

    I love to crochet! I am really addicted to it! Right now I am making a sweat for my niece! I love making hats. I go to for patterns and Lion brand. And I also learned how to crochet through you tube!!

  2. LHadgis says

    I have been crocheting leg warmers, sock monkey and other hats, diaper covers, and even a blanket. I am a self taught crocheter as well. There is a great book about Knitting and Crochet that teaches visually with pictures, as well as, descriptions of the steps. I also use youtube videos when there is a tricky stitch. I find the majority of my patterns on etsy and I also like the free hat patterns on

    I love talking crochet!

  3. Kurtzhals says

    Totally…I have no idea when/how I learned how to crochet but I made my mom a scarf in college. I couldn't figure out how to do anything but go down a straight line :) That is hilarious though…a barbie hat. At first I Thought you made a cool little crochet ring and I was all "oh here we go…LBB creatin' tutorials for crochet rings"……
    so there you go.
    Now we need a tutorial/pdf pattern for your soon to be famous barbie snow cap..
    PS, Yay for Boo and snow :) We've had plenty up here this winter but I gotta say, I've never sat in snow in 70^ weather. She got to cross snow off her list, so I better someday come down your way and cross snow in summer off mine :)

  4. Ellie says

    one word : RAVELRY!!!!! has a million patterns (free and for purchase).

    I do use a pattern, but I always end up modifying it somehow. Crochet is so forgiving which is a MUST when creating your own projects :)

    I love love love making pixie hats with chunky yarn.

    Be very careful! Crocheting can be just as addicting as sewing…which means LOTS and LOTS of yarn! :)

    happy hooking!


  5. GabbyRM says

    I'll definitely have to check out that video. I didn't do so well when I went to a crochet class. My university has a day off every year where they have games like tug of war and stuff, and one year they had a big snow day, too.

  6. Monika says

    Ah, you're amazing… you just teach yourself while watching reality TV.

    I learned how to crochet & knit in school… I hardly use patterns, I just go with the flow. I only make little things though, doll hats, scarfs, leg warmers and blankets. I want to crochet cute flowers for headbands!

  7. SarainAkko says

    I finally figured out how to crochet from youtube also. I almost forget that life was possible before the internet. You have to check out a post I did a while back. It has a pretty cool crochet video and link to best teaching tutorials for every crochet stitch out there (Art of Crochet with Theressa). Once you have the single crochet down, it's really easy to move on to Amigurumi and make simple toys.

    Also you can search for "free" and "crochet" on People are pretty honest about rating the difficulty level and it's a cool community to have access to, you should sign up.

    Crochet, unlike it's difficult cousin knitting, is pretty quick to jump into and even "fancy" patterns often only use like 1 or 2 stitches.

  8. Le says

    What a cute little snow hat!

    I crocheted on intuition. Sometimes I do my own pattern, from paper and compare it with the model…:)

  9. nacherluver says

    Been crocheting on and off my whole life. I have Hands Down one of the best crochet websites for you to check out.

    It's The Art of Crochet by Teresa
    there are awesome videos, free patterns and lots of instructions. Actually, what good timing! Tuesday's post is a video for beginners.

  10. Ashley says

    My Great grandmother taught me how to Crochet when I was younger – I don't pick it up very often, but when I do, it's like riding a bike. It all comes back to me!

  11. Katie says

    WHAT. I can't believe you picked that up so fast! Love the hat. I'm a fidget so I like to crochet during movies. Not big into patterns, but when I need one I use, IT IS SO AWESOME. Their search engine makes it super easy to find what I'm looking for.

  12. olliebelle20 says

    I can't understand a crochet pattern so all I know how to crochet is scarves. I have tried to make something else but it hasn't worked so far. Maybe I will get it someday.

    Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl

  13. Krystin says

    I taught myself to crochet from watching Youtube videos! They work great because you can stop and restart whenever you need. I love to make beanies.

  14. Sascha says

    I somewhat like to knit, but recently saw an amazing little girls poncho (for like $95! No Way!!!), now I'm determined to make one. I hadn't thought of You Tube. Duh. Can't wait to see how it all comes along for Barbie and bigger dolls.

    p.s. First snow for Boo? You gotta get that girl to Mammoth. Or at least just up that mountain with the tram. Can't think of it's name but I broke my toe up there as a teen.

  15. Jacqueline says

    You did great for your first time. is a great blog with free crochet patterns. For Doll stuff I have no clue. I usually only make for kids and babies. I get most of my patterns from crochet books and ones I make up. There is actually a crochet Barbie book with tons of patterns for Barbie dolls.I am so glad you are taking up crochet. Your style is super fun and I think you could really rock the crochet thing.

  16. Kami says

    I love to crochet. I sell many of finished products, give a lot away for birthdays, baby showers, christmas gifts. I even teach crochet lessons.

  17. Precious Elaine's Mommy says

    I love crocheting and knitting. Knitting is my obsession now though. I usually try my own thing though, but I have to second Ralvery. Great resource. I have an etsy store that I've started with some of these items and my blog I'm just starting for tutorials.

  18. About Ashley says

    I taught myself to crochet from watching youtube also! Good job!
    That is smallest crochet hat I've ever seen…cute! I don't usually use patterns. I've made hats, booties, mary-janes, and baby prop cacoons.

  19. Holly says

    Congrats on your new addiction. My favorite part about crochet is that it's totally portable. The winters feel like they last forever here in the midwest, which is crochet/knitting season for me! Maybe next you could make something for yourself? I love making cowls and they are super easy. You just slip stitch your chain together and keep going in the round until it's the size you like. :)

  20. Roberta says

    I learnt to crochet from my mother, she made such beautiful (and very big!) white curtains the first months after my birth, when I didn't sleep during night!

    I realized many things, but the two I like most are a pair of mittens for myself (made some years ago) and a pair of lovely shoes for the baby of some friends, but I never wrote down the patterns…
    You can see a picture here:

    Once you learn well, you will be able to create your own patterns, it's easy!!! :)

  21. jkbragg says

    I LOVE to crochet- it makes for very precious baby gifts for the expecting mommy! Handmade blankets and things are always treasured. I started off just making scarves, then my mom taught me how to make a baby blanket pattern but I don't have a pattern I follow for that, I had to just remember how to do it. I have, over the years, ventured into easy patterns, but there are still some complex patterns that really throw me for a loop! Ravelry is the BEST site for free and easy patterns. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me!

  22. Crochet Hats Pattern says

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