Project Run and Play Recap

It’s been a week since Project Run and Play ended and I already miss it! I loved being challenged to make something new each week with a different theme. I didn’t win but I had so much fun and still can’t believe I made it to the finals with Katy and Kelly! Here was Katy’s winning look in the final challenge….amazing:

Here’s a look back at the looks I created…click on the photos to see the original posts:

Li’l Ice Princess

Li’l Boho

Alexander McQueen inspired

“Annie Hall” inspired


Li’l Mod Rockwell

Boo was my ultimate judge….she loved all the looks. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Thanks everyone for following the contest and helping to vote! Micalah put a ton of work into it and all the other designers really brought it each week! It rocked.


  1. Debra says

    Congrats on making it to the finals! There were so many woderful designs by such talented people… but my heart belongs to LBB <3 xoxo

  2. Trayne1837 says

    All I can say is that everyone of your looks, creations were practical and something that girls would love and looked very comfortable. Some of the other creations were just that creations..not practical, not even interesting or practical.
    I admire your ability to make things look appealing , off center and advantgaurd without looking uncomfortable and and odd… Your model also sold the outfit with her smiles and cheery disposition… some of the other models looked uncomfortable and bored with their outfits. I can sew, but I can not create like you can… I really do admire your talemt

  3. Tori says

    I loved all of your stuff and wanted you to win! Atleast you won with Boo (which is hard to do with girls :))


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