Gicela’s Spicy Chicken Soup

Gicela is one of our Lil Blue Boo helpers and we have recently discovered that she is an amazing cook! The last few Friday’s she’s taken a break from sewing to make us a huge pot of her spicy chicken soup for lunch! Gicela cooks without measuring so Lisa took notes yesterday so we could share the recipe:

To make the soup you’ll need:
2 chicken breasts
1 onion
2 large tomatoes
2 jalapeno peppers
1 handful of small carrots
1 handful of broccoli
2 potatoes
1 1/4 cup rice
1 1/4 cup barley
Chicken flavor bouillon
Garlic salt
Salt and pepper

Cut chicken (2 breasts) into cubes and add salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste, mix.

Coat bottom of pot with vegetable oil and heat up. Add chicken, cover (any oil that settles on top of soup can be removed at the end).

Add one sliced onion to chicken, cover.

Once chicken is cooked thoroughly, add water – fill to about the middle of the pot, boil.

Some chicken fat will form on top of soup from the chicken – you can remove this with a small ladle:

Add 2 chopped tomatoes and 2 sliced jalapeno peppers once the water begins to boil.

Add chicken flavoring and more salt. Let boil for 5 minutes

Add barley, boil for 5 min. Add washed white rice, let boil another 5 min.

Slice potatoes.

Add potatoes and carrots to soup.

When the barley and rice are fully cooked, add the broccoli.



  1. Sherice says

    I just happened upon your blog today and am in love. I seriously can't get over the 'Giving Tree' jumper~ really? Too cute! Thanks for the soup recipe~ looks delish, and healthy:)

  2. Momma B Designs says

    I am new to blogging; think newborn status. When I first started I happened to discover your blog through your work on No Big Dill. Love, love, love your creativity. I only recently got into sewing, pattern making, screen printing, stenciling, etc. So, when I read everything you are doing, I knew I had to follow you. I love the style of your blog and how easy it is to follow. Love the recipe. My family and I are going to try it out this weekend. I would love to post it on my blog, to your credit. Check me out at
    Thank you and I can't wait to read your next post!