Getting Down To Business

Starting in September: a new ongoing series about running a small handmade business as well as the business of blogging! Make sure to check in for tips, resources, lessons learned, behind-the-scenes, and guest posts!

As a part of this series, I’ll be featuring “Ask Lil Blue Boo” to answer anything you’ve ever wanted to know from myself or Boo or even Mr. LBB and the rest of the team. Leave any questions in the comments or email them to me via the contact form!


Chalkboard Tags (A Tutorial)

I recently reorganized my pantry and made little wood chalkboard tags to keep everything in the right place. I found these distressed crates at The Alley a local import shop:



And I bought these value packs of wooden 3″ circles:



I was able to drill a hole through a pile of the tags all at once:

Once I sanded and smoothed the holes, I sprayed each tag with chalkboard paint:



Once they were dry I added a small ball and chain clasp:


I wrote on each tag with chalk:



And put everything in its place:



This post is part of my new series Getting Organized:



A Junk Jar (A Tutorial)

Make a Junk Jar via


We no longer have a junk drawer in our house……it’s a junk jar. It’s more of an art piece as our discarded and lost junk collects and fills it up:



Instead of throwing items into the back of a drawer, now everyone can see into the jar for what they might be looking for:

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DIY Play Kitchens and Play Food

If you aren’t following Babble’s The New Home Ec yet, make sure to check it out! I write daily for them. Here are two recent roundups I did on making your own kitchen using old furniture, cardboard or fabric…..and then making your own DIY play food to fill it. Click on each image to view the slideshows!



Fall Collection Part Two

Because Boom Town Collection sold out the first day we are launching a second collection in a few weeks! I have little design quirks… entire collection can be reduced to tiny bits of paper and fabric:

The second collection will overlap pieces from the first collection as well and we will offer a second wave of what we can from Boom Town. Stay tuned!

Mary Jo’s Cloth Store

One of my earliest memories growing up was my mother dragging the three of us to Mary Jo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC. Whenever I have the chance to go back east I try to visit and do a little shopping. Many of the same women still work there from when I was little! The last time I went was November 2009 and I even got to talk with Mary Jo herself for a few minutes as she stacked fabric. (read her story here) I went with my sister when we were visiting a few weeks ago…..I always take my camera!


It’s a huge place (32,000 square feet to be exact)….

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Photo(s) of the Day: Behind the Scenes

A few iphotos from the past two days with the release of Boom Town:


No fancy studio here…..all it takes is a tall ladder and a little balance. It was 113 degrees while I was doing this:


Behind the scenes Ashley on Ladder via

Gicela at one of the cutting tables….she is a machine. I have to force her to take breaks and leave early. I gave her a gift certificate for a massage today…..Gicela, you BETTER use it:

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Preparing for a Disaster

Living in earthquake country has me constantly thinking about disaster preparations (we live just a few miles from the San Andreas fault in southern California). With hurricane Irene on her way I thought I’d repost my master emergency list I made a few years ago. Click on the image and the PDF should begin to download.  I also have a few other helpful lists like family emergency plans and household inventory documents at my Earthquake Preparedness post (click here). Thinking about all of you in the hurricane path and praying for safety!

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