A Junk Jar (A Tutorial)

Make a Junk Jar via lilblueboo.com


We no longer have a junk drawer in our house……it’s a junk jar. It’s more of an art piece as our discarded and lost junk collects and fills it up:



Instead of throwing items into the back of a drawer, now everyone can see into the jar for what they might be looking for:

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I found this extra large pasta jar at Marshall’s for under $10.00:



I use adhesive shelf paper to stencil a chalkboard band all the way around:



Using a paint roller, I put a first coat of chalkboard paint on the jar….



….and added several more coats until the coverage was thick and even:


Painting tip: use a small container to scoop paint out of your can so you don’t get paint all down the edges!


Once the jar was dry I peeled off the adhesive paper and added the words “Junk Jar” with chalk! It’s a conversation piece :)


Make a Junk Jar to hold random items via lilblueboo.com


This post is part of my new series Getting Organized:





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  1. 1

    Luv this!! my husband hates our kitchen junk drawer with a passion and it even has 3 little plastic organizer white plastic boxes in them and it is neat and still hates it! He is a bit of an organization obsessed person. I have always wanted to try chalkboard paint as well as etching paste. This is a great project except where would he let me put this jar??? Another question to ponder…;)

    love all your posts!!

  2. 2

    My junk isn’t that pretty!! I do have a pottery dish that is filled with “junk” like legos, change, and those cute erasers my boys collect in my laundry room. I call them “pocket treasures”. Last month, I earned $26.72 (dear hubby left a twenty and a five in his pocket, so my earnings were steeper than normal!)

  3. 3

    Love the new series. Organization help is always welcome here! Cute idea. I actually have a jar (picked up at a rummage sale) and chalkboard paint (bought and never used). Might have to give this a try! Although in this house I probably need a junk box the size of a fridge!!!!!

  4. 4

    Must try this! We have tons of little bits just hanging around!

  5. 5
    Kristina Churchill says:

    Love your ideas! Keep them coming:)

  6. 6

    Great idea! Love it!

  7. 7

    Love this Idea!!


  8. 8

    This is such a great idea, I hate the dreaded “junk drawer”. I fill up one and then find another drawer to fill!! It’s a way to turn junk into “art”! Bravo

  9. 9

    GREAT idea!!!!

  10. 10

    Great Idea, normally I put all this thing in a corner of my wardrobe, but in this way is better and lovely!
    Anna from Italy

  11. 11

    I have been following your site for over a year and absolutely LOVE your ideas! My junk jar would need to be rather large with our family of 6 but I must try this out! THANKS :)

  12. 12

    Love this idea – especially for the stuff that comes out of my husband’s pockets and lands on every flat surface!

    What is the poster that is hanging on the wall? Ends with Pay it forward. Thanks

  13. 14
    Stephanie says:

    Love this! So going to do this, I hate our junk drawer – drives me nuts! Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx here I come!

  14. 15

    Even your junk is pretty! :) Cool idea.. I would have never even thought of a junk jar.

  15. 16

    Glad to see a very organized person with a junk jar. It makes me feel better. I must say. . .even your junk looks pretty.LOL;0)

  16. 17
    a m a n d a says:

    I use an old apothecary jar to hold my daughter’s “treasures” that she finds wherever we go. It has toy tidbits, small rocks, buttons, acorns, glass beads, etc. that she usually brings home whenever we are out and about. She loves looking at her amazing “collection” (and I can keep it tame by removing items before it gets to looking junky and overwhelming…although, so far, it hasn’t been a problem.)

    I catch her every now and again looking at her collection with pride and reminiscing at all the wonderful things she has found. Now, it is proudly displayed for the whole family to see and enjoy with her.

    Every time I look at this collection jar, I am reminded to find joy in the little things in life and to value the precious, fleeting moments of childhood that she has so blessed me by sharing.


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