A Peek Into Our Closets

I think one of the most important ingredients in organizing is shelving!  I designed and built every single one of our closets (I like to surprise Mr. LBB when he gets home from work with a finished project.) I used Easy Closets to design each closet and a few days later the UPS truck showed up at our doorstep with 52 boxes of pre-cut shelving, hardware, instructions etc. Every box was numbered and the instructions went step by step through each closet. It was easy. I went with the simplest systems (white, no molding and brushed nickel hardward) and they are the highest quality (3/4″ thick melamine):


Kids Room Closet Organization via lilblueboo.com

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Kids Room Closet Organization via lilblueboo.com

Kids Room Closet Organization via lilblueboo.com

Kids Room Closet Organization via lilblueboo.com

Closet Organization via lilblueboo.com

Closet and Hanbag Organization via lilblueboo.com

Update: click here to view the post on organizing the handbags with rings and where to get them.


Closet Organization via lilblueboo.com


All of our linen closets and the pantry I built by using just a simple track system. You just hang the vertical metal tracks and the shelving fits on brackets. The hardware store will even cut the shelving before you load it into the car so the only tool you’ll need is an electric drill:

Pantry Organization via lilblueboo.com





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  1. Megan hutchison says

    I am going to need to take a few hours & drool over all these & figure out a way to convince the hubs to redo a couple closets. Love!

  2. says

    OH boy, I soooo need to organize my closet. Mine always looks like a bomb went off. My husband’s side? PERFECT! Just like yours…except his is {get this} COLOR COORDINATED. You have no idea how horrible this makes me feel. ha. You’re amazing girl. Simply amazing. xoxo

  3. cristal says

    holy cow.. I can only dream of an organized closet…. ugh.. can you organize a prop section of a studio!!! lol

  4. laurie says

    Love it! Where did you get those round ring hooks for purses, belts, etc. I didn’t see that as an accessory option on the closet site. Thanks.

  5. RobyGiup says

    Your closets are so well organized!!! I think Mr. LBB will be amazed when he gets home!
    I couldn’t think about mine… o_O

  6. says

    I love Easy Closets. I have the system in 5 different closets in the house. It’s easy to install too! The possibilities are endless.

  7. julie says

    where did you get those baskets for your pantry? love the idea! the baskets look hearty/sturdy. thank you