Organizing Accessories (A Tutorial)

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Boo’s hair accessories and jewelery were stored in a huge jumbled mess until recently:


Pre-organized mess via


I took some thrift and discount store finds and used spray paint to create more organized storage! Boo picked the colors (I would have opted a more subtle color palette haha):


Thrift store pieces made into accessory organizers via


Here’s the beat up 99 cent mug holder I bought from the thrift store:


A 99 cent mug holder = accessory holder via


I spray painted the base white for the underneath color:


Spraypainted mug holder = accessory holder via

I used my Silhouette machine to cut “Sienna” out of shelf vinyl:


Stenciled mug holder = accessory holder via

Next I spray painted the entire holder purple (over the stencil):


Spraypaint over stencils = accessory holder via

Spraypaint over stencils = accessory holder via

After the purple layer dried I carefully peeled off the vinyl letters:


Peel off stickers = accessory holder via

The painted and personalized mug holder is perfect for necklaces, bracelets and headbands:


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I’m always scouring discount stores clearance sections (Marshall’s, TJ Maxx) for cool items that I can redo. I found this 6 dollar shell holder in the clearance section that I thought would be a great accessory holder since it already had all the compartments built in:


Reuse shell holder for accessories via

I masked off the glass area and sprayed a base of white on the front just like I did for the mug holder:


Mask off glass for accessories via

I did the reverse stencil lettering the same way as the mug holder too using the Silhouette Machine only this one said “hair pretties”:


Peel off stickers = accessory holder via

A perfect container for separating out all those hair ribbons, clip and bands:


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Now all of Boo’s hair and jewelry are organized and easy to find and put away!


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  1. Amber says

    Thank you so much for such an awesome and practical tutorial. I have a massive basket of hair stuff for my little girl and I can never find what I am looking for. This will work perfectly! Thrifting time to find the right pieces to rework! Thanks again!

  2. LIzelle says

    Great idea thanks – now to find one of those containers! Hair clips and bands seem to multiply all on their own in our house!

  3. Cecilia Villarroel says

    Great! Just this weekend my daughter and I were fighting against this kind of mess… I guess you read our minds! Congrats :)

  4. says

    Great article, always need space to place those things i keep for my crafty projects, have been resorting to bali offering boxes lately, but thats just how i am, thanks for your idea xxx

  5. Ahsamon says

    love it! you are the only person other than my mom that calls hair accessories, “hair pretties” :)