Roundup: Storage Ideas

Clever storage tips from around the web.


1. Use tension rods as dividers for platters, cookies sheets and more via Martha Stewart.

2. Store important papers and more in a dish drying rack via Better Homes and Gardens.

3. Inexpensive and easy way to store cables via Storage | Glee.

4. Use pvc pipes to store and have easy access to curing irons via The Family Handyman.

5. Finally! A way to store flip flops via Epbot.

6. Genius! Store matching sheets in their pillow case via Martha Stewart.


Also check out 10 Simple Items for Organization over at The New Home Ec!



  1. says

    Love tip number 6! It’s one of those things that makes me smack my head, say DUH and wonder why I didn’t think of it. Here’s a couple more easy organization ideas you might like.

    basket ribbon storage –
    another use for tension rod –

  2. Mandy says

    I’ve been doing #6 with the sheet sets for years now. People at the local laundromat smack their heads as they watch me fold up my bedding. More and more of them are now folding that way.

    I do love the idea of the tubes for cords! I have a very messy bin that has all my cords…going to have to start saving the rolls from t.p

  3. Sharon Setzler says

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