You can laugh about it now…..

Thanks to everyone for your sweet words and stories on my Single Parenting post. I’m glad so many others can relate….it puts everything into perspective right!? I made my trek to L.A. today and JUST missed the traffic on the way back. I’m so excited to finally finish up our new fall collection with the fabric I picked up today. The collection will be released the last week of August!

So many of you have emailed me about your experiences and embarrassing stories…..I’ve loved reading them all! Amy left a comment that there should be a “club for all women who have had unfortunate incidents in white pants, shorts or skirts”…..I’d join that group!!!

Anyways, on my drive to L.A. today I kept thinking about other embarrassing moments in my life….or ones that I’ve witnessed for other people. It’s nice to be able to laugh at your most embarrassing moments down the road. I think it gets easier as we get older….I remember crying to my mother that “my life is ruined” over the littlest of things when I was a teenager. Haha….if only I’d known how SMALL a blip those things would be on my life radar.

So about embarrassing moments:

There are the moments that you wish you could disappear: It was my first day at a new private school in the fourth grade. We had just moved into Charlotte, NC from rural SC…..I’d never heard of the GAP, Guess or any other brand that most kids at the school knew about. My mom sent me to school wearing pink corduroy pants that were a tad too short on my lanky frame and a pink plaid shirt that she’d made….with a little tie that definitely resembled a bolo tie.  I could tell immediately that I didn’t fit in. I tried to act as “cool” as I could…..and I thought it was working until I accidentally rocked a little too far back in my chair. I fell backwards and pulled my desk right back on top of me with a huge crash. I remember lying there with my highwater pants sticking out the other side of the desk and all the kids laughing hysterically.  It was the worst first day ever.

There are the moments that you wish you’d stepped in and helped someone out: Around age 13, I was in the church bathroom and a young girl walked out of a stall with her skirt tucked into her pantyhose. It was like the world was in slow motion and I couldn’t register what to say…..and I let that poor girl walk right out and right down the aisle during the service in front of everyone. There were about 2,000 people in our church congregation. I STILL feel sick about it over 2o years later.

There are the moments that can change the direction of your life: I used to take flying lessons….my dad encouraged us all to do it in case he had a heart attack while flying the family somewhere. On my first solo flight, the instructor got out and waved goodbye. I taxied the plane to the runway and attempted to do my radio check. To my horror, the radio didn’t work. I tried everything and couldn’t get a response from the tower. There were planes behind me waiting to take off and so I pretended I was going to take off and then halfway down the runway aborted the flight and brought the plane back in. My instructor walked up to the plane and opened the door. My hands were shaking and I was close to tears….I choked out “the radio is broken…I didn’t know what to do!” He looked at me for a second, then looked at the radio…..and then turned the volume button up. Radio fixed. I was mortified….and decided that day that I just wasn’t cut out for flying.

There are the moments that become family folklore: One summer my dad flew us all to the Outerbanks for a vacation. He had to make some phone calls and told us all he’d meet us on the beach. We all got on our bathing suits and were playing in the sand and water.  My dad showed up a few minutes later and we noticed something was off…..he was just in his underwear. With his dark sunglasses on in the hotel room he’d forgotten to put his bathing suit on!  He was so embarrassed….but we were all rolling on the sand laughing so hard that it became one of our favorite stories to tell.



I’d LOVE to hear some of your most embarrassing moments!  Share them in the comments……we can all laugh about them together now.

Have a great Friday night!  XOXO


  1. Vanilla Bean Crafts says

    awesome stories ladies….I’m sitting here LOL’ing so hard I’m going to wake up the fam…..I got a good one for ya though! Hubby doesn’t even know this one! We hadn’t been in our new home (the last place, not this one) for very long, but the in-laws came over to check out the place. Our girls ran into their room, eager to show gma and gpa their new bedding. My in-laws and hubby followed them while I closed the door and picked up some toys in the living room and then went into the bedroom to see everybody. Here’s the embarassing part…..My hubby was standing in the doorway, and as I walked past, I slapped his bootie and then went into the room saying something about the great deal I got on their bedding, and how I was going to decorate their room, etc. But hubs was already in the room. Confused, I looked back at the door way, and no….not the hubs…..MY FATHER IN LAW!!! I actually slapped my FIL on the freakin’ butt!! Luckily no one noticed, and I think my FIL thought I had just bumped into him or something, but we’ve NEVER spoken of it! SO mortified when I think of how inappropriate that was!

  2. too embarrassed to post :P says

    Wanna talk embarrasing first days? ugh… First day of 9th grade. Highschool of course. We had portables that were endless and than the main school. I of course had my 3rd class in portables that were way far from bathrooms. Can ya tell where this is going? We were sitting in class getting a lecture about rules etc… My stomach had been bothering me cause of nerves and I asked to use the bathroom. “No.” please… “No.” …. No really this is kind of important… “NO!” At this point I say okay thanks… get up and walk out of the classroom. I don’t make it to a bathroom in time and had an “accident” of stinky proportions. I had to call my mom who had to give the okay for me to walk home and on top of that I had to wait outside the front office for the lady to tell me yes it was okay for me to leave.

    I didn’t think I would EVER live it down.

  3. says

    I’d have to say the story at the top of my list is from my Freshman year, at summer camp. A Christian summer camp.

    We had all piled onto the school bus to go white water rafting. I had my ADORABLE new swimsuit on (the kind that ties around your neck) and I was feeling pretty dang good. Plus, I was super excited to go white-water rafting in beautiful Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Anyway! I sat next to a Senior guy (I know right!) and we chatted the whole 40 minute drive to the river. When we finally arrived we all had “lessons” and a briefing on how to be safe, don’t jump off the raft, row with your team, always wear your life vest, blah blah blah. So we suited up and we were off! The rafting part went great… I actually don’t even remember rafting… But I know that Senior guy didn’t end up on the same raft as me.

    So we get off and I’m chatting to him in front of the bus about the rafting trip. Yada yada. I’m fiddling with my hair when I realize my life jacket is still on (how nerdy!) so I just unzipped it. And then, in front of the cutest Senior boy I’ve ever met, my swimsuit fell off. It had come untied, without me knowing. And all he could do was stand there, staring at my chest, with his mouth wide open. I was so embarrassed I dropped my hair tie. I quickly told him to pick it up and whipped my swimsuit top back on.

    I cringe just thinking about it!

  4. says

    What’s up with the fourth grade? That’s when my first super embarrassing moment occurred..My parents had put us kids in an after school Math and Reading enrichment program. It was the very last day and we had a timed math exam. Being the competitive kid I was, I had to finish first. My only problem was that I had to pee. Badly. The bathroom was on a whole different floor, and to get there you had to get a key from the instructor and go alone in a rickety, old elevator. I figured if I finished fast, I’d just pee when I got home. WRONG. I couldn’t hold it and ending peeing all over the seat. I tied my jacket around my waist, turned in the test (still first), and ran out saying I had soccer practice. I never went back and only told my Mom this story a few weeks ago.

    Another one that I can remember was having to read aloud in 10th grade biology. It was in seating order, and we all had a paragraph, so you knew which one you’d be reading before hand…if you counted ahead. I always did, and realized I’d have to read aloud the word “organism.” I told myself ‘Don’t say orgasm, don’t say orgasm…’ but of course I had to say, in the most eloquent manner, “The single celled ORGASM…”Gah! Mortifying!

    I can’t wait to read some more.
    and p.s. I got my first period [EVER] in light khaki shorts on The Pirates of the Caribbean in D-World. I’ll join your club :)

  5. Tia says

    I was crying laughing over your dad and his underwear! In high school I wore a pair of jeans that had one too many rips in them and in the middle of an art class I was reaching to get something and my pants totally ripped down the butt! Thank goodness I had a sweater that I wore around my waist the whole day.

  6. Renea says

    OMGosh! I am laughing hysterically!!!

    Off the top of my head the one thing that comes to mind was my 4th grade year I must have been into the movie Annie (it’s my only excuse that seems legitimate). My mother had a blonde curl wig and I begged to wear it to school one day. She helped me roll my long (and I do mean long, it was past my behind!) hair up into a bun on my head and cover it with a blonde wig. I was Annie at last!!! I was so proud of my new short blonde curls! I thought for sure everyone would think I got my hair cut and permed.

    Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to detect a wig. As soon as I boarded the bus to head to school the kids started laughing and making fun of me. To my horror….mother had pinned that sucker on my head so tight to ensure it wouldn’t come off that I ended up wearing it the entire day, heading home in tears and swearing I would never wear another wig as long as I lived. I’m 41, and a single wig hasn’t touched my head since. I never could figure out how Dolly Parton got all the applause and oohs and aaahs over her wigs. (I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t the wigs.) 😉 lol

  7. Brittany says

    My 3rd day of my senior hear. it was raining outside and walked into the school with a freshly waxed floor and navy blue converse shoes on. mind you it was like 730 in the morning. I was walking over my book bag, slipped, tried to grab onto the wall and well I missed. I ended up falling on the floor couldn’t catch myself and SLAMMED my face off the hard tile floor. If I didn’t tuck my chin I would have died! As soon as I hit I knew I broke my nose. It started to swell. And I stayed in school the whole day with 2 black eyes, a swollen nose and then a week later it had to be re-broken to set it…. I still get….”remember that time you broke your nose..”

  8. Tara says

    Picture it, sixth grade PE class outside on the softball field. Two classes were on the field. I had on a new pair of shorts that I’d never worn before. They kept coming unbuttoned and up until this period I had been able to snap them back before anyone noticed. Well, my turn came to bat and guess what happened. I swung the bat, hit the ball and started to run towards first base. My pants had come unbuttoned and unzipped by the motion of me running. The whole class is yelling for me to “go go go” so that I wouldn’t be thrown out. I was so focused on getting to the bag that I didn’t realize my pants had already cleared my knees. I reached first base with my shorts around my ankles and my brightly colored panties showing to what might as well have been the whole world. It seems like it took me 5 minutes to pull them back up and secure them again. I was mortified!! I tried to laugh it off but I still don’t like to think about it.

  9. Carolyn says

    On my 13th birthday, I had a pool party with all of my 12-14 year old friends. We were all having a great time and my day and step-mom were “supervising” the party but in their bathing suits and enjoying their time as well.
    This is where the “Double Bogie” comes in.
    First… I saw a few of my friends huddled in the corner of my pool whispering and laughing… so I, of course, made my way over to be apart of it. Then to my surprise I found out, with a point of my BF’s finger, that my dad was sitting in the lawn chair with all his “junk” hanging out his spread legs with his 80’s short bathing suit on.
    To make the day even better… when they were all singing happy birthday to me… I blew out the candles… my step-mom started to take all the candles out of the cake and dropped one on the cement. When she bent down to pick it up, her nipple popped out of her 80’s tube top bathing suit!!!
    My friends for months didn’t let me live that day down!!! I had the parents who were stuck in the 80’s and liked to flash my underaged friends!

  10. says

    Um..okay. I still haven’t told anyone, outside my 5th grade about this. When I was in the 5th grade, we started music classes, with real instruments, not just a recorder. I chose the flute, because I loved the flute. It’s so elegant and shiny. The flute players were in the front row. One day in class we were practicing and when it came to stand my pants were stuck to the chair. I stood and looked down to see the chair covered in red. It wasn’t my first period, but it was close enough not to have figured out my cycle yet. I quickly sat down and motioned for my teacher to come over. I explained what happened, and she let me sit the remainder of the class. She also asked two of my closest friends to stay after class so they could escort me to my locker. Luckily I had my gym clothes. Unluckily it was winter, and we lived in Quebec, which means minus 40 celsius.
    It feels so good to laugh and share 😀 Thanks!

  11. connie de grandis says

    There are so many embarrassing moments. Well, after my third child was born I broke my foot and was home alone with my new baby. I crawled up the stairs with my baby in my arm and of course all that motion made me start bleeding like crazy right through my clothes. I’m telling myself I’ll crawl to the bathroom when I get to the top of the stairs when my father in law comes in the basement door of the house to see me bleeding like crazy and crawling up the stairs with my new baby in my arms and to say the least he had the birds eye view of the gusher that was going on because we was at the bottom of the steps and I was nearing the top at that point. You want to talk embarrassed ! Ugh!! ~ I think he said something to the effect of “What the hell is going on here?”~Then he said “are you ok?” ~~Do I look ok, I’m gushing blood all out my clothes and crawling up the damn steps with a couple day old infant in my arm, no, I”m really far away from OK!

  12. Alex D. says

    I studied abroad in Japan in college. After a long trip feom NYC to Tokyo by myself and then a 2 hour train ride to my host families house ( they speak pretty much only Japanese and me pretty much only English at this point) I was exhausted and already missing home. I went to the bathroom – needed to go and needed a few minutes to myself. Just didn’t know how to ask for that in Japanese yet… Anywho… The tiolets there are pretty high tech – even in the early 90’s – and come with what looked to me luke a rocket ship control panels lots of buttons with jspanese kanji symbols next them then. When I finished – I was sitting there trying to figure out which button would flush the toilet. I decided on one to press and got a rather unfortunate squirt of hot water in a place that felt most unfortunate! I jumped up, pants around my ankles, water spraying everywhere, screamed and opened the bathroom door to find my entire host family standing outside trying not to laugh…. Oy! Was I embarrassed – I had pretty much given myself a hot eater enema and then got got pants down screaming by a bunch of people I didn’t now, but had to live with and didn’t speak the language. I started to cry and laugh at the same time. My host mom came to my rescue and we laughed about that the rest of the year and I still think back aboutvitvand laugh now, almost 20 years later….

  13. Renee says

    Omg! The desk crashing incident happened to me too! Lol. I think I was in 2nd grade, thanks for reminding me about it. Lol

  14. says

    I am pretty lucky in the embarrassing department. I’m not sure how I escaped reasonably unscathed considering I have a big mouth and blurt things out that I shouldn’t. But there are two small things that I thought back on. First was in 6th grade. I live in Australia and in the Summer, it get’s up to 40 C, which is over 100 F. We don’t have air conditioning in most of our schools over here (wrong isn’t it!!) and we sat on these brown plastic chairs in my classroom. I am a big sweater in the hotter months and I remember I was sitting on my chair and my legs were really sweaty and feral and somehow suctioned onto the chair and everyone was quiet in the class, and I shifted on my chair and the suction sound of my legs moving off the chair sounded like the biggest fart in history. No one believed my story.

    Second story. I never really dated much when I was younger/became a young adult. I didn’t have my first ‘real’ boyfriend until I was about 19 who was the first person that I kissed. Of course I was no expert at this, so I learnt from him, from his style. Things fizzled with him and I went through another dry patch with the fellows (my big mouth never did help with that situation…) and then I met my husby. And this is the part that he STILL teases me about to this day. The first time we kissed I apparently just opened my mouth up wide and that’s about all. He said it was like trying to kiss an opened mouth bass. The poor guy had to tell me to shut my mouth. I almost died and later that night cried myself to sleep with embarrassment. Lucky he liked me enough to forgive my hopeless kissing skills. I must have improved cause he married me 😉

  15. says

    You used to live in rural SC? Small world.

    My embarassing story won a most embarassing moment blog contest a few years ago. I guess I’ll humiliate myself again…

    Sixth grade recess. Boys and girls were playing some sort of tag game. I was super tall and could run well so the boys were getting a little aggravated that I was tagging them over and over again. The boy who I had a crush on took the opportunity when I had fallen to grab my leg and commence dragging my bottom across the field. I was wearing my absolutely favorite pair of high button waisted, no pockets on the backside bell bottom jeans which had been worn so much that unbeknownst to me were threadbare in the seat area. When I finally got my foot loose and got up off the ground to chase down my crush, I heard some giggles, saw some pointing and felt a weird draft on my backside. Yep, my favorite pair of jeans had had more than they could handle. HORRORS!!! Huge holes on both sides of my jeans allowed God and the whole middle school 6th grade class to see what underwear I had chosen that morning. Needless to say the fashion statement for he rest of the day involved wearing my sweater tied around my waist to conceal my newly vented jeans. So thankful I had my sweater that day.

  16. says

    i’m dying over here laughin at your stories! what part of sc are you from? i was born and raised here!

    i have 2 pretty embarrassing stories. the first one was when i was in the 12th grade. i was in history class and i fell asleep on my book and my desk just so happened to be dead center of the classroom. i dunno what i was dreaming about but i was dreaming hard, i had wet my whole book up from drool and to make matters worse i sat straight up and started screaming to the top of my lungs. it scared the crap out of my whole class and then they started to laugh hysterically. i tried to play it off like i meant to do that, even though the whole side of my face was soaked with drool. LOL!

    the 2nd story i was in the 5th grade and i had the displeasure of starting my period at school. i was mortified because i had started mine so early even though my mom assured me it was normal. i too had on white jeans. we was on the playground and someone shouted “ewwwwwwww you have something on your pants!!!” i looked back and said oh.. it’s just ketchup and ran to the office. =(

  17. Tleshia Farrar says

    speaking of single parent moments…….my husband was gone to CA for 6 months for training……Lilly Kate and I had just gotten back from a trip to see him and decided to so visit my good friend from high school’s church (since he is now the pastor), as a recovering pastor’s wife I had the single parent thing on Sunday morning to a tee! So there we went, did I mention I have not seen these people since 1994???? My friend introduced me to everyone and TOLD EVERYONE that I was a pastor’s wife and this was my little girl. Anyway, Lilly Kate was jet lagged and was very squirmmy and talked and moved through most of the service. I had had enough and I told her we were going to slip out the back and call it a day, she had different views. She cut in front of me and went in LAID down in the center isle and started screaming, “DON’T MAKE ME LEAVE CHURCH, I LOVE GOD’S HOUSE” I proceeded to drag her don’t the isle feeling the evil eyes burning into my back and was horrified as the service stopped to watch our little show that had started……..I walked out defeated and totally humiliated. I still have not returned to that church. I am sooooooo not meant to be a single parent.

  18. Jen Spilker says

    I’m seriously dying laughing at all of these. Mine goes like this: 5th grade, sitting at the reading center with my partner (we happened to be the only boy/girl pair in the whole class and I had a crush on him) I somehow tipped forward in the folding chair. Well, the chair “folded” and I fell forward and hit my mouth on the edge of the table. Ended up with two loose teeth and a fat lip. Needless to say, I did NOT impress him. And I spent the rest of the school year with my front teeth all glued together so that those two loose ones would re-set themselves.

  19. Jennifer says

    ok, here it goes ladies… My hubby bought me a ‘purple guy’ as a joke one night. It sat in the dresser drawer forever (never used). When we moved from our apartment, my dad came to help. They got to the dresser when my hubby remembered what was in one of the drawers. He tried and tried to convince my dad that they should just carry it out with the drawers in it. But to no avail, my dad said it would be a lot easier to take the drawers out and carry it that way – pulling THE drawer with the ‘purple guy’ out as he talked. My poor dad stopped mid-sentence and dropped the drawer. Neither said a word and they proceeded to carry the dresser outside (intact). When I came to the apartment, my hubby told me what happened in the loft. I was mortified and couldn’t look my dad in the eye. We’ve never mentioned the incident.

  20. Rebecca Garrett says

    I have done so many stupid things it’s hard to pick but here are two stories. I was getting ready to start middle school and me and two guys from school decided to walk over and check out the school. The fence was locked so we had to climb the chain link fence to get to the school. Getting in was fine but coming back over I was the last to go. Climbed up and decided to jump off the top, of course my shirt got hung up on the fence and as I jumped down all the buttons ripped off, in front of the guys and I was stuck on the fence. They had to get me off the fence as I stood there in my new tiny bra. My next story happened in high school. I was a cheerleader and we took a bus a couple hours out of town to cheer at a big football jamboree with lots of other schools. It was really cold and I really hate using porta potties so I had to pee but decided to wait. We were jumping up and down cheering and it was so cold I didn’t realize how bad I needed to pee until I was finally warm from pee running down my legs. I had no clothes to change into. I had to stand around in frozen pee pants and then get on the super hot bus and ride home for two hours. I never said a word, I had a sweatshirt tied around my waist so I don’t think anyone saw but I had to smell like a steamy hot porta potty on the bus ride home. Seriously? WHo pees their pants in high school??!!

  21. Seriously Embarrassed says

    My husband and I had been dating for a few months (we were in college, both majoring in Biology/PreMed) and we took a weekend trip to the nearest large city and were going to house sit for his aunt and uncle. Anyways, we went to the Science Museum in the city and there was a “tour of the human body” exhibit that was geared toward children. K, so at the end you are in a “surgical suite” and you watch an open heart surgery (it was a real open heart surgery). We are in this little white room with a bunch of Elementary aged kids and the heart starts beating irregularly as the surgery is over and I start to feel faint. I tell my now husband that I need to get out, and he tries to turn me around to watch, not understanding what’s going on with me. I apparently tried to push him off of me, as everything was going white around me. I passed out and hit my nose on the wall on the way down. To make matters worse as I was waking up I peed my pants. They ushered all of the kiddos out around me and everyone was really nice about it all. That’s love, right?! :)

  22. andrea.d says

    The winter I was 14, I went with my brother to the ‘big city’ (Vancouver) for the first time. We went to this cool hipster cafe right down town, and ordered drinks to have on the heated patio. As I went to exit, I walked right into the glass door and smashed my hot chocolate all over the door and my white parka, and of course everyone turned to look. Because we were staying at a hotel, I couldn’t wash my jacket properly and had to wear the gigantic stain around town for the rest of the week while my brother pretended not to know me. Sigh.

    • Julia L. says

      OMG – I’m laughing, but that must have been aweful. Just walking into a screen door is bad enough but a glass door?

  23. Deb Westbury says

    I think my most embarrassing moment believe it or not happened all by myself walking home from school 1 day…I was caring my instrument and all of my school books…my shoe lace came untied…stopped put everything down ad tied my shoes…picked everything back up and proceeded to trip over the fire hydrant that was right in front of me…right in front of houses on one side and shops on the other along with anyone else walking around me and the card driving by…talk about jumping up quickly, gathering everything up and making sure that no one was looking…

  24. says

    O.k. here goes. I had a pair of Guess jeans that I had outgrown in JR high and I had my mom sew the tag onto a jacket she made me that I loved. Guess was the hottest item to wear in Jr high. Frickin’ Guess. I hate it now because of this… A popular girl said to me ” I’ve never seen that jacket before by Guess jeans”. She was a total beotch. Let everyone know too. She just knew it was a fake. I said nothing. It was unsaid for the whole year that the jacket was a fake. I hated her.

    Guess what? She is now a Facebook friend and she is the most Godly and family oriented woman I know. Lives 3,000 miles away and is a wonderful lady. I haven’t seen her since we were 16 and she is an amazing mother of two. I definitely do not hate her.

  25. Still cringing says

    Warning: Sort of gross details: It was the summer after my freshman year in college. I had just started dating this guy and we decided to go to a Bon fire party in the middle of nowhere with my friend and her boyfriend. When my friend and I had to pee, we decided to walk back and pee in front of the truck we rode in so that we wouldn’t get lost in the dark. I was on my period and couldn’t very well leave the tampon right there so I chucked it over my shoulder back into the deserted woods behind us. At the end of the evening, the 4 of us piled into his truck, he turned on the head lights, and to my horror, there was my tampon, eye level, right in front of the truck, hooked on a tiny branch!


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