Ask Lil Blue Boo: A Typical Day

As part of my ongoing small business series I’ve been compiling questions from readers. One of the most often asked questions is: What is a typical day like… to you fit it all in? Sometimes I never fit it all in! Couldn’t we all use another 10 hours a day?


What’s a typical day like for you? Do you work weekends, too? – Amy

I don’t know if I have a typical day….I’m usually all over the place never focusing on just one project. I start working at 8:30am and work up until 5pm. I have 2 full time employees that show up at 9am sharp every morning and a few part time helpers that come and go throughout the week. Lil Blue Boo would be a disaster without them.  I’ll work late at night for an hour or two on the computer once Boo goes to bed.

If I work on the weekends it’s only on creative fun projects that the whole family is involved in. For example, we might build something fun or start some artwork. It’s not work to me though….it’s more of a lifestyle. I just like to make stuff and so does the rest of the family. I don’t watch sports and I don’t enjoy shopping so that frees up a lot of time!

One day last week I took photos of everything I did to try and document what a “typical day” might look like:


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Does Boo ever tantrum while you’re working/ how do you handle it especially with others around? – Trisha

Rarely does Boo have a tantrum during the workday if she’s home…..and I’m being completely truthful. Boo is a super independent little girl and entertains herself and interacts with everyone like it’s her job. Every once in a while she’ll have a bad day and need extra attention and that’s pretty much a wakeup call that I need to drop everything and take her somewhere. Lisa and Gicela who work here are great with her and try to include her in what they are doing.  One day she’ll probably just take over and start bossing us all around. Boo also goes to an amazing preschool 5 days a week now and she loves it…..and while she’s there I try to power through all my work.


How do you manage family time and work time? Do you set work hours? -Kathy

That’s hard…..because my work and family blend so much. I do try to set work hours and I drop everything the second I pick Boo up from school. We come home, talk about the day and I include her in making dinner. When my husband gets home we all try to eat dinner together every night and catch up.



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  1. 1
    Teefanny says:

    Thank you so much for always being so open and sharing all of your life details, Ashley! I am constantly inspired and in awe of all the cool things you do. And I love your dad’s “Choose Joy” mantra (?)! I aspire to be more like that and appreciate all that I read from you!

  2. 2
    Amy O says:

    Thank you so much! I had no idea so much time was spent on the computer! Glad to know I’m not the only one relying on the crock pot to crank out meals!

  3. 3

    This was really helpful. It’s also encouraging to know that you are able to work 8-5 for the most part. I just assumed you worked crazy long hours. Good to know! :)

  4. 4
    Jackie Smith says:

    You’re an amazing inspiriation and a wonderful mom and wife! Thank you for sharing so much of your creative life with us!

  5. 5
    Jamie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing everything that’s going on with you. You are truly an inspiration with all your projects and fun tips. It’s one of my favorite things to read before my little spawns get up — just me, a cup of coffee & some LBB – You Rock!

  6. 6
    Carmen says:

    What I’ve liked most was when you said: ” I don’t like shopping”. It’s right shopping waist us a lot of (usefull) time.
    Ciao from Italy!

  7. 7
    Jessica says:

    crockpot lasagna yay!!!!!!!

  8. 8
    Jennifer says:

    Sorry to hear about your little doggy!