Boo Style: Picture Day

Boo: Wake UP Mommy! It’s picture day!
Me: Let me sleep another 30 minutes.
Boo: There’s not enough time. Meet me in the den so I can get ready!
…a few minutes later…
Me: Oh, that’s not your dress…..I bought that as a gift for someone.
Boo: No, you bought it for my photo day! I know you did.

guess who won?

Dress: Mim Pi from Happy Chickadee
Leggings: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Crocs



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  1. 1

    CUTE dress! is there a petticoat underneath? I love the fullness. BTW(the BOO is cuter than the dress as always!)

  2. 2

    Too funny! Sounds like things that happen in my home! Thank goodness today is not picture day for my 6 year old! She just lost one of her front teeth and has a gaping hole in the front! Love Boo’s style!

  3. 3

    too funny! I “lose” those battles all the time too! :)