Boo Style: Picture Day

Boo: Wake UP Mommy! It’s picture day!
Me: Let me sleep another 30 minutes.
Boo: There’s not enough time. Meet me in the den so I can get ready!
…a few minutes later…
Me: Oh, that’s not your dress…..I bought that as a gift for someone.
Boo: No, you bought it for my photo day! I know you did.

guess who won?

Dress: Mim Pi from Happy Chickadee
Leggings: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Crocs


  1. Stacey K says

    CUTE dress! is there a petticoat underneath? I love the fullness. BTW(the BOO is cuter than the dress as always!)

  2. Renee says

    Too funny! Sounds like things that happen in my home! Thank goodness today is not picture day for my 6 year old! She just lost one of her front teeth and has a gaping hole in the front! Love Boo’s style!