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This is what my electronics box used to look like. I could never find anything and had no idea which cords went to what. During my organization spree last month I empties out the box, gathered every electronic manual, accessory, software CD and box from around the house and set to work on creating an organized system.


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First I created envelopes for items that are rarely used or need to probably be donated or sold:

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For electronics that I use on a regular basis and need to be found quickly I took large ziplock bags add added large handwritten labels to the front using clear packing tape (my preference would be to have pretty labels with graphics but sometimes you just have to give into a simple system for the sake of time management, right?):


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I used a label maker to add a label to all of the chargers:


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And all video and USB cables were labeled too:


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Everything associated with a specific electronic is stored in its bag so it can be grabbed quickly. The labels on the cords help me to put them back into the correct bag once I’m through using them.



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All the bags go into a little basket that sits on a shelf in the office. Everyone knows where the cords and manuals are and that they need to be put back after use. When we buy a new electronic, as soon as it’s unpacked, it gets a new bag or folder! If we think we might resell something eventually we store the original box in the garage high on a shelf where it is out of the way.


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  1. Leigh Ann says

    Thank you for this! I need to get my cords organized but I think my label machine is obsolete. I like the idea of the manila folders and I might utilize my file cabinet for that purpose.

  2. CK says

    I have quite the bin full of wires and plugs that I have NO IDEA what they go to. I bet I don’t even have HALF the stuff that goes with them anymore.
    You can do another tutorial on going to your SIL’s house and doing hers too!!!! j/k

  3. Natalie says

    Oh this is sweet!! I hate finding those chargers and not knowing what they went to. Thanks for sharing!

  4. o says

    I love the bag idea. I put all my cords in a decorative box, but they still get tangled and confused.. I’ll have to try labels and bags.

  5. Lizelle says

    This is definately on my to-do list this week – there’s a really scary looking basket of chargers in one of my kitchen cupboards!!

  6. says

    I do the same thing with my electrical cords. All started with the million of wires behind our TV. Broke out the label maker and went to town. Best little tool to have!

  7. brenda says

    hi always good to hear from you and to know you are well. For the labels on the cords themselves, do you do the name twice with spacing in between but cutting only once to be able to view it on both sides when you fold it over the cord ?? Thanks for the idea to use the labeler for that too. I always make things difficult and try to cut out tags blah blah. Gotta to learn better.