Recycled Puzzle Stamps (A Tutorial)

Missing a puzzle piece from one of those nice wood puzzles? My OCD won’t let me keep it after that so……


……..I recycle the pieces into stamps! They are the perfect size and super sturdy.

For a simple stamp I used a Speedy Cut block and draw out my design:

(Note: I usually buy the large Speedy Cut block and then cut it into custom size pieces for stamps)

I use a Speedball linoleum cutting tool to carefully carve out the image:


I find a wooden puzzle piece that is larger than my craved stamp….


……and use some tacky glue to adhere the stamp to the bottom of the puzzle piece:


I add paint to a paint applicator and it rolls just the perfect amount of paint onto the stamp. I’ll never use a stamp pad again for fabric stamping! (this one is Martha Stewart brand)


After the paint is applied, stamp the image onto your fabric and then reload the stamp with paint again:


So easy to apply even Boo can do it:



Toddler puzzle pieces make perfect Toddler stamps:



To see the finished product click the image below:


  1. Michelle M. says

    That’s a really great idea for recycling those types of puzzles! Also I just love Boo’s shirt. Did you make that? I’ve been looking for blank baseball style tee shirts for my little girls. No luck.

  2. says

    Ohhhh. I’m sure I can find a puzzle or two with missing pieces in my kids’ playroom! Thanks for the idea, Ashley!


  3. Miss Courtney says

    I was just thinking of doing this with the toddler puzzles we have at my library. I love the handles and will probably purchase something similar that is actually a stamper. I want to just use the shape of the puzzle, so my question is… Would you glue something (say foam) to the shape so the paint/ink will come off easier?