Work of Art: Kitschy

My favorite show on TV right now? Work of Art. I’ve decided to play along at home when I feel up to it health wise… bear with me because I’ll be a few episodes behind for a while.

The first episode the artists had to use pieces of “bad” or “kitschy” art and use it as a basis for their own piece. Funny….I actually really liked some of the art that they deemed “bad” art….beauty is in they eye of the beholder, right?

I decided to make my own version of “re-done” kitschy art. My goal was to use some old thrift store art we had in our garage and not spend any money on new supplies. Here is the original art:



I transformed them into these fun pieces:



First, I traced the  images with tracing paper……



…..and used transfer paper to put the image onto another piece of canvas:



I used black liquid acrylic to sketch out the images:


Now just a doodled outline of the original:


I spray painted the 80’s gold frames into a bright red:


A new modern look:


Of course I just love making things that are pretty….I don’t think much about meaning or what the audience might think. I never had any interest in art history either….so the judges would rip my stuff apart!


But I love a challenge!



If you haven’t watched Work of Art check it out!  I drool over the studio they get to work in…..all those materials and the creative minds at work. I dream of being in an environment like that and I love the weekly challenge!  So fun!



  1. Bev says

    I love yours – I haven’t heard of that show, but will now have to tune in! How smart to do the outline – it is so graphic with the red frames. Glad to see you feeling up to some fun.

  2. says

    I love the red! I like the show too, you have inspired me to (maybe) play along with you. Hope you continue to feel up to it! :)

  3. Diana says

    Most lovely. Taking something old and making it new again. Great “sketch”. Love it. And love the updated red frame. Glad you are feeling better… Keep your mind busy- it’ll make recovery that much faster and better.

  4. shelly says

    I LOOOVE that show. When I happen to see it on I get super excited to see what they’ve got going on this week.
    That was a fun post…cute stuff. I’m a sucker for bold lines too.