Guest Post – Drew B of Mom*tog


You will see guest posts popping up here and there from some of our friends in the blogging community. They have generously donated their time to write a post for the Lil Blue Boo blog as Ashley goes through chemotherapy. We are incredibly grateful to these wonderful people, and we are excited to share their posts with you. We gave them a subject to write about: how do you find joy in blogging or crafting? They were welcome to interpret that however they wanted. Enjoy!


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Please welcome Drew of Mom*tog


Hi Friends! My name is Drew and I blog over at Mom*tog. I’m so incredibly honored to have been asked to guest post on Lil Blue Boo. While I have not had the pleasure of meeting Ashley in real life, I am constantly inspired by her love of life and positive attitude. Even during the year that she has had. She is truly an inspiration. And any girl who loves donuts as much as I do is my kind of girl :) I am not a “crafty” person by any means. I’m terrified of glue guns. But, I do appreciate crafty people so I love all the tutorials on this site. And I bought my brand new baby girl her first Lil Blue Boo dress a few months ago and can’t wait until she is big enough to wear it. It’s the one with the camera on it. Of course :) I started Mom*tog almost three years ago when my son, Brayden, turned one (he’s now almost 4 and we have a new baby girl, Kennedy, who is 4 months).



I wanted a place to post pictures and stories about my adventures in mommyhood without annoying my clients with tales of poop and spit up on my photography blog. It’s now turned into a site where I can share my experiences and my joys of being a mom through my photography and help moms to learn to take better pictures of their own kids. Because being a mom and a photographer are the two things that give me a lot of joy. But, it’s giving joy to others that really gives me the most joy. As Mom*tog grew I came to the realization that I have a voice (albeit a small voice) in this blogging community and I wanted to do something with that rather than just be another mom photography blog. I wanted to inspire others to give and spread joy.

Through Mom*tog and my own photography buisness I’ve been able to hold fundraisers and raise some money. But, I want people to realize that it’s not just money you can give. You can give your time. You can give someone a smile. You can give a sincere compliment. Any random (or deliberate) act of kindness can change someone’s life. Big time. Because you never know the battles that someone else is fighting, right? And when you give joy to someone else, you will receive it tenfold (my friend Oprah taught me that).

I want people to know that a lot of small things can add up to something HUGE. I want people to realize that the little things you do with your kids now to teach them about giving and spreading joy will stay with them their entire life and will hopefully inspire a generation of more caring and compassionate people. As moms, as bloggers, as human beings we CAN make a difference. Dream big, think big and believe the impossible. As Oprah has said, “A giving heart changes the world. Be that change”. Gosh, that Oprah is a smart lady.

Thank you to Ashley for choosing joy and spreading the joy. YOU are an inspiration to me and many others.


  1. Beth Morrow says

    So true…life is just nicer when people are kind! Enjoyed your pist and your children are beautiful!