Ombre Dyed Streamer Garland (A Tutorial)

Ombre Dyed Streamer Garland - DIY Tutorial via

diy ombre ribbon garland tutorial for photography backdrop or party decor  via

Boo and I made this beautiful silk streamer garland over the past two days.  It was a super easy project…I just spread it out to work on as I felt up to it. The streamers were dyed using a subtle ombre dye technique so the bottom of the streamers are a darker shade than the top. We used 1″ rolls of silk habutai from Dharma Trading (each roll has about 70 or 80 yards on it) and it’s so soft and amazing to the touch you could almost sleep on it:


Yummy Streamer Garland - DIY Tutorial via


We used one roll of silk 1″ habutai per color… garland strands were over 2 feet long so for a shorter garland the silk ribbon would go a long way.

Note: 5 rolls at 2 feet long ended up with about 4′ of garland… a 1 ft long streamers would end up with about 8 feet of garland to give some perspective.

Silk Ribbon via


I used my stove handle as my “ribbon wrapper”……wrapping the silk ribbon around the handle 4 times and then cutting the strands at one end to make streamers:


Wrapping Silk Ribbon via

Every 4 strands I clipped at the top with a clothespin:


Clip Silk Ribbon via

I used a wooden dowel to knot the top of the strands around so I would have a small loop at the end to string rope through at the end:


Tie off Silk Ribbon via


I used a pipe cleaner to hold the streamers that I wanted to dye a particular color:


Ready to Dye Silk Ribbon via

For this project I used iDye packets.…they are great because there is literally NO mess. All the dye is enclosed in a plastic packet that dissolved in water:


Easy Dye iDye via


I put the iDye packet in a small container of water for it dissolve:


Dyeing via

Boo loves watching the packet dissolve:


Watching Dyeing via


I admit….it’s my favorite part as well….right when the packet starts to dissolve and the dye starts moving through the water:


Easy Dyeing via

I always strain the dye to remove any clumps that might not have dissolved completely. To do this I cover another container with a scrap piece of sheer material or pantyhose and secure it with a rubberband. Then I just pour the dye through to strain it:


Straining Dye via


Once the dye is strained I add it to about a gallon of water with about a 1/2 cup of salt dissolved into it:


Mixing Dye via


I used Boo’s art easel to hold each set of streamers as they were dyed:


How to Dye Ombre via


To get the ombre dye effect I lowered the streamers down into the bucket so just the bottom third was submerged in the dye. I set a timer and let it sit for about 15 or 20 minutes.


How to Dye Ombre via


Then I lower the streamers down into the dye so that 2/3 is submerged and leave for about 3 to 5 minutes:


Ombre Dyed via


Finally I submerge the rest of the streamers…..but only for about a minute:


Silk Dyeing via


Then I rinse the streamers well hang them to dry:


Drying Streamers via


Boo and I dyed 5 pretty colors:


Yummy colors via

We alternated the colors onto a thick cable rope……ready to string up in a room, across a doorway or for a party decoration!


Stream Photo Prop via

The silk habutai is gorgeous:


Photography Prop Streamers via

You only need about 5 rolls of silk to make a pretty substantial garland that will hold up forever! Customize your colors for a party theme, photography prop or for beautiful room decor:


Streamer Garland - DIY Tutorial via



  1. tisha says

    Ashley, I got 3 different silks and setasilk paints over xmas from Dharma. I can’t wait to try something with them… I am going to have to buy the rolls…Your colors are beautiful..

  2. Krista @ mk inspired says

    These turned out great! I have a bday party coming up for my little one and she wants everything pink. Might have to give this a go. Thanks for the inspiration! :) wishing you and your family a happy,JOYful and HEALTHY 2012! :)

  3. says

    Hi Ashley, I couldn’t sleep last night and I was thinking about your Ombre dyed streamer garland. I am thinking you should design a white skirt and have the streamers encircling the waist so they could twirl about when moving. I am also picturing a tank dress with a dropped waist with the streamers there too. How fun is it for little girls to twirl?:)

    You are so talented and I love to read your blog! Praying for healing for you too!

  4. April says

    So if I was to shorten the streamers and secure to elastic I’m picturing an awesome tutu, would that work you think?

  5. Jodie says

    I love this sooo much! I have a question…could I use the idye to dye cotton interlock knit in the same way? (big pieces that I am going to make into dresses/skirts) thanks! 😀

  6. aleia says

    HI!, i just wanna ask, if this can also serve as a curtain, i mean, you think the cloth can also be a curtain,? i just love the colors, and the strips factor. i want to use it over our summer house since its very refreshing to look at.. so what do you think? can it be? =) please reply. =)

  7. quadmom says

    Ashley,..These would also be great to use in a church to worship with in dance.We use the habotia silk flags dyed with koolaid and watered down acyrilic paint..I love the streamer idea! Thanks! You are an inspiration to me and you are in my prayers. i wrote a song recently for a friend going thru chemo…her name is Joy..and the song is called “It’s Joy”…your smile and strength reminds me of her…and also your motto, “Choose Joy”. I am blessed for reading about your journey and precious family!Thank you for sharing all your amazing talent.I am a mom of 24 yr old quadruplet girls…and if i would have had someone who could show me sewing then..(you make it look so easy)..I would have started sooner than on my

  8. patricia says

    I love your blog! You bring so much to all of us who read this. I love the streamer for the party it is so pretty. I am wondering if a person could use other ribbon or fabric for this project. I would love to buy the silk rolls but it is alittle pricey for my wallet lol so do you think there are other ways to make this with different fabric?
    thank you

  9. says

    What a beautiful idea – it looks so fun too. I am going to try it in orange, black and purple colors to make a Halloween garland! Thanks so much for such a detailed tutorial!! Awesome job :)


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