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You will see guest posts popping up here and there from some of our friends in the blogging community. They have generously donated their time to write a post for the Lil Blue Boo blog as Ashley goes through chemotherapy. We are incredibly grateful to these wonderful people, and we are excited to share their posts with you. We gave them a subject to write about: how do you find joy in blogging or crafting? They were welcome to interpret that however they wanted. Enjoy!


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we are so thrilled to be visiting all of you lil blue boo (ers)!

we are jennifer, jamie and jodie.

three sisters that have 11 kids (between us), not a lot of time but a lot of fun when we are together.


and we are from eighteen25.
a place that we compile all of our creativeness.



the three of us just love ashley!
and like you, we are inspired by her through her blog.
isn’t she just the most talented, funny and cutest blogger out there?
of course she is!
so, the questions is…
how do we find joy in crafting or blogging?
a little bit about us:

we grew up in las vegas.
in a little brick house with the numbers 1825 hammered onto our mailbox.
that’s where it all started.
joy to us is being together.
for fancy valentine dinners.

for  back to school dinners and fashion shows

or talent shows

it doesn’t really matter what it is (unless it’s cleaning out jen’s pantry), we are happy.
and if we think it’ll make you happy too…it goes on our blog!
a few examples of what brings our readers joy:
(here are just a few)


{free} printables

good deed cards


“thanks a latte” gift card holders


simple sewing how-to’s

the girl’s emergency clutch


easy projects for your home

“i love us” canvas

really, blogging brings us joy because it keeps us creating and doing what we love.
and an added bonus: we get to share it with sweet people, like you!
why don’t you come visit us sometime?
thanks so much ashley for letting us be a part of the awesomeness that happens here at lil blue boo.
and for sharing your friends with us, too!



Thank you eighteen25 for your lovely post!



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  1. 1

    I followed the girls from eighteen25 over here today but I will definitely be sticking around. What a wonderful blog with fantastic tutorials and amazing inspiration, both artistically and personally. My prayers are with you and your family. Nicki x

  2. 2
    christine M says:

    The last time I was on your blog you had a miscarriage. My computer crashes and I’m off trolling blogs for awhile. I don’t think of yours until yesterday, but can’t remember the exact name. I go on to 1825 and wham there you are :) But then I read that your story has changed so much. I feel comforted by it because I’m scared of cancer. I’m afraid it might be invading me right now. I’m afraid because I have a mom going through chemo every 2 weeks for the rest of her life. I have a niece in hospice fighting to win a losing battle and then there is you. You are like my mom, choosing joy. So I’m back to bask in your joy, pain, sorrows and accomplishments. Thanks!

  3. 3

    Ashley, You are such an inspiration to all other’s who are going through chemotherapy and other challenges. I applaud you. I pray for you. You are a remarkable young woman. Stay positive – that’s half the battle.

  4. 4

    love the girls at eighteen25!!! :)

  5. 5

    May God continue to Bless Ashley through this difficult time.
    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with her.


  6. 6

    It is good to have friends to support and sustain you while you heal through the cancer. Prayers, Ashley.