Please Comment or Lisa Will Cry

Lisa here! For those that may be new to the blog, I am the director of operations here at LBB and Ashley’s right hand gal. I’m not much of a writer. I enjoy writing our sponsor and giveaway posts, but a personal post is a little out of my comfort zone. Ashley and I thought it would be kinda fun for our readers to get a little behind the scenes account of the last several months, so I got on board with the post. When I was hired on, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I certainly didn’t expect to become the poster girl for “Girls Who Poop at Work,” either. I think it was meant to be though and I love my job so much.


I will do pretty much anything for Ashley.


From time to time I see emails come in from readers that have a hard time believing that Ashley is so positive and able to find joy in the hand she has been dealt. They want her to be more honest about her anger and fear. I have to laugh a little when I read these emails.  Don’t get me wrong, after the death of her father, the miscarriage, then finding out the 2nd pregnancy wasn’t actually a baby but a tumor, like many of you I thought to myself, “How much more can this girl take!?”


Yes, she really is this positive.

Little did I know how much more she would end up facing, but I can say without a doubt, Ashley is not afraid. She has not and will not let fear rule. We all can learn something from her. I admit, up until Ashley’s emergency surgery, I let fear rule my life. It had taken over. If it was me that had been diagnosed with cancer I would have probably crawled in bed and never gotten out. That was until I watched how Ashley handled life’s curve-balls. I think we can all relate to her story in some way. Whether you have cancer, anxiety, depression, money problems, whatever! You can Choose Joy.  From her example I have learned to let go of the reigns a little and just live. I try and take all of that time I used to designate towards worrying about the WHAT IF’s, and have made a conscience effort to replace it with happy thoughts, like how lucky I am to be healthy, have a roof over my head, food on the table, a caring and supportive husband and a daughter who lights up my life.



In heels and I’m still short.


Ashley and I have a unique relationship. She is my friend and she is my boss (we were friends first). I work out of her home so I have been a passenger on Ashley’s crazy ride from the beginning. Working with a friend can be tricky. Although, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing when Ashley needs her friend Lisa and when she needs her assistant Lisa. Well, I haven’t been fired yet, so I  must be doing something right. I think it’s important to know a little bit about me so that you can truly understand the dynamic that is Ashley and Lisa. I don’t think we could be more opposite. Maybe that’s why we work so well together.

I love hospital food.
I worry about anything and everything.
I have zero problem calling the doctor. In fact, I call them all the time. If they don’t call me back within 2 hours, I call again…and again.
I loved co-sleeping and breast feeding!
I love leggings but I look nothing like Ashley does in them.
I’m horrible at math and still use my fingers.
I’m not a crafter! It would take me weeks to make something Ashley can create in minutes.
I HATE to fly. In fact Elle doesn’t even want to sit next to me on a plane because I’m so obnoxious.
If I’m sick I want to be waited on hand and foot.
I don’t like to drive anywhere by myself.

Oh, and here’s the kicker! If I hesitantly say something looks “interesting,” Ashley will put it in our next line and it’s always a bestseller. She says “interesting” is my way of saying nicely that I don’t like something. I guess this is why I take care of all the administrative work and not the designing, lol! I laugh so much when I’m with Ashley. We joke that Lil Blue Boo would make for a great reality TV show. Although it would be WAY too embarrassing. We think we are so much funnier then we actually are I’m sure! We laugh through the happy times and we laugh through the hard times. We have had far too many hard times…one of those times was her miscarriage.


She is my hero.


So what was it like when Ashley found out she was miscarrying? Here’s what I remember:

Ashley ran to the office where I was, she was wearing white shorts, there was blood everywhere. She didn’t have to say anything. I knew what was happening. She was having some spotting the prior week.

Ashley: Does this LOOK like spotting to you!!?
Me: No, that’s definitely not spotting.

I followed her to the bathroom.

Me: Let me take you to the hospital.
Ashley: I don’t think I need to go to the hospital, what can they do about it now?
Me: Ummm…I’m pretty sure you need to go to the hospital. I’m dialing the Dr. right now.

The Dr.’s office confirms that she needs to go to the hospital.

Me: I’m taking you to the hospital.
Ashley: I can just drive myself. I’ll take a towel.
Me: Are you F ing kidding me!? You are not driving! Please call Brett right now.

Her husband did come home and take her, but she would have gone to the hospital all by herself if I had not insisted someone else take her. That’s Ashley though!  She would much rather take care of herself and not trouble anyone. I find this to be one of the most frustrating things about Ashley! All I want to do is take care of her sometimes and she always turns me away…grrrr!


Sometimes I feel like I have Ebola. She follows me around with Lysol spray if I have a sniffle.


And then there was the day she found out about the molar pregnancy…..

I remember when the Dr. called and said he wanted her to come in to his office so he could speak to her. It was almost 5pm and he said he would wait for her. He explained over the phone that he had consulted with another doctor any they determined that the 2nd pregnancy was a molar pregnancy. She would need to have some scans to make sure there were not any cancerous cells. My stomach sank when she told me that. When she left I immediately ran to the computer and Googled molar pregnancy and cancer. Yes, I Google everything! I read as much as I could in about 3 minutes. From what I understood in those few minutes was that this type of cancer is rare but very curable! I immediately called her…

Me: Hey. I just Googled molar pregnancy cancer. Even if you have it, don’t worry! It’s very curable, so everything is going to be just fine.
Ashley: So, I’m not going to die?
Me: No, you aren’t going to die. Promise.

I was working late that night because of Fall shipping so I was there when she got home. Brett was there too. We were asking her all kinds of questions about her meeting with the doctor. Ashley was very nonchalant about the whole thing. Typical Ashley. I have to read the blog to get all of the facts sometimes…..she shares much more in her writing than she ever does verbally.


And then there was the day that she found out about the cancer…..

The day after her scans she met with the doctor. I was leaving the dentist and I gave Ashley a call. I knew she would have news for me.

Me: Well, I have periodontal disease, hahaha (fancy name for hasn’t gone to the dentist in ages)!
Ashley: Well…. I have CANCER….so I win.
Me: Ok, you win.

How do you respond when your friend tells you they have cancer? I’m probably not the one to ask. I try and find the humor in everything. I’m sure I said something really stupid. I know there are lists out there of what NOT to say, and I’m certain I’m guilty of a few. Although, Ashley would never have the heart to tell me. I know I told her somewhere in between the bad jokes that I would be there for her. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Soon after Ashley found out about the cancer, my daughter was rushed to the hospital on the night of her 4th birthday because she was having trouble breathing (really bad croup). She was admitted to the hospital the next morning for just one overnight stay to monitor her. Right around midnight I got a a text from Brett. They were downstairs in the ER. Ashley was having severe abdominal pain. We find out later that her tumor had broken through her uterus.


My two favorite girls – both sick and in the hospital at the same exact time.


Seriously, what are the odds!? They admitted Ashley to the hospital and I snuck down to see her around 1am while a sweet nurse kept an eye on Elle. It took me about 30 minutes to find her room. I was on the phone with her while walking through empty halls trying to find her. I was totally lost and kept going to video cameras hoping someone would come and rescue me. Apparently no one was watching the security cameras that night. Finally, Ashley had her nurse come out to find me. When I arrived in her room, I didn’t even say hi to her. I was too overwhelmed by her amazing suite (a gift from her sweet in-laws)!! Hello, she had a stocked fridge in her room!! I took a ton of pictures. I considered calling the nurse upstairs to tell her I wouldn’t be back for several hours. It was like a spa in there.


I took a few drinks for the road since Ashley wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything.

I sat with Ashley for a little while. All she wanted to talk about was Lil Blue Boo, and not her health. Here she was lying in a hospital bed, in horrible pain, not knowing what the hell was going on with her body, and all she wanted to discuss was business. I actually think the only thing she has ever really worried about during the past several months was business. She has an amazing husband and so many supportive friends and family that she never had to worry about the needs of her daughter being met, so I don’t think that was ever a concern. We talked fabric, we talked shipping, and we talked about keeping the girls in the studio busy cutting and sewing. Lil Blue Boo employs 5 people. I know she felt pressure at that time to keep all of us working. She has such a huge heart and always puts everyone else first. She kept saying, “Lisa, you are in charge.” The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint her. She gave me the greatest gift a little over a year ago: a job that allowed a lot of flexibility. When you are a working mom, flexibility is such a blessing. I will never be able to thank her enough for that.


“That’s it! If you don’t lower your voices so Miss Ashley can rest I’m going to start throwing away toys.” I never did, but I sure wanted to.


So, it was business as usual at Lil Blue Boo, but with two little munchkins in my lap a little more often.  These little faces sure did help us appreciate life a little more though :-) The office was not the same without Ashley. She had to spend a lot of time in bed, not as much as I would have liked though. After her emergency hysterectomy she was always trying to push the envelope. It was like trying to keep a toddler in their bed! We eventually got her all hooked up in her bedroom. She was able to craft and write. We communicated via walkie talkies.


Oh how I missed the back of her head.


I don’t like to talk much about the night we almost lost Ashley. It was a nightmare come true. When Ashley was in the ICU she was hooked up to a breathing machine. You could tell her body had been through so much during that surgery. I took a picture of her. Yes, I really did. The funny part was no one in her family thought I was strange for doing it! They all know how much Ashley loves to document everything. I knew she would want to see it. Ashley’s good friend Todd drove me home that night from the hospital. I had to have him pull over so I could throw up. I was so embarrassed but he was so kind and understanding. It had been a long night for everyone.  I thank God every day that she is here with us today.


Just because you had major surgery a few days ago doesn’t mean I can’t dress you up in these cute kitty cat ears for Halloween.


So, here we are today. Ashley will start a new, more aggressive chemotherapy next week. I know we are all ready for this to be over, but unfortunately these things take time and we have to be patient. I know she will be healed. In the meantime, I will keep trying to mother her, and ask her if she needs anything. Can you believe she refuses my foot and scalp massages!? In fact, I get shot down all of the time. Although, she did let me help her to the bathroom once at the hospital. She was really drugged up though 😉  Seriously, she can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but I still love her. We all love her.





  1. Lynne Lee says

    Lisa – you are a treasure and if Ashley has to be sick, it is wonderful that she has you so close at hand. I worked from home for 15 years and I would have given anything to have someone like you here to share the day with. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and trust that you will all keep us posted if Ashley gets too out of hand! Love you girls!
    Lynne in SC

  2. Marybeth says

    Such a beautiful friendship. You are both so brave, thank you for your story and for being so inspiring. My prayers are with all of you everyday.

  3. Mary says

    What a wonderful friend you are! I am so glad that Lisa has you and others in her life to help her through this trial. And you’re a great writer!

  4. Dawn says

    Your story of things, is heartfelt. You are one of the best friends that i could imagine for Ashley. Both of you, are two people that I looks up to, I hope that I can be as positive and hopefull as you guys are. You definatly make me think how i can be a better person. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people out there. (and yup my spelling sucks, english is not my subject haha)

  5. Melissa Kemp says

    What an amazingly beautiful expression of your love for Ashley. You sounds like a wonderful friend!! Keep writing…you’re terrific!

  6. Karina J. says

    Lisa – You are truly a “true friend” that most people don’t find in their lifetime! Ashley is so lucky to have you as a friend and employee! And she is lucky to have you in her life! Well written and can’t wait to hear from you again! BTW – Can I have the scalp massage she didn’t want? Those are my favorite! 😉

  7. michelle says

    Will all need a Lisa in our lives!
    Loved your recount of your journey so far. What an amazing friend you are to Ashley!

  8. Evelene Sterling says

    Aww what a great friend and business manager! Thanks for sharing Lisa and I hope you had a great vacation. Sending lots of prayers and hugs to Ashley from up the freeway in Walnut, CA

  9. JEssica says

    I’ve been following for a while…I started knowing nothing about the blog and looking for sewing tips and the like…and kept coming back…and then got personally attached, and then everything just got so personal. I read every day, waiting for the second the positive attitude disappears, and I haven’t seen that yet. I’m amazed, taken aback, kind of ashamed that I don’t have this outlook on life. I cry for you, think of you, try to be positive because of you. You have a huge impact on so many people. Thank you for being so open, for being you, for being brave at being you.
    There’s lots of love for you in this world!

    • JEssica says

      oh and Lisa, I totally wasn’t trying to ignore you! I cannot imagine all of this as a friend. You must have a heart of gold. And I told my husband the poop story and he just about died laughing, aren’t you proud?!

  10. says

    A special friendship is a beautiful thing. Hold on tight as they often are few and far between. You are both so lucky to have each other and the special bond you share.

  11. Helen says

    Thank you Lisa,
    I am the girl who thinks if something bad can happen it will. I admire and feel intimated by how awesome Ashley is. How can anyone not cry late at night about all the what ifs? She just is! I am trying so hard to learn to live that way. Not meaning Ashley is a Goddess (well we all are, kind of). It’s just a way of choosing to live. Hugs to you all for sharing,

  12. Mary says

    I don’t want to see Lisa cry, so I will post my very first comment! What a wonderful friendship you both have, you are truly blessed!

  13. says

    you’re incredibly adorable and i am completely jealous of your amazing job and your friendship. :) you ladies are pretty awesome! It was great getting to know you, Lisa!
    Please keep mothering Ashley, i’d like to continue following her long after this journey has come to an end.

  14. Jamie Grenier says

    I am moved by this and in tears and tears of joy for you two to have each other! I lost my best friend, my Mom way too early, she lived with me the last 3 years of her life and I loved every moment of it, Ashley reminds me of her with her positive attitude, to which my Moms dr said got her thru the 10 years of cancer craziness! my Moms positive atitude was just like you said about Ashley, finding out you have cancer and wanting to just move on and do what you gotta do! Thanks Ashley & Lisa for all y’all do and keeping the JOY alive! My Mom’s famous quote to everyone was “JUST GOTTA HAVE FAITH!”

  15. Sabrina says

    Beautifully written…so sincere. I’d watch your reality show! Much love and prayers to you both…xo

  16. says

    Lisa…you are an amazing friend! Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing your story, you did a wonderful job!!!

  17. Claire T says

    Ashley is super lucky to have someone like you on her team. All this positivity has to be helping!

  18. Brooke says

    I want to come work with you guys!! It feels like a family there and we all feel a little part of it. Keep doing what you do Lisa & keep on keepin on Ashley! Ps I also have a 4 yr old little girl I can bring with me if that’s part of the resume you’re concerned about 😉

  19. michelle says

    You guys have a beautiful friendship I’m so happy you both have each other. Great story i cried and laughed.


  20. Kelly says

    Sounds like you guys are lucky to have each other. What a wonderful world it would be if more people had friends like the both of you. x

  21. says

    Well, I do have to say I do feel sorry for myself for lack of money, and a Real Estate Business that is just plain old sucky right now.. I am trying to stay positive and not feel sorry for myself, reading Asleys Posts makes my problems seem like nothing, and I feel like such a dummy. She is a warrior and I really enjoy her strength, shes a great fighter! Hugs, Diane

  22. Joan says

    Yes, Ashley is very lucky to have you as a friend. ASs lucky as you are to have her. Hugs to you both, and thanks for writing this.

  23. Amy O says

    Lisa thank you for sharing your perspective! You should write more often! I had to laugh at your “you win” comment–sooooo something I would say. :) Humor has its purpose!

    Also…thanks for saying you like hospital food. I thought I was a nut because I really do like it.

  24. Megan says

    Hey Lisa, you are an AWESOME right hand girl, and I’m sure you’d be just as awesome at being a left hand girl, so Ashley is lucky to have you by her side every step of the way. It was so great to meet you on my last dash down to the desert (and I’ve got my Choose Joy bracelet on right now!) What a sweet, sweet post. YOU should post more often! xo

  25. Gretchen says

    It’s been an amazing journey we’re all on. I feel fortunate to have been along. Like you, I’m grateful to have known Ashley, and now, I have a better picture of you. None of us will ever be the same. It’s like Ashley has goosed us up on one of her smoothies. Thank you. :-)

  26. Judy says

    Lisa you did a great job. Ashley is lucky to have you as her assistant and her friend. Shhhhhh, but I have to rush to my computer every night to check on her. (And I’ve only been reading her posts for about three weeks!) I do believe everything happens for a reason (even if we don’t like the reasons sometimes) and I so wish cancer wasn’t the “thing” happening, but I know with out a doubt she is an absolute inspiration to many.

    PS – I guess it’s the mom in me that makes me want to check on her…lol

  27. says

    Lisa, you are amazing too, Ashley is blessed to have you there. God knew what He was doing when he brought you two together.

  28. Dorothy says

    Great “behind-the-scenes” writing Lisa! You are a great friend, Ashley is blessed to have you in her life… this blog makes me smile:)

  29. Joy T. says

    How can it be possible that I’m the first to comment? I feel obligated to comment so Lisa doesn’t cry now 😛 Lisa – we all love Ashley, and in a strange way, we all envy you for the opportunity you have to be her best friend, right and left hand, and get the insight to everything that goes on in her successes and rarely, her flops (I would love to see a post called “Good crafts Gone Bad”)… heck I could probably write a novel on crafts I’ve tried out only to discover that there is no way I should be doing them, so I’m sure there are a couple items she could post (I found the electric-tipped gloves trials totally fascinating… I couldn’t believe how many ideas she came up with for a simple thing like gloves!). In any case, we’re all EXTREMELY glad that you’re there.

    • Joy T. says

      LMAO – it took me soo long to comment that nearly 50 people psoted by the time I hit enter 😛

  30. janice says

    What a touching, honest, loving post. Thank you for writing! It has been amazing, as an outsider, wathcing this journey and seeing the positive light that is Ashley. I can tell she has lots of support in her freind/assistant. I know you all are a ray of hope for others going through tough times.

    I’m excited about the necklace!

    p.s. I would have commented even if the title hadn’t begged us to :)

  31. anne says

    I am a horrible writer too… I can’t think of what I want to comment, just that I’m a bit choked up right now. Thank the LORD for good friends!!!

  32. says

    I would totally watch the reality show. I check in a few times a day on the blog… so do a few of my roommates… and I made my class look t it the other day.

    I totally wish I had friends like you guys… you’re both so giving and creative.

    P.S. – I’m a perpetual worrier, too. And, I was one of those people who thought “how much more can this girl take?!?!” Reading this blog has started to change my outlook (my parents thank you. Ashley). 😉

  33. anne says

    p.s. I am not implying you’re a horrible writer! just referring to what you said yourself about not being a writer :) your post was wonderfully written and heartfelt!

  34. Kitty Schaefer says

    Good Good Friend Lisa I am so glad y’all have each other. You love her. it comes through in your writing and she loves you. I have no doubt Ashley will kick this cancer. Thank God for friends

  35. Fi says

    I have tears in my eyes writing this comment. What a beautiful friendship you both have – that post was straight from the heart! How can Ashley not get better when surrounded by family and friends like these!

  36. Audra Marie says

    I’m pretty sure you said something dumb like, “I’m not a writer”, at the beginning of this post. I love your writing voice, and your humor. I’m new to Ashley’s blog, but have fallen in love with her writing, her strength, and her beauty. You just added another wonderful layer. Thanks for stepping out and writing this post.

  37. Jackie says

    I loved reading your post Lisa! You guys are both so wonderful… bring the JOY into everyone’s lives.

  38. says

    Great post Lisa, you write very well. I hope we will hear from you regularly. I found Lil Blue Boo on Pinterest and I am hooked. I spend more time on this blog than I do on my own blog. I just posted on my facebook page a link to the blog and ask others to join me in praying for Ashley’s healing. I am thanking God how He is using Ashley in her sickness and thanking Him for how He is going to use her when she is healed of this cancer. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to join many in pray for Ashley. What an honor.

  39. says

    You are such an amazing friend Lisa, Ashley is SO lucky to have someone like you in her life! I loved this post and made me feel like I know you both lol! thanks for sharing! xoxo –

  40. noelle says

    That’s it Lisa, I just fell in love with you too…lol! So glad you have eachother, very special and important. I can so relate to you:) however, everyday I wake up each morning, pray, thank god for my life, and choose joy! This is mainly because of Ashley and my 2 other friends fighting this fight. So I will continue to pray with my family and pass joy along each day as my part to support our friend Ashley! Thank you for the beautiful post:)

  41. Stephanie says

    That was stunningly beautiful Lisa! Who says you aren’t a writer??? We love Ashley AND you. Don’t forget it!

  42. Jill says

    I LOVED reading this!!!! Thank you! Loved hearing your perspective….and honesty! Good thing you both have each other!!!! Sending prayers your way from Tennessee! =D

  43. says

    It is wonderful to hear that Ashley really is that strong and possitive. I admit to being slightly doubtful. She is so lucky to have a friend like you to be there for her along the way :o)

  44. Carrie C. says

    Thank you for sharing! I love how honest you both are in your posts. True and loyal friends are really hard to find. You both are very lucky to have each other.

  45. Julie says

    You are a blessing. Cancer or any illness afftects everyone not just the person going through the illness. I know it is hard and I pray for God to give you strength, peace and comfort through this. You are both awesome!

  46. Tleshia Farrar says

    Lisa, it is so good to hear your part of the story about LLB and Ashley. I’ve been praying for you as well through this hard time. It is a difficult thing to see a good friend go through so much and you have a front row seat. I know that Ashely and her family are glad that you are there!! Thanks for all that you do! And p.s. you should write more “personal” stuff you actually are a good writer :-)

  47. Teresa says

    Great post Lisa. I only know you all through this here blog that I’ve followed and read for over a year, but wow how you all have touched my life. I often post to Ashley how amazing she is and I happily add you to the amazing list!

  48. Jessie J. says

    i just recently found this blog and started following it. I have been intriuged by ashleys story. You too are so lucky to have each other. I have learned as a women gets older, it is hard to find true friends who would be there for you through anything. Hold each others hands, and hold them tight, because true friendship will last forever.

  49. says

    Great job Lisa :)
    You girls = kindred spirits.
    I’m new to your blog however you have all changed my outlook on life (& made me have my first ‘lady thing’ doctor visit in 10 years!) and I think the reality show sounds great! It would be really real but still have it all 😉
    Sharing the “Choose Joy” message & love from Australia xxx

  50. Jess says

    To be a fly on the wall- cheers to friends and women like you two… sending prayers and good vibes directly to your pelvis Mrs. LBB 😉

  51. Carrie says

    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us Lisa! Ashley is very lucky to have you as both a friend and assistant!

  52. says

    You sound EXACTLY like me….exactly. I had to mention that and that I read every word of this. I’m a skim kinda reader but don’t tell anyone. I’m praying for Ashley. (my auto correct turned her name into Rashly….she’d like that!) I’m praying for all of you.

    Wow, Lisa….this was a really good post. Makes me wanna crawl inside it and be around you and Ashley. I wanna help and support y’all, be a friend.

  53. says

    Lisa, would it be possible to send cards/care packages to Ashley? I looked for “contact info” to email you privately, but didn’t see one.

    I hope that this is possible…..even the most cheerful women need cards and care packages full of love!

  54. Sharon Stone says

    I just love how open and honest you guys are and just love much love you share! I of course cried reading this but I love it! Thank you for sharing your story!!

  55. Katie Poer says

    Ashley is lucky to have you. You seem just as magical as she is. I wish I was closer and was able to just hang out with you guys….xoxo

  56. Kristi says

    Thank you for sharing this with us Lisa! You are a true and wonderful friend to Ashley. I cannot even imagine everything she is going through and with such beautiful optimism!!! It’s difficult for us to watch our friends and family as they are hurting, you always want to take it all away for them. I continue to pray for Ashley and her family and friends and know God will bring her through it! You are a blessing to her! Much love and blessings to you all!

  57. Sharon Standifer says

    What a wonderful friend you are to my niece! I
    cannot thank you enough!! Much love to you both,
    Aunt Sharon

  58. Ashley Barker says

    That brought me to tears. I wish everyone had a friend like you Lisa. You both are amazing women!

  59. Krystle Jackson says

    Don’t cry Lisa:) This was a great post, so full of love and friendship. Like many have said before me, you two are very lucky to have eachother. I think you should definitely keep us posted from your view too! It’s nice to see both of your perspectives! Much love to the LBB Family! xo

  60. cheryl says

    Have seen lots of your posts on other sites. Hooked into your blog recently because of a really cute tutorial I saw on One Pretty Thing (I think). Anyway, saw all of this was going on. I am praying for you and your sweet family.

  61. Amber L says

    Aw :) I loved your post. Almost in tears in here! I am sure glad Ashley has a friend like you and a co worker too! How fun it would be to work there! I think you need to post more often!!

  62. michaela turiace says

    Wow, what a incredible friend you are but u have one amazing boss/friend also! Love reading everything because it is starting to appreciate more all the small things in life that are so amazing that we just don’t even care about normally! I am choosing joy everyday and no one or thing is taking my joy away, thanks to you all! Hugs and prayers! :-)

  63. says

    This was so wonderful to read. I knew just by what Ashley says that you’re pretty amazing, but now it just makes more sense why she loves you unconditionally. You are a true friend. Do more blog posts like this!!

  64. says

    Man oh man.. Ashley, I am praying you get a break soon. soon. soon. Sorry about the more aggressive treatment that you will need to endure. Sounds necessary though so go kick some “bootay”! Great post Lisa :) . What a special friend you are and I must say, for someone who doesn’t like writing about personal stuff, you sure did a good job! Hang in there Ashely….sending a big hug your way…. and another for Lisa :)!

  65. Carol says

    Loved your post Lisa!! We all need a friend like you in our lives to help us through the rough times. What a great job you have, to be able to work with a friend and be by her side and support her in all things. You are both lucky to have each other. Take care and I pray for you Ashley everyday. Her blog was the first one I found on the web and I follow it everyday. She is an inspiration.

  66. Amy McCall says

    Awww…Lisa, I loved reading this. Although I miss you like crazy sometimes, I am SO happy that you found Ashley!

    P.S. Does your fear of flying come from our Hawaii trip? Because I can’t fly anywhere now without major flying anxiety!

  67. Allie Rowland says

    Lisa… don’t cry you got a lot of comments!! haha and for a good reason… I read Ashley’s post everyday and if you wouldn’t have said you weren’t a personal writer I would have never known. Awesome post!

  68. says

    There is nothing better than a true friend.

    But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine. Thomas Jefferson

  69. angela says

    Thank you so much for sharing Lisa! You guys remind me of my BFF Athena and I,she had cancer as well and the stories and situations are a part of me forever.Stay strong Ashley!!

  70. morgan says

    Anyone would be lucky to have you for a friend Lisa!!! You are such a huge part of everything and you stay strong as well, for everyone to keep everything as normal as possible!! You are just as inspiring, dont cry :]

  71. Dianne says

    Thanks for the inside scoop Lisa!! You two are so lucky that life put you together! You are both good for each other! hugs!

  72. Tiffany says

    This blog just keeps getting better, I want to hug you both. Lisa u did a great job here. You are changing lives, I mean it. What a great friendship, you could find this kind if love on a shelf. Keep taking care of each other.

  73. bindu says

    Thank God that she is here with us today. Thank God she has you. Thank God …

    One day at a time sweet Jesus that’s all i’m asking of you. Just give me the strength to do everyday what i have to do ….. i’m only human, i’m just a woman. Help me believe what i could be and what i am. Show me the stairway that i have to climb. Lord for my sake, teach me to take, one day at a time …

    this is what i find myself humming each and every single time i am looking into anything Ashley related and more so while i tried to hold up reading through your touching post sweet Lisa :)

    much love to both of you

  74. Mandie says

    You two are both lucky to have each other. If my bff were ever in Ashley’s situation I’d be in the mental hospital until she got straightened out. Kudos to you for standing in and keeping things moving until her triumphant return. Best of luck to Ashley and all the crew at LBB!!

  75. June K says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lisa. I’m so glad you and Ashley have each other — what wonderful friends.

  76. says

    What a beautiful post. I still can’t believe what’s happening with Ashley. I was part of a blogging/crafting competition a few years ago with her and haven’t been by her blog in a while, so I am just shocked at what’s going on. She is in my thoughts and prayers, as are you. You’re a true-blue friend, Lisa.

  77. MegzyTred says

    Psst… Lisa….. we love you too! And because of you and your relationship with Ash and how hard the two of you work not just on work but on friendship is inspiring all around :)

  78. Bethany says

    Lisa, I love your heartfelt post! Please post again. I’m glad Ashley has an awesome friend! I originally started following LBB for craft ideas but kept coming back because of Ashley’s amazing spirit. We all have challenging things in our lives and Ashley has been an inspiration because of the grace and joy with which she has faced everything. Choose joy!

  79. alisha rivas says

    Great post Lisa! You are so blessed to have each other and what a great job to be able to work with your friend everyday.

  80. Heather says

    What a good friend you are, Lisa!

    I’m actually a sewer and surgeon and reading this blog has meant SO much to me in so many ways. It’s really nice to hear yours and Brett’s voices too.

  81. Tessa says

    You are a wonderful friend. You and Ashley are so lucky & blessed to have each other. I do not like to drive *anywhere* by myself either. You are a wonderful story teller and writer, give yourself some credit! Oh, & I am a dental hygienist so I must encourage you to floss more! Haha 😉

  82. Claudia says

    I had the privilege of meeting you and Ashley last year at Creative Estates. You two are a teriffic team. You’re blessed to have each other and those adorable daughters.

  83. Jenn E. says

    Wonderful post Lisa. Thanks for sharing with us. And please give Ashley an extra hug (or a million) from all of us :).

  84. Carolyn says

    Lisa….you and Ashley are both blessed to have such a great friendship. Thank-you for telling us another side to Ashley’s story. She is an amazing young woman.

  85. Sharon says

    Beautiful Lisa! You two are very blessed to have other in your lives. True friends are rare. Ashley is a true inspiration!

  86. Brenda McAfee says

    Lisa, you sound like the ying to Ashley’s yang :-) I am so glad you have each other! You are a great writer! I hope you will share more often! Love to you all!

  87. Karon says

    Aren’t girlfriends simply the best – we can talk about anything with girlfriends poop,kids , husbands food dogs dreams and they just “get” us !!! Good job Lisa!!!

  88. Barb says

    Thank you, Lisa, for this first of the daily, tandem Ashley/Lisa blogging – not even kidding!

  89. Beth Morrow says

    Great job Lisa!!! Ashley is so blessed to be surrounded by such love! I love how the Lord orchestrates our lives and put the perfect people in our lives at the perfect times…you are one of those Devine appointments for her. She has changed my life with her attitude and her spirit is contagious! I love her transparency and the courage that she demonstrates!
    Thanks for sharing your Heart


  90. Ashley J. says

    Crying right now, lol. Not like a single tear, but maybe a mini flood.
    I LOVED reading this, you did awesome! I don’t comment often, but I’ve been following for a little over a year and I’ve wanted a post like this for forever!

    Love you guys!

  91. Nicole says

    Thank you for sharing your adventures through this! You are such a great friend! Both of your girls have such good roles models when it comes to friendship and work ethic! God Bless you too:)

  92. Leara Harvey says

    I think (and this is totally my opinion) that God put the people in our lives who we need the most and who need us. Ashley may not let you “help” her physically but I believe she draws some of her stregth from your support. You are both so blessed to have one another.

  93. says

    Thanks so much for writing this Lisa! It so awesome to get your perspective! You are such a great friend! I teared up a little too!

  94. Catherine O'Neal says

    Lisa, I loved “meeting” you!!! Ashley and I were friends in college, but have not been in touch until this summer thanks to Facebook. I think she is AMAZING, and you are an gift of a friend to her. I live in Ashley’s hometown now, and although I try to stay away from my computer most days, I turn it on at least once to check her blog. I think twice about ALL my complaints these days and am just beyond grateful that both you and Ashley are sharing your heart so generously with us!

  95. Christy says

    Hey Lisa,
    It’s Brett’s sister, Christy (or Kiki as the nieces and nephews call me). You are such a gift and a blessing for Ashley. We as her family appreciate the gift of true friendship you give to her each day. Besides, I love Ash to pieces and feel blessed that she is my sister-in-law, but I don’t think I could drink those juice concoctions no matter what! Kudos to you!

  96. celine says

    been a silent reader of the blog for ages. i rarely comment but i feel obligated to with your title. don’t want to see you cry, lisa! it was such a blessing knowing you and ashley! :) xoxo

  97. Mel says

    Lisa….you were PUT there for a REASON! I remember back before you were there….when Ash was talking about needing someone…but not sure how that would work out. You were meant to be there….to help her through this time…and you surely have!!!!!


  98. Amy says

    Lisa, you are truly wonderful person. Look forward to reading more post from you! Prayers are frequently sent your way.

    Ashleynisnso blessed to have you!


  99. Crissy Kindley says

    Ashley is lucky to have you there. I know you do a wonderful job taking care if her. So excited to get your side of things. Keep the faith girls!

  100. says

    The love, respect, and admiration that you feel for your dear friend is felt in every line you wrote. Both of you are very blessed women to have each other!

  101. Marshall says

    Beautiful! You are both so lucky to have each other. You had me tearing up and laughing. Stay strong girls!

  102. says

    Oh Lisa, what a beautiful friend you are! Ashley is so blessed to have you by her side every day. Keep up the good work. It’s hard, when your world gets rocked like this…you want life to remain “the same” & to be yourself, taking care of things for your family and not wanting to be the one who needs to be taken care of. I completely get that and can relate, My friends had to literally force me to let them take care of me {and my family} when I battled against a brain tumor a year and a 1/2 ago. Prior to surgery, one of my besties flew across the country to be by my side and when I tried to say I could handle something I was doing by myself she sternly told me, “I’m here and I’m taking care of you and you have to LET me or I’m going home!!” Once I relented, I realized how completely awesome my friends are and just how much they love me!

    Ashley, I’m praying for you every day. You are truly amazing and inspirational and the most joyful person I’ve come across in a long, long, time. And I especially love the fact that you smuggle doughnuts in your purse…you might just be the coolest person ever!! Haha!

    Stay positive, be strong, {lean on your loved ones just enough} & God bless you girlie!!


  103. Chloe Lambe says

    Thanks for sharing Lisa! You should post more often! I can’t imagine how big of a life saver you are to Ashley! You seem like an amazing friend and employee. Can I have BOTH of you in nc and you work for me?

  104. Amy says

    You are so awesome! You guys are both lucky to have each other! Keep the faith! Sending prayers from Cincy! xo

  105. says

    Everyone should have a friend like you Lisa!!!
    Thank you for sharing your behind the scenes view .
    You and Ashley are amazing people!

  106. says

    Don’t cry Lisa! You did a great job! It’s such an unbelievable journey you guys are on. I can’t wait til you’re on the other side!!

  107. amy c says

    Ok I totally made a comment like the emails you mentioned about her letting out her frustration! I’m sorry! I’m stupid! Lol. I can say that since all of this, I definately have made changes in how I see the world – thanks to Ashley’s example! I have a special needs child (behavioral) that takes everything I’ve got most days, and I think I’m so run down I’ve forgot all the GOOD things sometimes. Maybe I’m jealous I can’t be that sparkly all the time. I’m learning. I know I have a lot to be thankful for and that joy can be found in every situation if I look for it – and I picked a lot of that up from reading this blog :). Ashley’s , you are one of a kind – and Lisa, you are awesome. THANKS for keepin’ it real!

  108. Cindy E. says

    Lisa, you are a beautiful friend to Ashley. She must love you to pieces. Thank you for sharing your heart in her journey and how she/it has affected you. Much love to you all. I’m praying like crazy here!

  109. Tammy says

    You 2 are like the odd couple :) You BOTH make me laugh and CRY — Thank You for sharing your Ashley with us.

  110. nicole L. says

    I can not even begin to describe the impact you both have had on me. Your will and positive attitude is amazing. I am going to school to become a psychologist/Christian counselor and I have recommended you “Cancer Chronicles” for people to read. I believe it is a life-changing experience. I pray for the best for you!

  111. Charlotte says

    Lisa rocks just like Ashley only completely opposite but she just rocks! Glad you have each other :o)

  112. says

    This post made me cry. :) Thanks for sharing the story from another point of view – what a blessing to have such a sweet friendship.

  113. Steph says

    I love it… now there’s honesty ‘she can be a real pain in the ass’… ha ha! Great post. The way you describe Ashley is exactly as I imagines. Lil Blue Boo would never be as awesome as it is without someone with that level of tenacity. I don’t know you Ashley, but I feel like I do. My daughter has more Sienna dresses than any other type.

  114. says

    This was such a wonderful post to read. You two have such a special friendship, thank you for sharing it with us:) I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  115. ElisaB. says

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Beautifully written Lisa. You are a real friend…a friend that anyone would love to have….OMG! A reality show with you guys?? last year I told Ashley that I would love to see LBB in a reality show….I would watch it…in fact i think many would…maybe somebody should call TLC or one of those stations….BTW, please, after all this craziness is over, suggest Ashley to think/consider about writing a book…she teaches so many things to all of us on a daily basis…from life, Joy, craft, photography ……(HUGE list!). Martha Stewart? Who’s that?? Move over lady…Ashley and LBB team are in town and they have it going on!!!!! (peace out)
    I just wanna hug you both right now. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    eLisa :)

    PS thanks for ALWAYS answering all my emails, you are a sweeteheart… a GORGEOUS one (if I may add) 😉

  116. beth says

    What a perfect match you two are. It sounds like you take good care of each other. So glad you are there for one another.

  117. says

    Now, tell us how much she paid you to write this, Lisa!

    just kidding 😉

    I think you are really lucky to have Ashley as a friend and boss,
    but she is really lucky to have you working with her and be her friend, too.

    Lot of people talk so much about what b*** woman at work can be, worse than every man, and perhaps that is true, but this is the other possibility: Two women who would to everything for each other.

    I would love to see you on TV – the “choose joy and have fun doing it show” would seriously be better than 99% of the rest on TV.

    Wish you all the best,

  118. Megan says

    Your light .
    Your Smile.
    Your Sweetness.
    Ashley is Sooooo LuCky to have you as her Right Hand…
    As well Sienna iS Soooo lucky to have Elle.
    PS *Elle gave me the biggest SMILE and running hug out of the BLUE the other day before your trip….we LoVe her GLOW and
    kindness she brings to our day. She is Sweet and HAPPY like her MOM .
    ME …really blessed to be a part of YOUR
    Neighborhood . (thanks for giving me the link … …Would have never known the serious set up you girlS had going)
    Daisy is working on being friends
    with Elle ,
    but she said
    Elle ALWAYS
    Just wants to play with Sienna … BFF I think<3
    LuCky GALS ! Thanks for being YOU :0)
    Share your stories ….thiS is the Glory !

    Peace LoVe Happiness Wonder LotS and ChooSe JoY because YOU can! ThankS for the extra stitch in LIFE …. CHOOSE JOY !
    = FREE to BE

  119. Aryn@Living on a Dime or Less says

    HOLY SMOKES! I can barely see what I’m typing through the mess of tears streaming down my face. Ashleys story is so touching and Lisa. . .Lisa, you are an amazing friend and assistant! Ashley is so strong but she’s very lucky to have someone like you in her life. Amazing post!

  120. Leah in australia says

    what a great post, thanks for sharing and ashley….we wish you all the best in your recovery, with love from Leah in Australia!

  121. Deb says

    I’ve only been following for a week but I’m hooked. Stumbled upon lilblueboo from pinterest and was completely inspired by Ashley’s talents, humor, writing and ability to always “choose joy”. I know Ashley is a hard act to follow, Lisa, but you did an outstanding job with the blog. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  122. Tammy O. says

    Great post Lisa! It’s nice to have “the other side of the story”. You and Ashley make a great team! All of you at LBB are a blessing!

  123. Erin says

    Lisa you are a great writer…by this post it seems like you could totally be a blogger too!!! You seem to be a total Godsend for Ashley!! Having great friends, supporters and family makes a world of difference when on the journey that Ashley is on!! Keep us updated…((hugs to both of you))

  124. Tamara says

    Breath… I have always said that God puts special people in our lives to help us grow and build our strength. You are so blessed to have someone close enough to share these intimate details in life. My heart hurts for you both… Praying for you daily…

  125. Robin says

    Sounds like the most rewarding job ever. Only a true friend would drink the juice! It was such a treat to meet both of you girls last year at the Sacred Heart fair.

  126. Julia says

    Hmmmmm… I don’t know what to write… Lisa, you are such an amazing friend to Ashley.. You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky to have each other. I have a beautiful friend but she is 1000 km’s away. You are lucky that you get to live your lives together and share in so many memories (happy and sad). Keep being strong and keep offering up those head and scalp massages – but be warned – once you start you may have to keep going!!! Take care xx

  127. Melissa says

    Holy long post Lisa! Thank you for sharing another perspective of Ashley. Her whole motto in life makes her seem supernatural, so to hear your perspective and that she really is that much of a Super Woman amazes me. You truly are a fabulous friend to her and so strong! By the way, your writing is fabulous, you should share more often :)

  128. says

    I’m thinking about moving out to the desert just so I can move my office next to yours and be BFF with you two. You two are so lucky to have each other. I only wish my bestie and I could work together. You are a great team and as a business owner I know Ashley must be so happy to know that Lil Blue Boo is in good hands while she’s not able to devote 100% to it. xoxo

  129. says

    Thanks Lisa. I’ve walked a similar path to Ashley – only no cancer, and it’s harder for me to read all this from the perspective of someone else than it is from the person who’s body seems to working against them. This post made me cry but I am so thankful for that.

  130. says

    You are such an amazing friend! You two ladies are two peas in a pod, I’m so happy to have found this site, inspiration daily :)

  131. Kenna Rogers says

    Thank you, Lisa, for the other side of the story! We all need to hear it. Ashley needs you and so do the rest of us. Thanks again… and don’t wait so long to post. :) Love to all of you!

  132. CuppyWalker says

    LISA, You are amazing, don’t ever tell me again that you can’t write. What a heartfelt, honest, description of what you have been through, watching your dear friend Ashley. You are so caring and so thoughtful and Ashley is lucky to have you as her right hand friend. You, too, are lucky to have Ashley in your life, as tough as the road has been you have grown and gained so much from her. I know how difficult this has been to watch Ashley go through this, but you have been there to laugh with her and to care and love her through it all. I know you love Lil Blue Boo as she does and you are such a vital part of it all. Thank you for sharing. It made me tearful and so proud to be your mother in law.

  133. Crystal says

    I’m sure it’s been said but only because it’s true, you a wonderful person and I’m sure Ashley counts you as one of the many blessings in her life. It’s good to know that through thick and thin she’s has a friend like you by her side.

  134. says

    Lisa, I have a friend like you her name is Jessica she walked through my husbands cancer with me, and through my 2yo open heart surgery…she was my brain when mine was too tired to think , she was my prayer warrior when I couldn’t take it any more she was a second mom to my 10 kids when I was at the hospital etc etc….all I can say is that friends like you are rare precious jewels and Ashley is blessed to have you….you are a wonderful person I loved your post it made me laugh and cry. I think you both are awesome women :)

  135. Candie p says

    Wow…how lucky to have a friend like you…my dad is going thru colon, lung and liver cancer and I only hope I can be as good a friend to him and my mom as you are to Ashley. I sometimes think if I don’t see it or hear about how he is doing it makes it not so real…I know that is a BiG mistake and I will regret it later but that is the honest truth! Wow and it really feels good to actually say it. I haven’t told anyone that, not even my husband. Do you think I have issues???? Love the honesty you and Ashley share, I’m going to try and do more of that myself! Thanks and I think today I’m going to choose joy. P.S. I don’t know why but I think I love you girls!

  136. Valerie Nelson says

    Wonderful post, Lisa! I still count using my fingers too, lol! Math isn’t for everyone! :)

  137. Claudia Méndez says

    Hola Lisa!

    Gracias por contarnos todo esto, es algo que no sabiamos, y gracias por cuidar a Ashley, te queremos mucho, estamos contigo, y que envida tener ese trabajo, yo pagaria por tener uno asi.

    Feliz fin de semana!

  138. says

    Great post! I read this last night and meant to comment. It sounds like you and Ashley have an awesome friendship and relationship! Praying for you all!

  139. The Iowa Expat says

    Beautifully said. Thanks for taking the risk and baring your heart, Lisa. Choose Joy!

  140. Angie says

    Lisa, you are a true friend that anyone would love to have on their side. Thank you for your post. Ashley is blessed for your friendship and support. I would watch your reality show…reading Ashley’s thoughts I can only image the fun you two gals have!!

    Prayers from Texas!
    Angie Hamann

  141. says

    Love your post Lisa! I think you should make it a monthly ritual now! The truth is, thats exactly how it is! I love visiting and the weird thing is…..last time I was out there ( i realized I had never really met you in person before????) but i already knew you! That was crazy! and there was never that new awkwardness with you either!!!!! And you didn’t care that I wore brett’s red “Diet Coke” t-shirt the entire week I was out there! I don’t even know why I bother to pack a bag full of clothes when i come out there anyway! Your like my other sister and we are SOOOO very thankful to have you! I am at complete peace knowing you are there!! Love you and can’t wait to come visit soon! Sincerely, The cooler sister! haha…I wish, but not even close!

  142. says

    Well I have to comment because I don’t want Lisa to cry. But you’ve got me crying Lisa – is that even fair? What an incredibly special friendship & you’ve made us realise even more what a very special person Ashley is. Have a great weekend.

  143. Mary Claire says

    Thanks for sharing Lisa! It’s got to be hard to be in the front seat of a friend’s difficult time. You sound like a great friend! I’m sure Ashley is thankful to have you by her side! I continue to pray for her. Her positive outlook is good for us all!

  144. michelle says

    I love love love lilblue and I love to hear about the Angels on earth. You both are truly special and must learn alot of great things from each other. I am very sad to hear about new chemo’s coming on. But, I know it’s going to be ok. I keep thinking how much Ashley must miss dying, and painting right now….atleast, I am hoping she is:D). Unless she’s wearing a respirator. Good LUCK and God Bless all of you.

  145. Jena says

    What a great post! I used to follow you Lisa, on your Ellebows and More site and loved all the photo tips! Do you still keep that blog up-to-date? I haven’t been able to view it in quite a while so I just wondered. Best wishes and good thoughts to both of you gals! ~Jena

  146. says

    thank you for sharing your side of the story. it is amazing how upbeat she actually is, and even though i do not know her….you can tell in her posts! Choose JOY!!

  147. Mary Beth says

    I love your candid post from the inside. Sounds like you guys are really good for each other, having all the key components to a great friendship. Thanks for sharing your point of view!

  148. says

    Hi Lisa,
    I loved this post (you sure you don’t like writing?), it was nice to see the other side of
    Ashley’s journey, you two are great together, and your little girls are so cute, lovely to see them smiling like that.
    keep going strong, both of you, all the best,
    Maureen xx

  149. gina toothe says

    Nice to meet you on here Lisa. You wrote a great post!! A friendship like yours with Ashley is a special one indeed 😉 Stay strong for our girl 😉

  150. says

    Thank you Lisa for showing us the other side of things. Your post was wonderful and I hope it is not the last one we see! You and Ashley are very blessed to have each other to lean on.

  151. Katie says

    The new title cracks me up. Your wish is my command. Seriously though, this was a wonderful post. Great job, Lisa. Ashley is so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people…you all deserve each other! :-)

  152. suzanne says

    Love this post! I am always brought back to reality when reading these stories. When I think I’m having a bad day and being grumpy, this is like a splash of cold water, grounding me; making me realize life goes on and some things aren’t as bad.
    Obviously I’m no writer, but you have a great post Lisa. I think we all expect more soon! ;o)

  153. says

    I like you, Lisa :) You’re a special person and a true friend. Love the “inside edition” look and the paparazzi shots! Love them and *big hugs*

  154. Jennifer J says

    You’ve got me crying! What a wonderful friend you are. I’m really glad you wrote this post. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  155. says

    What a wonderful friend you are. You’re what I call ” a once in a lifetime friend.” You know what she needs before she does, you know when to speak and when not to, you accept and love her unconditionally. Your post only confirmed what I already knew in my heart. She is really that positive and you are one amazing “assistant-friend.” Great post, want to hear more from you.

  156. K G says

    What a blessing to work with n for a friend. My twin daughters help me with my creative endeavors. I have an I D MS. I love that you are opposites so you can appreciate one another. God Bless n keep each of you and thank you for sharing. PS I too love all franchises of real housewives, I’d be all about watching your show :*)- K

  157. Kristina Busenitz says

    Lisa this was a very touching article. So touchingit was hard to read through the tears. I worry about Ahsley everyday and worry about her family and you too! Thankfully she has such a good friend. Life is short even when we live to a ripe old age so we do have to choose joy everyday. I have handed out almost all of my bracelets. I keep some in my bag for when I see someone who needs a smile and a helping hug. Some I have told the story of Ashley, her father etc. I live in a small town and I see the bracelets I have handed out here and there.

  158. Kelly D < :) says


    So glad that Ashley has you as part of her support team!

    You and the entire LBB family continue to be in my prayers!

    Love in Christ

    Kelly D < :)

  159. Linda L says

    Great post Lisa!! Friends are such a treasure! You two are very lucky to have each other! My husband is a lot like Ashley……refusing help, stiff upper lip….so I totally understand your frustration there! Just keep on!!! That’s what friends do, right?? Thanks for sharing.

  160. Christine says

    Beautiful post. Hope to hear more from you. You ladies have created a strong community of people who care about Ashley. We’ve found her in various ways – from her creativity to her sense of humor (elf on the shelf), but we’re all hooked and with both of you along this journey. Stay strong for her knowing that there’s a long line of ladies holding you up. We’ll keep CHOSING JOY and send both of you hopeful and positive thoughts!

  161. Debra says

    Lisa that was so beautifully written, you should post more often. You guys are a gift to each other. xoxo

  162. Dana says

    You are an awesome friend. It is hard to comprehend all that she and her family and friends have gone through. I honestly wish I was her friend and was there to help her. She seems like an awesome person to have as a friend. Cherish your friendship!!! You are an awesome girl!! I wait everyday for the updates! Thanks for some insider I information!!;)

  163. says

    I LOVE this post! Thank you for being wonderfully real and just you. You both are wonderful people and I’m glad you have each other to learn from and support each other right now!

  164. Aussie Jo says

    Lisa not sure if it was meant to be that I cried instead of you…but now I have tears. You have highlighted the gift that friendship is.

  165. cindy brickley says

    I have been following Ashley”s journey through life, and she is an inspiration to me.
    By the way I, am also very much like you Lisa. You also are an inspiration for being such a good friend. Everyone needs a GOOD friend like you. Best wishes for the both of you.

  166. Kristin says

    Loved ur post. I think it would be nice to hear from u more often on this blog. I felt like I got the behind the scene scoop. I would also love to hear from Ashley’s husband and Boo from time to time as well. Thanks for the post

    • Shevaun says

      Just like salt and pepper, both different spices, but go together so well and both add flavor! You sound like a true friend to Ashley and you both are so lucky to have each other. I’m so happy she has you to count on for friendship and business help. I know you both inspire each other in different ways and from what I see, Ashley is an inspiration in so many ways so it must be a pleasure and honor to work for her and be her true friend.

  167. Meredith M. says

    I am so grateful Ashley has you to keep her in line!! My prayers are with you too. I loved your post. I love the example of friendship you guys set for the rest of us.

  168. andrea says

    i am speechless! both of you amaze me and i’m just reminded again, that no matter what i have a choice everyday to be happy & joyful. praying for you ashley & your family. <3

  169. Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox says

    what an amazing friendship you both have! You are so lucky to have each other. :) Thanks for sharing your side.

  170. Sue Alg says

    Really this was an uplifting blog story….The story of 2 truly wonderful people who care for each other so unselfishly. How remarkable. Ashley has had so many sudden burdens, but I believe God put you in each other lives for this very reason.

  171. Joy Eballar says

    Lisa, you not only write beautifully, you are a beautiful ‘inside and out’ person. I was reading this while smiling and chuckling and tears running down my face all at once. You and Ashley show what true love and friendship is and again I am overwhelmed at reading the daily blog. Ashley is in my prayers every single day and I wish,hope and pray for nothing but the best for you both…..You are both an inspiration and even at my “old’ age of 56 (I think~! haha) you both are teaching me so much about how life should be.
    Love to you both.
    <3 Joy, in Bellevue(seattle) xoxoxoxox

  172. Juanita M says

    I am glad for the insight, Lisa. You are a wonderful friend and Ashley is blessed to have you.

    Having been along similar roads as Ashley, I can understand her resistance to help. An independent, caring, giving person is totally humiliated to be on the receiving end of her own strength and generosity. We don’t know how to handle it or how to accept it so we resist it. I appreciate all the help I can get if I am able do it myself. If I can’t do it myself, I don’t want anyone else doing it for me. Very wrong thinking, I know, but that’s how it is. :) That is why Ashley resists your attempts to “baby” her. She would do it for you without hesitating and with pleasure, though. She appreciates your attempts and loves you for it but as strong as she is, she isn’t strong enough to allow herself to be taken care of the way those who love her want to do. Each little act of what you see as love, reminds her of her helplessness which is, at times, more horrifying than the illness itself.

    At least that is how I interpret the situation as it relates to mine own. I am not as blessed with such an upbeat attitude as she is and I am so glad she has such an inner strength.

    God bless all of you.

  173. Georgie says

    Lisa, this is brilliant. Thanks for sharing and email me if either of you need anything.. even if its just a bit of British Humour… Yes with the U..LOL
    You guys are a great team
    hugs to you and Ashley xx

  174. Kat says

    Lisa, beautifully written. Not only does Ashley have a wonderful supportive family, she has a beautiful friend. xoxo CHOOSE JOY:-))

  175. says

    Thank you for sharing Lisa– it really makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one that sees Ashley as the gift from God that she is! :) Your commentary is real, beautiful, and honest. I’m glad she has you around.

  176. Tracy says

    Can’t wait to read more & know more about you all. Thank you for sharing…i’m new to this story & blog and am already captivated. I hope everyone can find or learn the ability to be positive in all aspects & in the face of cancer… feeling is there is nothing good for your body when your mind or other is filled with worry or anger or the such. My aunt (like a mom to me) questioned why i wasn’t angry @ my cancer diagnosis & i simply stated it would do me no good…just negative for my body & it doesn’t need that. I wish courage & strength & happiness for everyone & especially for those facing illness or struggle. Rock on!!

  177. gina says

    Wow, what a post. You are a special friend and co-worker. I am keeping you all in my prayers. I agree with Tracy above hoping that everyone can be positive in the face of cancer. My husband is a Radiation Oncologist and so many of our friends asked him how he choose such a depressing field. He always says it is not depressing and they are able to help so many. He has treated many from our church family and friends of friends etc and when those people come to me and say how wonderful, positive and kind my husband was to their loved one under treatment it makes my heart swell. The patients full of anger and constant worry have a harder time. Everyone should Choose Joy!!

  178. says

    Lisa…don’t cry!

    I am catching up on google reader after being out of town this weekend and thought..Wow…I REALLY want to hear about this great friend Ashley is always talking about! Thanks so much for sharing.

    And emails that she isn’t REALLY that positive. Give me a break. She is always honest…even about her poops!!!!

  179. says

    Totally awesome post. Thanks so much Lisa for the behind the scenes info! I am very behind on blog reading, so I am late on this. But, excellent post-thanks for sharing so much about you, LBB, and Ashley:)

  180. Elizabeth W says

    Lisa, the eloquentness of your post comes from being genuine and heartfelt. My wish for every person battling cancer is that they have a lisa to count on.

  181. says

    Wow… I was almost as emotional reading your post as I am reading Ashley’s! I’ll leave you with the same message I last left Ashley – keep smiling. The world needs you.
    ~From Lisa (yeppers! HYA!! hehe) in Nova Scotia, Canada

  182. Cara says

    oh heavens! Don’t cry sweetheart! I read it I’m just a little behind. This was a beautiful post and your love and caring for Ashley mean to the world to a lot of people. We could all use a friend like you <3 <3

  183. Chrissy Gilbert says

    Lisa…love it. BRAVISSIMA!!! And you are an obnoxious flyer. I remember one very very long trip home from Hawaii.

  184. Sonya says

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing, Lisa. The friendship you and Ashley have is heart melting!

  185. Kelly says

    Well said. I’m sure you went over it a thousand times. May the joy keep flowing no matter what.