White Coat Syndrome

I barely slept at all last night. My bones still hurt.  Mostly just one leg…..right in my femur. I got up to pee this morning and I’m not kidding, I couldn’t get up! I felt like my leg would break. Thank goodness Mr. LBB was still home and he literally had to lift me up off the toilet. But he’s so sweet…he doesn’t care. I can’t stand feeling helpless like that though.  After some pain medication I was good to go for the rest of the day though. I called Dr. L…..but I have phone issues…..here’s how a typical call to the doctor goes:

Thank you for calling the office of _____.
If this is a life threatening emergency, hang up and call 911.
Hmmm…..I don’t think it’s life threatening. Yep, probably not life threatening.

If you are calling to talk to the doctor, or about a hospital stay press 2.
Oh crap, am I calling to talk to the doctor? What if they page him?! I just want to talk to a nurse! This isn’t an important enough question for the doctor. Well, I’m definitely not calling about a hospital stay. Oh great, the whole menu just finished and I didn’t hear the rest of the options.

(repeat menu)

To make an appointment press 3.
For the lab press 4.
For billing press 5.
Ugh, what do I push? Why aren’t there more options? I NEED more options!

Then I hang up in a panic. And then call back again.

If you are calling to talk to the doctor, or about a hospital stay press 2.
Omg…..doctor….hospital stay…..I just have ONE stupid question! Where does pressing number 2 take me? It’s too vague!

And then….I usually end up pressing any number that doesn’t sound scary…..and pretend I didn’t know what I pushed….and then I ask to be transferred to the nurse’s station:

Nurse: Hello, how can I help you.
Me: Hi, this is Ashley, I’ve been having a lot of pain in my leg….and well…..um…..I just wanted to make sure that it was normal. Is it normal? I mean, as long as I’m not going to die from it….um I don’t want to waste your time at all….so if you think I’m okay, then I’m okay and I’ll just see you Tuesday…..so, um….am I okay?
Nurse: It’s normal.
Me: Okay well, I don’t want to disturb the doctor…I mean, I know he’s busy. He’s busy, right? What does he say when other people call about this? My bones aren’t going to explode right? It’s just from the Neulesta shot I bet. Yep, I think you gave me some information on that. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry for bothering you. Well….have a great day! Thanks so much.

And I hang up…..feeling like a complete neurotic nut.


See, I have this phobia of disturbing doctors. I have a phobia of being that patient that calls for no reason…….so I “under” call.

Over Christmas, I needed to ask Dr. L about whether I was going to be scheduled for a port. I was discussing it with my father-in-law (who’s a cardiologist at the same hospital) and he said he thought Dr. L was on call.

FIL: Just call the office and ask if Dr. L is on call.
Me: Ok.
(dial number)
Operator: Dr. L’s exchange, how can I help you?
Me: Hi, is Dr. L on call this weekend?
Operator: Yes.
Me: Oh….okay, thanks. (I hang up)
FIL: Is he not on call?
Me: Oh he’s on call.
FIL: Well, why didn’t you leave a message?
Me: You just said I should ask if he’s on call…..I didn’t know what else to say after that!

Yep. I called the exchange, asked if the doctor was on call and then hung up.

Super phobia. It’s ridiculous. It’s why I take an entourage to most doctor’s appointments. Everyone else makes sure to soak everything in and figure out when the doctor should be called……because apparently I need a detailed flow chart in order to make a decision when I’m on the phone.

I hope no one from Dr. L’s office reads my blog….because then they’ll be on to me.


  1. Debbie Green says

    Hi Ashley,
    I just read your blog today. I know you got an email from my partner Stacy about us and Turning Heads and I hope to meet you very soon. I have been on a journey like yours over the last year and a half (but different as well) and your blogs have really tugged at my heart and brought back so many memories of my experiences with cancer, surgery, chemo, hair loss, etc. But you wrote something that I want you to know is SO TRUE…believing you will get better is half the battle…IT REALLY WORKS….btw Dr. L is my doctor too….can’t wait to meet you…..

    • Kathy O says

      Ashley I work in a doctors office and our patients call and leave 2 minute random messages and never tell us why they’re calling. It’s okay to call. We don’t start complaining about the patient until they have called 4 times in one day. LOL…
      I called a brace company about a brace for my wrist and the first response is if this is an emergency hang up and call 911… LOL … WHO HAS A BRACE EMERGENCY!

  2. Robin says

    With my girls’ pediatrician, I am a total overcaller. I’d rather call and have them tell me it is nothing to worry about.

  3. Heather says

    I am giggling so hard I am crying…you just qualified about 75% of anyone reading that posts fears of calling Dr.’s! Rock on! Choose Joy! Eat Donuts!

  4. says

    Even sick, with leg pain that makes you think your leg is going to explode, and I’m pretty sure without meaning to at all, you make me smile and giggle. You are hilarious. Not your white coat syndrome…but the way you describe things. :-) Thank you!

  5. Pam Fairchild says

    Oh Ashley you have a way that makes us all feel better about these things we do! As I’ve said before your sense of humor and the ability to laugh will go along way to get you thru this. Thanks for sharing, cause we’re still caring & sending big ole prayers up for you!

  6. Brooke says

    Ha, ha, ha, so funny Ashley, love it & you! I never call the doctor & we almost never go to the doctor. My son has been once, besides well check visits. Except once, when we had been to a friend’s house warming & my son played with her cat & had an allergic reaction while we were leaving & getting into the car. I had no idea what to do, so as I’m driving I call the doctor ask the nurse her opinion, should I go to the emergency room, is his throat closing, he’s breaking out in hives, should I be worried, don’t call the doctor, I’ll figure it out, thanks & I hang up. Bwhahahaha, needless to say, I ended up driving straight to the ER, because he was having a severe allergic reaction that had never occurred before. All is well, but I’m such a whacko, I didn’t even want to bother the doctor or know what to do in a potentially real emergency. I have a good friend that is a pediatrician though & he is the sweetest, but he does say they get a lot of very unnecessary calls, still he respects each one, because it’s a nervous & validated concern from a parent and he understands. Anyway, I didn’t mean to blab, ha, ha, thanks for your post!

  7. Norma says

    Thanks for letting us laugh about your phone phobia…we all have our strengths and weaknesses. You understand yours! That’s great! Me, it’s taken 40 plus years to figure mine out. Still learning.

  8. Tammy O. says

    Oh Ashley… you are just so sweet! I mean that in a good way. :) When in doubt press ‘0’, and just chill, take a deep breath and ask your question(s). It’s nothing they haven’t heard before (been there, done that). You don’t want them thinking you’re having a psychotic side effect…just kidding…besides they’re there to answer your questions and help get you through this. Just breath deep…it’s gonna be alright <3

  9. Lori P. says

    I totally understand about the phone and doctor’s. ou would love to ask a “is this normal” question and would like a nice reply back. When I had to call my onco nurse, I seemed to always get the same answer “push the fluids, are you pushing the fluids”. It bugged the heck out of me as I thought she was not really hearing me. I finally had to push my question and then she figured out I was having an allergic reaction to one of my meds. We just want to be heard and to know that it’s okay to call and ask us any question, even if we think it is stupid. They just don’t need to make us feel that way, even if it is. :O)

  10. says

    Oh you are so funny! But I totally get it. I’m an under caller too. I am happy to hear your improving (I mean by your counts going down) and hope you are feeling back to normal as soon as possible.

  11. says

    You are so dang funny! 😉 I am so excited for you that you had good news this week!! Yay! I have a few friends going thru some tough times– I have given them all choose Joy bracelets and love to see them sporting those purple bracelets. It’s a sisterhood!

  12. Kirsten says

    Teehee…I just have general phone anxiety if it involves me answering any pointed questions. Ugh. It didn’t start until my 20’s and it’s so bizarre that I get annoyed with myself over it. To combat the ridiculous statements I’m bound to make, I write down my children’s birth-dates, our address, phone number, and any other answers that I think they will ask me before I have to call and make appointments because I get all flustered. Super-duper annoying. I feel ya, Ashley. :)

  13. says

    With our kids, I am the opposite. I don’t mind calling to talk to a nurse at all. I am not the crazy mom who bugs them for tiny little things, but when I am worried, I am okay with calling.

    And….I spent quite a bit of time in the Oncologists office last year while I was pregnant. I wrote about it, and reading your posts, reminds me of the things I learned there. Every time I read a post I am taken back to that time and the people and sights of my experiences. I gained a new respect for the entire situation. You are amazing, and so many people are thinking about you and praying for you and your family. Can’t wait to keep reading about your journey to recovery.

    Here’s a link to the post if you can’t sleep tonight and need something to read… :)


  14. Joy T. says

    You are not alone! I’m the type that overcalls, but I run the facebook site for Alport Syndrome Foundation (a rare kidney disease my son and I have) and I often get questions about medical abnormalities and have to remind folks to PLEASE call thier doctor. SO many people feel like a doctor cannot be bothered, but it’s thier JOB to be concerned for you and your well being… so CALL AWAY! 10 times if you need to, you deserve to know! BTW, I totally agree with all the other comments, you are cute and funny and I love your candor.

  15. Barb says

    I called the office today, knowing it was their half-day Friday, and against my better judgement. Had to talk myself into dialing. Got put on hold for 15-20 minutes, and then disconnected. Called back, busy signal, called their 800 # after more busy signals, it was busy, finally got a ring with no answer, then got their recording, “the office is closed, if this is an emergency blah, blah.” This was at 1030AM. I really don’t like doctors as a whole.

  16. Maryann says

    You are funny and adorable! Still, all things considered, I think you are allowed to OVERCALL if you need to… :)

  17. sorahart says

    My rule of thumb for any phone call with a menu involved is to press “0” right away..then you can talk to a human!

  18. says

    Ha! I do the same thing, usually pushed by friends & family to call. Maybe you need a designated medical secretary, that way the next time you see the doc, you can dismiss the call with something like, “Yeah, I know. Don’t they call about the silliest things?” all the while, being comforted knowing your needs are being met.

    I felt like a crazy harassing patient at the end of my pregnancy with my second daughter. My water broke, I was admitted to the hospital, and was discharged after an hour of observation. I didn’t want the doc to feel like I was arguing with him, so I just went with it, feeling like I was wetting my pants all over town & home. Turns out, I should have been more persistent. She was out of fluid, and the situation could have been bad for both of us. The moral? Just call. Really. Thanks for sharing your story! Wishing you well, quickly.

  19. Brooke says

    Haha that’s so me, I hate talking on the phone, I can’t think quick enough. I hate stressing that you’re interrupting someone’s day, or i worry that my issue isn’t important enough. I also hate answering machines… I freak out at answering machines and usually just hang up!

  20. says

    I am the same way. Barely ever take the kids to the doctor,then apologize the whole time. And when I have to go, even for just a yearly check up, I end up crying for no apparent reason-I’m sure my chart is labeled “wierdo”!

  21. says

    Have you tallied the over’s vs. under’s in your comments yet? :)

    I am a severe under also. Learned from childhood and my family still, to this day, does not exactly react to/notice/respond to critical or life threatening situations… Luckily my husband started gently reeducating me on actually making and going to appointments. Of course, I’d need that when the family started!

    I’m sure that doctor’s office’s get all kinds and you have the least to worry about! But you touched upon a chord again, so thanks for sharing!

  22. beth says

    I’m an under caller and my husband an over caller, except that he makes me make his calls too, so I’m rolling my eyes and apologizing on his behalf the whole time. Such turmoil….

  23. says

    This made me laugh. Love your heart! You have every right in the world to call them. Calls from patients go with the territory–they know that. I was pre-med and accepted to med school before my epiphany that I was meant to be a teacher. Due to that, I have many doctor friends…trust me…they don’t mind the calls. They expect them.

    BTW…I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’m amazed by your positivity through all of this. You are a strong, amazing woman. What a testimony your life is to “Choosing Joy!” Your daddy is looking down on his girl and smiling with pride!

  24. Mel says

    You are seriously my FAV person eva!!!!! I’m sitting in a ballet workshop….giggling like a big dummie! Xo

  25. Dianne says

    It is the doctor job to take your call. You are ill and need help with answers.
    Is there someone else you can ask general questions. I am in Canada and we have a nurses health line something like that to ask questions.
    You are so brave!!! You are someone who we can watch go through this and see what it is like. No one wants to ask people how cancer is. You are telling us. I want to put your badge on my blog and fb for others to see.

  26. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, I admire you so much ! You know, I’m a doctor, and when we are on call, it’s just for that: for patients who need to ask questions… you are so good !

  27. Leslie says

    What I want to know is, all these nurses and doctors and associated staff are patients at some point in their lives too…. They have to make phone calls, listen to the ridiculous menu options and ask *silly* questions! So why can’t they all come up with a better menu system??? I usually hit the “make an appointment” option. I don’t want to go all the way to the “top” so I start with the staff and if they feel I need to speak with a nurse, then they transfer me! :)

  28. Amy O says

    Thanks for this post–I am a certified under caller as well! When preggo with my daughter I had a billion complications & kept trying to skip going to triage in the ER all the time. I didn’t want to be that preggo woman coming in for everything under the sun! I’d show up with bp of 170/120 & they were always like “Didn’t we tell you to come in yesterday if it went over 140/90?” Me: “Yeah, but this happens three or four times a week!” I went to triage a lot, lol, and always ended up in trouble for not calling or coming in instead of doing it too much (“I didn’t want to bother anyone…” I’d say). Thankfully our daughter is 100% healthy; just no more babies for us. Your post made me feel just a little bit more normal though. :)

  29. Bev says

    I am laughing with you – I over call for my kids (or I did on 1 and 2, 3 and 4 I assume will survive) but under call for me. Once I was moving an antique trunk, barefoot, on a tile floor. It started moving faster than me and literally took my toe off. I waited for 2 hours before calling the doctor and them telling me to go immediately to ER. There I apologized to everyone for bothering them and for not having a pedicure. Yep, issues.

  30. says

    You are amazing! Making jokes about your pain. Ashley, please offer some of it up for my little nephew. He is 7 and was just diagnosed with Leukemia last week He had his first two doses of chemo this week. He’s a fighter like you!

  31. Helen says

    Like Bev (#35) I’d call in a second if it’s anyone in my family, but NOT for myself. Unfortunately, my DH won’t call for himself or anyone else. That’s another story for another time! I had an incident with a questionable mammogram result between the holidays. I could only get as far as a receptionist. However, I was so scared I was crying and hiccuping. I was also told no-one could help me, but shortly, I got a call back and help dealing with the problem. Not a shining moment in my hysteria. I guess, fear of a worse problem kicks in and I push through my fear of what they will think of me. In hindsight, I should have been much more insistent before the holidays about getting the results. I don’t want to offend the the good nurses or doctors ( who are really overworked), but I learned I should and will have to be a pain in the tush if I need answers. I am still scared of having to make that call!! Helen

  32. Stephanie says

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, nice lady. Sounds to me like you are a dream patient who brings sunshine to each dr.’s appt./ test/ chemo treatment. You are so positive but can you imagine the negativity that dr.’s, nurses and techs deal with every day? So go ahead and call- you never know when your “choosing joy” through the pain will brighten someone else’s day. I have been praying for you like have never before prayed for a complete stranger-thank you for posting-that you are inspiring is the understatement of the year. Well, actually ’11 and ’12. Keep rockin’ on witcha bad self!!!

  33. Nemiha says

    you are not alone!! I totally do the same thing! My husband always ends up writing lists of questions for me to ask before I get off the phone. And then there are the times when I just don’t want to call because I”m afrad to be “that” person.

  34. Alisha says


    I promise I adore you more and more with every post! I love your honesty and you willingness to be so open to give all of us hope! I admire your strength and that you find a positive for everything you go through…Mr. LLB is one lucky guy! You take care of yourself, sending lots of prayers your way.


  35. Crystal says

    This made me laugh out loud. I’m the type that NEVER calls the Dr. because he’s too busy and it’s probably nothing. Well, that philosophy has landed me in the hospital more times than I can count. I’m now trying to get over this now.

  36. Emily says

    Bother the doctors. That’s what they are there for, to help you! They would hate to think that you are at home fretting about something (adding stress) when they could answer a quick question and make you feel better. Trust your instincts!

  37. says

    Haha! I am totally with you. I always feel like an idiot when I call the doctors office too. And I think I “under” call for the same reasons. I mean, nobody wants to be the stupid annoying patient, right? And you’ve gotta love their reminders to call 911 if it’s an emergency. As if you’d ever really forget. …but I guess people must from time to time or else they probably wouldn’t put that on there?

  38. Leigh Anne says

    Lol! I’m the exact same. Thx for letting me know that I’m not alone. I have total phone phobia when it comes to stuff like that. Choose joy! God bless!

  39. Becky says

    oh girl, you ARE funny! i mean, i am so sorrrrry that you are in so much pain,,, but the way you say things, one just has to laugh! there i go again,
    hope you get up and make it to the loo and back all on your own tomorrow and the next and the one after….

  40. says

    Hahaha I love this! It is cute. I am a total dork on the phone and it makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one with anxiety about it.

  41. says

    I don’t love that you have that much pain though. I’m so glad Mr. LBB is such a great guy and takes good care of you. Hugs and prayers.

  42. says

    From one neurotic nut to another….You are NOT alone in this! Your post sounds exactly what I would do. I am neurotic and want answers but hate to bother people. However, better to bother them and make sure everything is OK!
    I hope you’re feeling better! xo

  43. Bunny Dannelly says

    Dear Ashley, I have more than a passing familiarity with cancer &, as a daughter & wife of physicians, I want to say … No question is too minor or silly. Call your doctor when you have questions or are worried. You are your own best advocate. You are absolutely doing the right thing by taking others with you to appointments & treatments. This is a foreign language to most of us. After my oncology appointments & Ed’s we would compare notes & each of us always missed or misinterpreted something … & there were always calls to the doctor later, even though we were much more than slightly familiar with medicine. Do not hesitate to make that call or have someone make it for you. Your comfort is top priority. You are doing great ! Much love, Bunny

  44. Gina says

    Ive worked for several different type of Dr.s over the last 20 years with the last being a Psychiatrist. Believe me, there were many patients Iwish would have been under-callers!!

    Praying for you girlie!!


  45. Meredith says

    I can totally relate to the “not wanting to bother the doctor” stuff. I do the same thing. But they are there to help and you being treated for cancer. It isn’t like you got a hang nail or something. I say make the call. I will praying the pain in you leg will ease and that those numbers continue to go down.

  46. Esther says

    It’s funny “cause I am the same!!!
    When I was on chemo, etc. I used to take someone to every ingle one of my appts. I NEVER went alone. I was afraid I would either 1. miss something, 2. not hear something. or 3. hear something wrong.

    Hope your leg pain is temporary!

  47. Meghan Grace says

    I agree with Gretchen, it is your kind heart, Ashley. It isn’t like you are calling a podiatrist about an ingrown nail. If your doctor is on call, he is expecting to hear from some of his patients. You are so kind, my guess is that he is happy to hear from YOU! BTW, I am sooo sorry that you hurt, Sweet Pea! I have fibromyalgiaand wake up in all over pain. It really sucks and I am sorry for you! Hugs, Meghan

  48. Stephanie says

    Haha Ashley! Ur too funny! I love ur out take of things & life! I think if I were in ur boat I’d be awful! Overly dramatic! Drama queen! Unbearable to be around etc lol I pray for u & the family! I have a good feeling ur gonna beat this & come out a super strong person!
    You are awesome u know that right??! <3!

  49. EFORD54 says

    I used to be the same way until I realized that is part of a doctor’s job and that
    is what I pay him to do. Hang in there!

  50. Jacque says

    You’re amazing Ashley! You’ve changed my outlook on life through your blog. I’ve been following your blog for over a year now. I’m a melanoma survivor and I know you will win your battle. Prayers from Iowa for you!

  51. Deb Westbury says

    I am truly sorry that you are made to feel that way…we all seem to feel we are not worth the Dr’s time or trouble…but I just received a bill from a Dr’s office from my 8 day stay at a hospital in Dec…the one where they can not tell me why I blew up except it is not my kidneys, is not my liver…they have not reason…anyway the visits to me in the hospital for the small amount of time spent with me was not less than $125.00 per hour…I am sure you are paying the same if not more…so call and leve a message…you are already paying them for their time…use it…


  52. Tina says

    I love this post! I’m a nurse in a doctor’s office and I get so many “hang ups” on my voicemail of people who change their miind about calling. If it helps any, I hate to call my own doctor’s office too. Hate to be a bother! LOL Hope your leg is feeling better!

  53. says

    Oh Ashley, I’m the same way! I hate making ANY phone calls. And I never want to disturb the doctors or nurses. At my chemo class the nurse was going over all the times that we should call and I’m thinking… but… but… this is normal, right? Ugh. I hope your leg pain gets better fast!

  54. Carolyn says

    oh Ashley you made me laugh and wake up my sleeping daughter…don’t worry she is 22 and is sleeping on MY couch :)
    I totally relate! I am a speech pathologist and cover at my local hospital per diem and have a professional relationship as well as a doctor-patient relationship with my medical group…I hate bothering them too even though we are on a first name basis. I keep thinking XXXX is going to think I’m nuts if I call about this, maybe I’ll wait..or instead I call a friend who is an MD and he then teases me…nutty…we are paying for a service and they really prefer being called and left a message…
    Tell you MD your phobia about disturbing them…He’ll give you permission and all will be well..


  55. Heather G. says

    They get paid a whole lot of money in part to be disturbed – call and leave a message, silly girl! I’ve certainly been leaving messages for our pediatrician lately!

    But I know what you mean – Tony’s whole crew has a handful of “patients” they know by name that call 911 for every random reason. They totally make fun of them.

  56. michelle says

    OMG I love you ASHLEY. I swear we have to be related in someway. Sounds JUST like my goofy self. I help others usually…It’s very hard to ask for help for me. I literally called my sons Oncologist when he was on Nuelasta, just to say I think he has bone cancer again, and that we needed a PET Scan…TODAY! They were not very accomidating to this request (thank God), but assured me if I gave it time, and gave him moriphine it would go away. It did:D). Good Luck and take you medicine like they say.

  57. Beth says

    Ha! It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one who changes personalities around doctors. I just saw a dear friend of mine who is a doctor, and once I was in his office, I swear I lost 100 IQ pts. I even forgot my social security#!
    When I was my mom’s medical rep. during her cancer fight, I completely overcame my fear of doctors and didn’t worry about bothering them. I was such a mama bear, and my feeling was (and is) that anyone who decided to become an oncologist should expect to be called a lot by worried patients. It’s part of the gig. I drove the nurses insane, but in the end, I had earned their respect. They knew they should call me back because I wouldn’t let up until I got an answer!

  58. Karen says

    Oh, how you can tell a story. You make me smile. Glad to know there are so many of us that get flustered calling doctors

  59. Erin says

    hahaha that is totally normal!! Just wait until after treatment is over…EVERY ache and pain you’ll wanna call your doc! Heck I had neck pain one random day..I called my oncologist, dentist and any other MD that would listen to me b/c I was terrified the cancer had come back! haha I laugh now…but it totally wasn’t funny then. My dentist thinks I’m a total nut but cancer doctors get it so don’t worry!
    P.S. I had a port…and I think it made chemo easier…(its faster…you don’t have to be there as long!) And I feel that my scar is a cool battle wound that I like to brag about! haha 😉

  60. Dawn says

    I chuckled a little reading this. I didn’t realize that I kinda freak out about it too until I read this. With all that you have going on, you feel bad about bugging the Dr… :) BTW – I loved your hair shaving video. I cried. It was amazing to see you at peace with it and so sweet of your husband to shave the last bit. You are an amazing woman with a wonderful family. I can’t wait to see more posts and hear how you are doing :)

  61. Krystina says

    I’m an under caller myself and this causes a problem at the following appointment. I keep little notes of all the weird things that happen and when I go to see my physician I pull out a index card and ask all sorts of random questions. I also hate that at my doctor’s office I have to press one for the doctor’s MA and 2 for the Physician Assistants MA. I have to sit there and think “well I last saw the PA for that thingamajig but I’m calling about this whatchamacallit that I talked to the doctor about 2 months ago so do I leave the message for the PA who saw me recently or the Dr that I saw 2 months ago?”

  62. webee says

    ashley i have ankylosing spondylitis.a chronic,autimmune,brittle bone,form of arthritis.there is no cure.i see my dr every 3 months.i have so many ?’s but no one has much info on this disease.so i am like you.i don’t like to bother them and i feel stupid asking ?’s.when i do ask my primary anything she makes me feel dumb then when i see my rheumitoligist i feel to stupid to bother her with my ?’s.so i understand how you feel

  63. Amy in TX says

    Maybe this will make you feel better…my husband has White Coat Syndrome, his blood pressure always runs high when they take his vitals. And he is a doctor. Not sure how his BP reacts if he takes his own measurement while wearing his white coat LOL.


  1. […] It’s not always peaceful…..every once in a while there’s a blip….like on Thursday night after chemo….I had to call Dr. L in a panic.  I totally forgot to tell this story a few days ago. I was supposed to take my Leucovorin at 7am the next morning….the “take or die” drug that they scare me into taking…..and with my foggy brain I took it at 7pm the night before. I swear, right when those pills hit the back of my throat and I chased them with water, I realized my mistake. Why does it always happen that way? Why couldn’t I have realized the mistake as the pills were going INTO my mouth. Or have you ever taken pills and then completely forgotten a few minutes later if you actually took them?  Then you think you didn’t, so you take them and then all the sudden you remember that you actually did and then a panic attack sets in about whether you should go to poison control? Maybe it’s just me…..but I think I need a third party to monitor my drug intake. I can’t keep anything straight. You’d be proud of me though….I did call Dr. L after hours (and you know I have white coat syndrome): […]