Wheatgrass and Chia Seeds

Today was such a great day. I had fun visitors and I met my friend at her house to go to the Farmer’s Market in Palm Desert…..it’s just a mile down the street so there’s no excuse for me not to go weekly to support the local farmers and get some fabulous organic produce and veggies! We are thinking of starting a garden soon….such an array of fresh sprouts we can buy to fill it up:


I love all the selection and colors at the market:


It inspires me to be healthier:


Lots o’ greens:


Boo’s favorite:


Gorgeous colors:


These smelled SO good:



I asked if the crates were for sale too…..yes!


Mr. LBB’s favorite….the famous “green drink” at the market:


After the  market, my friend made me a wheatgrass shot at her house…..she has a great little tabletop juicer that cranks by hand:


Squeezing every little last drop out of the wheatgrass:


Add a dash of cayenne peppper and squeeze a bit of lemon in the shot…..it tastes great!



I was introduced to chia seeds too today. Just add a bit to some juice and you’ll never know you’re eating them. The chia seed is full of fiber and protein, packed with antioxidants, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and the richest known plant source of omega-3 (more than flax seed!) You can get them at your local health food store!


I feel healthy already. Oh, did I mention I’ve done the coffee enemas two days in a row? Not even joking. And they made me feel SO much better. I feel like all the toxicity has finally left my body (just in time to start a new round of chemo tomorrow). My mom has been asking me to do coffee enemas for weeks now and the gift from my friend Megan finally made me do it.  All you do is brew organic coffee and add it to your enema bag (the kind you buy from the drug store that looks like a hot water bottle)……I dilute it with cool water so the liquid is tepid. It’s used to detoxify the liver. I’m not an expert so Google it….here’s a good overview from Natural News.

P.S. It seems all I talk about is poop now. Sorry. But my life kind of revolved around it. I even bought the Poo Tracker app for my iphone. It’s awesome. If you are shy, you can password protect it.


Photo of the Day: Holding Pattern

I love that Boo is always making quirky things.  Here’s one of my favorites to date: an airport holding pattern….complete with a hanger in the middle for the flying planes to park when they are finished with a long trip.  It reminds me of when I was little…..and I used to make little cities and neighborhoods out of tiny pieces of paper.



Boo……she likes to make stuff too.

Spring Cleaning: De-cluttering the Bathroom

I’m starting my spring cleaning early! I’m going to be doing a short series on spring cleaning as I go so you can follow along if you like! Don’t feel like you have to do everything I do……I tend to go overboard. But even taking an hour here and there to accomplish one task on the list will help you get organized! Feel free to share any tips or products you love in the comments….I’m always open to suggestions!

Today I tackled the clutter in the master bathroom. Here are a few before photos of some drawers and cabinets:



Here’s the plan…

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Photo of the Day: A Doodie Bag

So I have some great friends who just want me to take care of myself and get better. Here is a gift from one of those friends today…..I must say it’s the first time I ever received a deluxe enema system as a gift. She’s so sweet and even brought it incognito so the neighbors wouldn’t see what she was bringing up the steps……ha, if only she knew it would make the photo of the day. For those of you who have never seen an enema system….here you go:



I don’t curse a lot but I do use the word “douche bag” probably 5 times a day (sorry Mom)…..so it’s a fitting gift.  We talked about enemas and bowel movements and healing for about an hour. Did you know there are wheatgrass enemas? and coffee enemas? or chamomile tea enemas? Well now you do! If you watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York….you’d know that there are also olive oil enemas. Reality TV is educational. The quote of the day is “you can use it for your coochie too if you want.” Love you M!

Another friend said that I should send the deluxe combination system to my artist friend Steph to “doodle” decorate it first. Doodle the doodie bag was how she put it. Maybe she’ll do a doodle doodie bag tutorial. I did some doodling today…..I might still be high off Sharpie fumes.

I have cancer…..and I’m not ashamed of my doodie bag.

Times Two

Good afternoon! Oh where, oh where did the last few days go?! Well it’s official….chemotherapy is cumulative. The longer you go the worse it gets. I’m finally feeling a little better today. I fell asleep at 8pm last night and didn’t wake up until 8am this morning…..and I joked to Mr. LBB that I woke up with bed sores…..and I almost did. I don’t think I moved once all night and my joints were so sore. Getting up and around my limbs feel like jelly….I feel so disoriented and clumsy! It’s a cycle….I lay in bed for about 30 minutes then get up thinking maybe I can do something…..and then realize I can’t so I lay back down again.  Compazine makes me sleep…..thank goodness…..I just try to sleep away the bad parts of my day…..but it seems like such a waste.


Here’s my buddy Boo this morning….watching Iron Man with me….her favorite movie (I have to fast forward through about 8 parts). She’s afraid of Disney movies (I don’t blame her…..most are pretty dark) but not Iron Man. Go figure.


I woke up and was craving Keedy’s breakfast. So even though Mr. LBB and Boo had already eaten they took me to breakfast. We sat at the bar and our waitress Debbie had just finished telling us how she paid our last breakfast forward to a sweet local family….and a few minutes later she came back with the hugest smile on her face that someone had paid for our breakfast AGAIN. I knew who it was this time…..our good friends the Millers who just happened to be there the same time as us. They are so sweet. We handed our money to Debbie again to pay it forward to someone else and she just laughed and laughed. We’ll see how long we can keep it going.



Try doing something unexpected for someone this week. Maybe they’ll pay it forward…..and then maybe those people will pay it forward….you never know!

Now for the big question of the day….what should Boo and I make with all these pretty felt balls?





The Shine Project and a Giveaway!



We were thrilled to have The Shine Project as featured sponsor this month! We love everything about the Shine Project. Especially the face behind it, Ashley. She is helping to make the world a better place through service and she’s here to motivate you to join in her efforts!



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Photo of the Day: Detox

Yep….I swear by my Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath. I always feel better after it. Just trying to rid my body of every last drop of poison. I’m just glad I didn’t drop my iPhone into the bath when I took this photo.



P.S. The two large statues used to be Mr. LBB’s grandmother’s and my grandmother Marjorie made the smaller one. I love that they look over our master bath.

Lifetime Movie Star

Good morning! I’m still in bed…recuperating from the Cisplatinum chemo from yesterday. I double up on nausea meds….Zofran and I swear by the Compazine suppositories…..those help me sleep.  I’ll probably be here a few days but I’ve got a few good movies to watch. Lisa is bringing me some cake donuts this morning…..I think it’s the only thing I’ll be able to get down right now…..along with my diluted G2 grape Gatorade. Look at my cute, soft jammies from my friend Vicki. I can’t complain about anything right now: comfy bed, movies, donuts and jammies.



Yesterday was a long day but I get to meet some really great people. First of all, everyone at the doctor’s office had seen me on the news. I was a little embarrassed. Here’s the awesome part: I had someone ask for my autograph yesterday. A nice man who accompanies his friend for chemo treatment brought in my news article and asked me to sign it. First he stopped at my chair and asked if I was “Ashley, Lil Blue Boo”. It set off a chain reaction in the infusion center. One man across the room then asked the nurse if I was a movie star. She knows I’m not, but she told him she’d find out haha….and walked across the room to ask me. I told her I wished…..I wished that I was in Lifetime Movies. I watch so many of them I could probably jump right into any story line just fine!



I took about a 2 hours nap in chemo yesterday. I’d never been able to sleep before in there!  It was kind of nice.  Mr LBB has his hands full. He’s so busy with work and Boo….and then he like to accompany me to see Dr. L when we meet and then he picks up Boo and picks me up from chemo after that. And then he takes over the role of Mom and Dad all night, all morning…..he gets to take her to 2 birthday parties……one tonight and one tomorrow. But he has a great attitude about it all…..just looks a little weary at times.

Our drive home is only about 5 miles….so pretty at night in the desert:



Some yucky news this morning…..my tumor markers went back up this week despite the 2 rounds of Cisplatin. I asked Dr. L why I was so tired lately and he and Mr. LBB started laughing “you have no idea what this stuff is doing to your body.” I guess I just think things won’t affect me sometimes. Dr. L said that years ago before they had some of the drugs to counteract the side effects, they would hospitalize patients for about 8 months who were on Cisplatinum…..mainly for testicular cancer…..and it WAS like the movie Dying Young. I’m so thankful for medical advances and that I can do my treatment outpatient and just a few days are bad at at time.  I did notice ridges in my fingernails…..I never had those before. They are like tree rings…..each one marking a new round of treatment.

I’ll be resting all day and doing my “detox” regime tonight: detox bath, enemas, skin brushing, juicing. Goodbye toxins. Lisa is working on the launch of the Spring line today….so excited for that. I haven’t had to do a thing really except for design work. Today will be a crazy day. She rocks. She sent me a photo from the donut shop this morning…….she should be home any moment with goodies. Woot!


Make sure to check out Stephanie Corfee’s artwork for the Team Ashley auction starting next week! It’s amazing!