A Day To Choose Joy: A Comfort Shower

Today was such a special day! I’ll never forget it. My wonderful mother-in-law Gale and sister-in-law Jen threw me a special gathering: a “choose joy” lunch. They invited some of my closest friends and family to celebrate a day of love, friendship, encouragement, laughter…..and of course joy.


Comfort Shower via lilblueboo.com


I was blown away by the thought and detail that went into everything:


Choose Joy Shower via lilblueboo.com


The table was amazing:


Table decor via lilblueboo.com

My sister-in-law Jen is amazing at party details (remember Thanksgiving?…..or my niece’s cupcake birthday party)….I tell her she needs to start a business doing it….but she just likes to do it for friends and family:


Table decor Augusta via lilblueboo.com


The weather was beautiful and eating outdoors at Augusta Restaurant (in Palm Desert) was perfect with a guitar playing and a french speaking waiter!


Table decor Augusta Restaurant via lilblueboo.com

I was so excited to see everyone! Seriously….I could barely sleep last night!


Comfort Shower Arrival via lilblueboo.com

Some of my closest friends were there…..and our waiter commented on how he could tell it was such a nice group of women:


Comfort Shower Mollie via lilblueboo.com


It was a table of laughter and new friendships too…….some of my friends were meeting each other for the first time:


Comfort Shower KF via lilblueboo.com
Here’s the table-decorator-extraordinaire herself….Jen:


Comfort Shower TT via lilblueboo.com


Jen and Gale asked everyone to bring gifts of comfort…..so I joked that it was my “cancer shower” haha. Gale said “let’s call it a comfort shower“…..that sounds nicer :)


Comfort Shower Gift via lilblueboo.com

Gale, Me, and Jen:


LBB Comfort Shower 1 via lilblueboo.com


My sister-in-law Christy surprised me and flew in from Georgia!


LBB Comfort Shower 2 via lilblueboo.com

Gale making a toast…..


LBB Comfort Shower 3 via lilblueboo.com

…..and then making me teary:


LBB Comfort Shower 4 via lilblueboo.com


Gale surprised everyone at the luncheon with a Choose Joy necklace:


Choose Joy via lilblueboo.com

Everyone was so excited that it disrupted the entire restaurant…..we all laughed really hard over that:


Choose Joy gifts lilblueboo.com

Starting to open up gifts I got really overwhelmed and emotional that so much love and support was there:


Comfort Shower overwhelmed lilblueboo.com


Every gift was so thoughtful and perfect. I was overwhelmed!  There were magazines, pjs, scarves, comfy blankets, healing teas, essential oils, comfy clothes, books, snacks, devotionals, journals, sharpies….even a cooler full of gourmet homemade frozen soups!


Comfort Shower angels lilblueboo.com

My step-aunt Nancy came down for the day which was wonderful since she is usually with Cole, my step-cousin who is healing from a traumatic car wreck. She even stopped to bring me some fresh donuts!


Comfort Shower donuts lilblueboo.com

Mr. LBB and Boo made a quick appearance to say hi:


Comfort Shower Boo via lilblueboo.com

Lisa took all the wonderful photos. Thank you Lisa!


Comfort Shower Lisa and I via lilblueboo.com

My friend Jenn made all the bows into a bouquet….and I threatened to throw it and everyone yelled NO!!!! I guess no one else wants cancer…..we all got a good laugh about that.  I think I’ll save it and burn it once this is all over with:


Comfort Shower Bouquet (no one wants it!) via lilblueboo.com

I’m am truly blessed to be surrounded by such love. It was just a small luncheon…..there are so many others, including all of you out there, that have been so supportive and encouraging. I’ve never once felt alone in this journey. So thank you for that. And to Gale and Jen……thank you from the bottom of my heart for my “shower”……it was truly a day of joy and fun!  I love you so much!!!


Comfort Shower Bouquet (all) via lilblueboo.com




  1. says

    That’s great. Such love. Blessings to you. It’s late here… going to go to bed soon. Hope you have a wonderful night full of peaceful dreams, and lots of happiness and smiles.

  2. says

    Its so wonderful that you are surrounding my people who love you so much! I think that is such a special thing to do, and Im happy that you enjoyed yourself and it brought you some JOY.

    Lucky 7 Design

  3. Teresa says

    I love this! It looked like it was a beautiful day. We will all be happy when you can burn that bouquet when it’s over! Have a great rest of weekend Ashley!

  4. Shannon Pennicott says

    What a fantastic day for you! I choked up reading that and all the BEAUTIFUL details….What an incredible idea and you have a fantastic support team….My family all came home for xmas this year and I received the most beautiful treasured gifts and memories….I am making a book cover for all my writings and pictures with an idea I found from your site.(you are so talented if boggles my brain)…I am so happy you had this day :)

  5. Nicole Williams Romeo says

    I am in tears right now thinking of how special this day was for you and for all of your family and friends! What an awesome idea!!! You deserve it all and more. I just love the creativity!! I can’t wait to get my Choose Joy necklace in the mail any day now!!

  6. Nicole Bowen says

    Crying, just crying. I don’t know you, and I’ve known many people with too many horrible medically diagnostic outcomes. I am praying for you just as hard. I am so glad that you have this support, and the day that you announce you are cancer free, thousands will celebrate.

  7. Amanda says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! The pictures made me smile. God Bless YOU! You are truly an amazing spirit……I look foward to my daily Ashley updates :)

  8. Janet says

    Wow! What a precious group of ladies and such a sweet idea!! I am very thankful that through your journey you have such a great support group – both of those you know personally and those you know thru wonderful gift of the internet/fb. Sweet dreams tonight – may the memories of today help you thru rough spots when you need them, and may the prayers of all those of us out here in “la-la” land, carry you as well!!! Happy Choose Joy Day!!!!!

  9. Dianne says

    Love it! What a great idea! Love that table…..does Jen do a blog? She should…she really is good!

  10. christie says

    How truly meaningful! It makes me teary thinking just how thoughtful all those ladies are to do this for you! But of course,that just means you are so important to them that they wanted to do this for you!

  11. Lynda says

    So beautiful, you are truly blessed! I could feel the love through my iPad !
    The table looked amazing as well. I just received my Choose Joy necklaces and purplee bracelets..love them. You have started something amazing that is affecting so many people. Everyday I look to you for extra words of encouragement that I need. You are an inspiration :)

  12. andrea says

    That is such a nice shower/party. I was so excited to see you got DONUT MAN donuts I love them soooo much!!! :)

  13. Liz morales says

    So lovely and so thankful that u been so blessed to not be alone in this hard times, I don’t knw you and you don’t know me but you are a true inspiration and If I ever have to go thrue something like this I will sure remember you :)

  14. Mary says

    I don’t know why I got teary and had to hold back tears with this post but you inspire me. I think of you everyday and the journey you are on. I See your beautiful face on these posts and admire your kind eyes. God is with you I know because you shine light and I see it, and feel it. Bless you and your sweet family. Xoxo

  15. says

    What a beautiful shower! I have had a “Choose Joy” bracelet on my Etsy favorites (by metalsgirl) for a few weeks now. I love those words, and love it even more that you live by “Choose Joy” everyday. I need to buy it, so that I can have that daily reminder :)

    p.s. you look amazing in every picture!

  16. Claire Williams says

    What a beautiful wonderful idea! Mind if I steal it & share the comfort with someone else?! It’s very reassuring to know that in such a negative world there are people like you Ashley & your family & friends being so positive and loving. xxx

  17. Sammi says

    How amazing are your friends and family!? You are a truly and deeply blessed woman. If only everyone had the same support, the world would be a much happier place!

  18. says

    What a wonderful ,wonderful thoughtful group of friends and family you have ! <3
    Such a great idea and it shows so much love !
    I'm still in tears ……
    It looked like you all had a lovely time.

    I got my bracelets a few days ago ! You inspire me so much !
    Thank you Ashley!!! <3

  19. KerryQ says

    What a wonderful thing to do! We should do this for people we love when they’re healthy too! (um, I guess they’re called birthdays?)

  20. Heather G. says

    What a beautiful sweet comfort shower. Your mil and sil sound amazing. And you look gorgeous – you really do. I love your shirt too!

  21. Harmony says

    This literally brought tears to my eyes because of how deserving you are, and for the fact that others see it too. I hope you really enjoyed it. It looks truly gorgeous and fun and joyful!

  22. says

    Wow, what an incredible day, surrounded by incredible friends. You are loved and so deserving of such a day. You, along with those that attended, looked beautiful and so happy.

  23. Kathy says

    Thank you as usual for sharing so much of your journey with us. What an incredibly thoughtful way of showering you with joy and comfort! Such wonderful family and friends you have! And, yes, all of us out here on the web also care about you and are cheering you on! God bless you!

  24. says

    WOW, I am kinda speechless. What an amazing gift of love and support and friendship. I could feel the emotion in every one of those (amazing may I add Lisa! photos. You sure are in good hands on this journey. Hugs to all your amazing friends and family :) Oh and I agree that your SIL needs to become a party planner – OMG! Gorgeous table is an understatement!

  25. Claudia says

    You deserve this and more! You radiate so much JOY in all your pictures! Amazing friends and family! Donut man donuts are so yummy.
    May God continue to bless you and your family!


  26. Trish says

    I’m don’t cry, hardly ever, for any reason. But this honestly brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing day for you. You definitely deserve it. Thanks for the Joy you bring to so many people every day!

  27. Theresa says

    Yep, I am in tears. :) So beautiful…and you looked radiant, too! I think this is the sweetest, most amazing thing I have ever heard of. Girl, no doubt, you have the most amazing friends and family I have ever seen! Blessings to you!

  28. says

    praise God! you have a beautiful family and group of friends. my you continue to choose joy and celebrate the life that you have, cancer and all. you are abundantly blessed!

  29. Kalle says

    How gorgeous! I’m so glad you could be comforted and strengthened by such an amazing group of women! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

  30. Erin says

    I love it! Tears are flowin’!! So so special!! My mom threw me something similar…kinda. I had a ladies Wine-Night for a pre-chemo party before I started my treatment…and that was followed by a HUGE post-chemo bash!!! I can’t wait to read about your post-treatment festivities!!! And your support system will help you stay strong through this…its awesome!! Keep kickin’ butt!!

  31. says

    Ohhhhhh this made me teary eyed! You are so loved. Can I just say that you look stunning!? I almost don’t believe you have cancer;) The JOY you have also adds a bit of beauty. Xo

  32. says

    This is beautiful…and amazing…and encouraging,,,and touching….and oh so sweet! Obviously, a shower celebrating YOU! :) So happy you have all that love surrounding you!

  33. Georgina says

    One day I will be able to read through one of your blogs without crying!!!!!
    You are so blessed to have such amazing women in your life, and we are so blessed that you have let us all in to share with you this journey you are on. You remind me daily to choose joy, that is your gift to the world, I am sure.
    Only this morning I was feeling so down and fed up, (I wont bore you with my petty reasons), I turned on my computer to check into FB and there you where! The first post at the top of my NewsFeed, I saw your smiling face staring out at me and I was instantly reminded to Choose Joy!! Thankyou so much for that, your message has touched so many, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. Dawn says

    What an amazing group of friends and family you have. What an amazing gift for you, as always you are an inspiration!

  35. Kim K. says

    How blessed you are to have such wonderful family and friends! It really was a JOY shower…look at all the joy and light in everyone’s faces…thanks for sharing!

  36. Doris says

    Ashley THANK You so much for sharing with all of us out in internet land. It’s just one of the many many ways you spread your JOY! I couldn’t sleep and was feeling terrible lonely, so Idecided to check Facebook to see how you were doing after chemo on Friday. And then I came across your post!! It was a HUGH reminder to me that even though I am so alone and lonely to look into my life at the good things and to CHOOSE JOY!! God Bless you and your family, and everyone of those loving women who came to your “shower” to show their love for you and too you! HUGS, Doris

  37. says

    What a beautiful feeling to be surrounded with so much love!! Looks like it was a truly lovely afternoon.

    I understand when you say it’s quite overwhelming. I have a sweet bestie who threw me a “friendship” luncheon before undergoing surgery for a brain tumor in 2010. I was so touched and just couldn’t fully express it without breaking down. It’s such a heart warming feeling to actually witness how incredibly much your friends love you. I can talk about the entire sickness, surgery, recovery with ease now…but when it comes to talking about the love & support of my family & friends, the memory of it turns me into a puddles.

    What treasures they are!! Soak them up & LEAN on them…..they need you to, and it’s really the best way to reciprocate. That’s what one of them told me at the onset. Now that I’ve been on the other side, I realize just how true that is!!

    We’re all pulling for you and praying for you, sweet girl!! {{{{hugs}}}}


  38. Emily says

    First of all, you look gorgeous! Secondly, what a lovely idea! One I’ll definitely use sometime in the future. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  39. Betty says

    What a wonderful blessing! Made my eyes fill up with tears at such a wonderful act of love. You can see it shining in everyone’s eyes.

    I have to say though, are ALL of your friends and family so beautiful!!!???? Wow, great pictures and you just look beautiful. :)

    Sending big hugs,

  40. Laura Ritter says

    It’s a wonderful thing when women get together to love & support one another! You definitely are not alone!! Can tell from the pictures that it was an amazing day for you :0)

  41. Natalie MItchell says

    Beautiful!!!! Wow…what a wonderful tribe of family and friends you have, Warrior Ashley! That table IS gorgeous, along with everyone! These pics should be in a magazine. Thanks for your contagious positive energy. God’s light shines through you! Have a great day!

  42. Jody says

    What a sweet party! You are truly amazing and so blessed with such an incredible support system. I’m so glad Christy was able to join you. Everything looked lovely…Gale and Jen are fabulous party planners! :)

    I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You are my constant reminder to try
    and “Choose Joy” every day.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  43. says

    What a beautiful shower! thanks for sharing your special day with us! I hope you enjoy your gifts, and pamper yourself! What amazing friends for an amazing lady!

  44. Katrina says

    Wow! What an amazing day… I love the idea of a “comfort shower”. You look great, I mean REALLY REALLY great… healthy and glowing.

  45. Susan says

    You have an amazing village of support! These are true friends that understand your needs. Embrace their love!

  46. says

    What a gorgeous shower!

    And an awesome idea – comfort gifts. Love it.

    You are gorgeous and stunning. I love your blog – fairly new reader, never commented, but I’ve read the last 100 or so posts. You are definitely inspiring!


  47. Rory says

    That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard of. Oh my heavens….tears of joy and prayers of comfort!

  48. Marlene says

    wow…i couldn’t help but cry tears of happiness for you….what an amazing group of friends and a remarkable mother in law and sister in law you have…what a blessing!! they truly love and care about you! I continue to think and pray for you, lil boo and your hubby and family. sending you warm hugs from Tampa…btw, the pictures are beautiful and you look amazing…just simply beautiful… love how they captured your heart beaming!

  49. says

    Absolutely beautiful!! You have such an amazing group of women rallying around you and for that I am glad! Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful photos and love that surrounded you that day. XOXO

  50. Nicole says

    What a beautiful shower! I teared at looking at all the pictures! You are so loved and blessed! I’m happy to be your blogging friend and Choose Joy with you in Nebraska!

  51. Allison S. says

    What a wonderful way to celebrate you! The table setting was so beautiful. I’m glad you were able to have this special moment with these important ladies.

  52. laura~eye candy event details says

    How awesome is this!!! WOW – what a great idea for the people to do that love you the most! I am so thankful that you had a day that was all about YOU! You so deserve it & I am glad to had a good time. Hope you are able to get some rest today & RELAX! xoxo

  53. Linda L says

    How wonderful!! I teared up just looking at the pictures!! Such loving friends and family!! I am so glad you are surrounded by love!!

  54. kara s. says

    This made be tear up so much. Its so nice to see a wonderful group of women lifting each other up.
    What wonderful memories.

  55. Liisa Sanchez says

    Reading this thru tears…..what a beautiful day. You look gorgeous Ashley, even with everything your body is dealing with. So glad you got a day to celebrate YOU. Praying every day…xx

  56. Dawn says

    There is that old saying “What goes around comes around” so it is no surprise because you GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, Joy and Love yourself that it has come back around to you. You are an inspiration to so many.

  57. Sharon Stone says

    As I wipe away my own tears of joy and love, I’m reminded how amazing friendship is. It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by such love! You are always so amazing, beautiful, giving, loving, and kind, its no wonder those so close wanted to celebrate you!

  58. SLS says

    What a wonderful celebration of YOU and the love and friendships you have cultivated over the years. I love this idea. A needed reminder to choose joy.

  59. Trisha MIller says

    what a beautiful memory! The details were amazing! You have such a wonderful support system everywhere you go! Don’t forget that ever! We’re all here for you, in spirit, mind , body and soul…we all love you and I’m so glad so many people were able to celebrate you in person! What an awesome day yesterday must have been!

  60. says

    Such a wonderful day for you!!! Those table settings??? Are you kidding me!? So gorgeous. Made me so anxious for summer and flowers blooming everywhere. Your friends are so wonderful. Loving you head scarf too! Gorgeous, just gorgeous Ashley!

  61. says

    what a beautiful celebration. you can FEEL the love just by looking at these pictures. we are ALL cheering you on from here in blog land too. thank you for being so transparent with your journey. you have CERTAINLY inspired me to CHOOSE JOY!!!
    blessings!!! xoxo

  62. says

    I am so in awe of you! I went through cancer surgery one year ago, and I was blessed with not having to go through any treatment! I am hooked on reading your story I think about you and your path and I pray God keeps you strong and full of JOY. Your family and friends wonderful. Thank you for your words.

  63. Bellen says

    So totally awesome, loving, beautiful and wonderful. How joyful to be surrounded by such caring friends and family.

    I’m putting this ‘comfort shower’ in my special to-do list – we all know someone who needs the comfort at some point in their lives. Choosing Joy is so much
    easier than choosing negative – you’ve inspired me.

    And – disrupting the rest of the restaurant – if others couldn’t feel the good vibes you were all sending out, their major big time loss.

  64. Marie says

    What a lovely idea, and wonderful family and friends!! Thank you so much for making me realize the importance of the little things in life. I can’t even imagine what its like; but I come here to see how you’re doing and am trying very hard each day to Choose Joy.
    Thank you and I can`t wait until you get the all clear.

  65. Kandace Marton says

    LOVE THIS!!! You look so great & gorgeous. Your such an inspiration. My prayers are with you and your family. I hope your healed very soon.

  66. Borie says

    What a wonderful day, with wonderful friends and family. Thank you Ashley for sharing this JOY with all of us.

    God bless you with a fast and complete recovery!

  67. Christine N. says

    I’ve never heard of a Comfort Shower, but I love the idea of showering someone with blessings & support when they’re going through such a trial.
    How wonderful for you to be surrounded by so much love & encouragement.
    God bless you with strength & joy as you heal!

  68. lynnea says

    first and foremost, you make cancer look good! lol! youre gorgeous!

    secondly, thats so sweet and totally awesometaht theyd do that for you. and completely original! whod have thunk it? oh, well, i guess them! 😀

    lastly, DONUTS! we had donut today, too. and you were thought of during ever. single. bite. lol. esp on the heart-shaped boston creme…even though valentines day is over…hm, guess dunkin donuts is choosing joy, too!

    happy choose joy day, ashley!!! <3 [ps. i totally think february 19th of every year should be the official "choose joy" day and everyone should get a calendar on choose joy day that lists has an inspirational quote for every single day of the year and that each quote should end with the words "…and choose joy." lisa should get to work on that one. 😉 lol! jk lisa!!! but i DO think itd be a good idea to have a calendar sort of thing like that…]

  69. scrummy squirrel says

    How wonderful to have that many people that care about you. I cannot even imagine what that must be like. You are so beautiful, on the inside as well as on the outside. I have asked
    God to please heal you.

  70. Betsy says

    So thankful you had such a great day…to your Christy from Georgia, I live in Dalton and pray for your immediate and permanent recovery.

  71. says

    omgosh…this is an AMAZING, thoughful and totally healing idea. YES, you gotta burn those ribbons when this is over, I agree. I made something today with your motto ‘choose joy’. I LOVE it. In the few short weeks I have been following you, I am inspired and living life to its fullest. Even if all that means is going to work and coming home to make art in my spare time. Thank you.

    • Shevaun says

      Ashley, you have an amazng family of in-laws and they are so privilleged to have you in their family!! What a great celebration and how nice to be showered with comfort. i’m sure it was very emotional. You are an inspiration and people want to celebrateyour incredible attitude and show you how much they think of you. You truly inspire me.

  72. Amanda says

    Wow, just wow! That’s one amazing way to show someone support…you have a very wonderful support circle.

  73. Michelle says

    What a beautiful day! Why am I not surprised you are surrounded by such wonderful women?! What a great idea! I hope you get to take comfort with some of your gifts! I just want to let you know what an inspiration you are. I often stop to think about how I can choose joy!

  74. says

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story and idea. How lucky we all are to have our girls! I’m a breast cancer survivor who knows first hand the power of friendship.

    For anyone out there considering a comfort shower for a friend, I want to introduce you to a gift idea for your comfort shower….a pretty treatment garment from http://www.jillies.com. Jillies is a 501c3. All proceeds go to educating college age women about breast health. Thank you for sharing.

  75. Jennifer says

    Wow…what a beautiful group of women. How sweet and wonderful to be blessed
    with such thoughtful and giving friends and family.
    I have been reading your blog for a little while and have been in awe of your creativity and your strength.
    Augusta is one of my favorite places to go in the desert. We live here seasonally and always take our guests there especially for girl’s lunch. Love the Chinese chicken salad….yum-O!
    I agree your sister-in-law should totally start a business…..this would be the perfect place!

  76. Cuppy Walker says

    What WONDERFUL IDEA ! What special friends you have. They are all so lucky to be a part of your life. You continue to amaze me with your sense of humor, your awesome descriptions of so many procedures, your wonderful mothering, your thoughtfulness, your strength, your faith, your wisdom and of course your CREATIVITY. You are truly amazing and certainly live ” Choose Joy”. I love the picture of you and Lisa at the luncheon, Great Pictures Lisa. Thanks for sharing.
    Thoughts are with you, Cuppy

  77. Robyn says

    What a beautiful day full of love.. I am speechless….I have been reading your blog for about a week now and I am completely hooked. I also read through Jenny’s entire caringBridge journal.. what a wonderful woman she was.. May she be resting in peace… i have to tell you, I think you are such a beautiful woman both on the inside and the outside… I also have to say thank you..You see, I have been sick for many years with chronic illness and I got to a point a few years ago that I just plain gave up and got tired of it.. because of that I know I have caused myself damage that could have been prevented. then I came across your blog and that of Jennys … You have inspired me to start once again seeing the doctors i need too and going through the tests i need to even though I am terrorfied of them…
    Its because of your courage and strength that I am finding my own.. I want to be a strong, courageous woman like you are.. Now you may not think you are these things but for those of us on the outside looking in, you certainly are, and more.. so thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for taking us all along on your journey with you.. You are my inspiration to begin helping myself again and for that there are no words i could ever come up with that would tell you how thankful to you that I am..
    Please know I keep you and your family in my prayers..

    God Bless You,

    • Valerie in Colorado says

      Hi Robyn,
      I don’t know if you will read this, but I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I am sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers that you are well on your way to recovery! No matter what, don’t give up…never give up! I will be thinking of you and visualizing an abundance of happiness and peace in your life! Blessings always! Valerie

  78. says

    Wow Ashley, what a wonderful group of family and friends you have. You truly are blessed! I love the idea of a ‘Comfort Shower’ and will keep it in mind. With regards to the table decor, Jen is an artist. Everything looked absolutely beautiful. Most of all, you seem to just sparkle in the warmth and love of all those loving people.

  79. says

    What an awesome thing to do for someone! Love that! So thankful you are so wonderfully supported and abundantly loved. Something you said about “not feeling alone” reminded me of a song that we have been singing at church lately. I think you’ll like it. It’s by Matt Redman and it’s called “Never Once.”
    “Scars and struggles on the way
    But with joy our hearts can say
    Never once did we ever walk alone
    Carried by Your constant grace
    Held within Your perfect peace
    Never once, no, we never walk alone”

  80. Beverly Atkins says

    How perfect for you! You are such a shining example of love, strenght and pure joy! You have taught us all so much. You deserve comfort, love and joy. I cried just reading the post. It’s so full of joy, how could anyone not choose joy? You have so much love surrounding you – there and out here. I’m just warmed to my very core that there is so much love surrounding you. The shower was beautiful. The table was gorgeous and all of you are beautiful! I’m not good with words so I’ll just stop typing now. Just know that I love you and I pray for you every day.

  81. ira lee henson says

    this is so lovely!! and completly embraces the ‘choose joy’ motto! you sre so lucky to have such great friends. !!!

  82. kristin says

    What an awesome pick me up… so glad you could enjoy the lunch and be lifted up by a few of your friends. Now get back to kicking cancer’s ass! 😉

  83. Glenda Potter says

    Family and friends are God’s instruments to let us know that He is with us (“I am with you always”). When you realize that it is all Him, it means even more! What an awesome and compassionate Father we have! I’ll never understand it, but I’m so thankful for it!!

  84. Megan - Newly Wife says

    How sweet! And so wonderful that your friends were able to surround you and love on you! Love the necklaces too!

  85. says

    Ashley – just linked to your website through your hair bands on Pinterest and wow! I found so much more that inspired me! Love, love the comfort shower and know first hand the importance of love and support from friends and family. In 2005, I had a bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma. I couldn’t have made it with tremendous support. I just started a blog because I feel so blessed to be alive and I want to inspire others. Thanks for the inspiration you are sharing. I will definitely be following you. God bless!

  86. nicolle carlin says

    What a wonderful idea! Thank you for the joy your blog brings to me and my family. Sending prayers for joy….. strength … and good health to you and your family.

  87. says

    You can definitely see the love they all have for you through the photos. I am happy to know you are surrounded by such wonderful supportive family and friends.

    And yes…burn that bouquet when it is all over!!!!!

    In my prayers ever night.

  88. says

    Everything, everyone, you, all of it, lovely & precious! I love Palm Desert so much, and I think the only thing missing from your group, is your token black friend and I’m happy to offer myself up. LOL! Totally kidding. I think you are just so blessed and these women are truly loyal and strong & you are the strongest of the bunch! Once again, thank you for sharing so much of yourself & the details with all of us. Your fans, the world! You rock!

  89. Leslie Skarbek says

    You are such a beautiful person inside and out. What love surrounded you at this beautiful shower…incredible. Thank you for sharing your journey. My dear friend has begun a battle with ovarian cancer and begins chemo soon. I am looking forward to sharing your blog with her. You are a true inspiration and an amazing woman. I wish you strength and continued healing.

  90. Carrie says

    That was so beautiful~! How lucky to have so many wonderful friends in a difficult time. I wish you health and much happiness!

  91. Angie Bytnar says

    I don’t even know where to start. What an amazing story i have a friend going through Cancer and this brought tears to my eyes. My hudband went through cancer at 43 May god bless you And heal you! My thoughts and prayers are with you

  92. Tina in Reno says

    What a beautiful group of women. You already know how blessed you are to have so much support during a very difficult time in your life. I wish we were all so blessed. I wish you the best!

  93. Lori says

    What a blessing!

    “A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.” – Proverbs 17:17

  94. says

    What a wonderful family you have to do this for you. The was a beautiful luncheon. And you look so graceful on all the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  95. Rena says

    I am totally tearing up. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and support system. Wow, it is truly inspiring.

  96. says

    What a wonderful theme! You are so lucky to have such a fabulous network of supportive friends and family!

    Cancer touches so many of us, and I guess gatherings like these help us remember that there is so much more to celebrate and be grateful for! Beautiful and inspiring!

  97. says

    This is the first time I have stopped by your blog and I was brought to tears by the love and friendship of the ladies that attended your “Comfort Shower”. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with me. <3

  98. Jen says

    This is so amazing. Your courage & attitude are so beautiful…I am only one of so many that don’t know you but are praying for the best for you…keep that light shining through your smile!

  99. Andrea says

    I am way down on the list here of comments but maybe you will read it anyway. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 1 year and 20 days ago. I went through 12 rounds of chemo – one every other week for 6 months and then a month of radiation. I am a wife and mother to four. My baby girl was just 8 months old when I was diagnosed. I finally received my first clear scan results on 1/4/12 and just had another scan a couple of days ago. If it comes back clear I can finally get my port out. Anyway, this is the first time I have been to your blog and was so surprised to see that you were battling cancer yourself. As I read about your shower of comfort it literally brought tears to my eyes thinking of the many ways I was comforted through my journey. My heart aches for you simply because I know the journey you are on but it rejoices for you because of the attitude you have chosen to take. I know how many people you are inspiring through your journey and that is a beautiful thing. May blessings of joy, peace, and healing be with you.

  100. michele says

    You are such an inspiration….I can’t begin to tell you!!!! As someone who has been in a tough situation, also having an emergency hysterectomy, with the birth of my first child, our daughter…I know how life’s curve balls, can throw you so out of whack! ;o Reading your story…and seeing your outlook on life and your situation…has truly spoken to my heart…in ways you may not be able to imagine…I am going to try my best, to live each day and ‘choose joy’ instead of letting the hard, sad parts, bring down my days…thanks again! Best of luck…I hope you know what an amazing woman-inspiration you are!

  101. says

    what a wonderful theme/day to celebrate!! you are so beautiful! your smile shines hope, faith and love!! What a great group of women to be surrounded with…seemed like a lovely time! one of my best guy friends and i share the belief of “why wait to wear a “special/nice” outfit for only “special occasions” break em out whenever you feel like it. Life, no matter what day, is worth celebrating :) i try to remember that myself when I feel “crappy, tired, headaches etc”…,much love & prayer!


  102. says

    I cried just reading this post! I think you’re amazing and am thankful you have such wonderful friends and family to support you.

  103. Bonnie says

    Wow! You have lots of REALLY good looking friends and family! oh, and they’re pretty loving too :) haha! lucky you!

  104. Sonya says

    That is one of the nicest events ever! What wonderful, loving, generous relatives to plan such a beautiful luncheon. The table is amazing, too! It has inspired me to start a new pin board of beautiful tables.

  105. says

    i just cried reading this [yikes!] at work [when i should be working…double yikes]. that is so sweet and i’m sure you felt so well loved by those sweet ladies. i am going to remember this should any of my friends have to go through such a trial. i’d love to shower them with love this way too.

  106. says

    I just pinned your table decorations on Pinterest and a ton of people “liked” and repinned them! Just thought I’d let you know. 😀

  107. Sue says

    What a remarkable group of family and friends you have. Looked like the perfect day! I am so glad I saw this!! Prayers for you, sue

  108. Carla Allen says

    Ashley – Just featured the Comfort Shower on my blog and shared the link to your beautiful story! Love your site!