Choose Joy Necklace by The Vintage Pearl for Lil Blue Boo

We are so overwhelmed by the response for the Choose Joy Necklace by The Vintage Pearl for Lil Blue Boo. Thank you all so much!


The first round of orders have shipped out and we have started to receive comments on the facebook page that they are starting to arrive, yay!


Pre-orders that were taken last week will begin shipping in about a week. We are happy to announce that pre-orders are available again!  If you do not get one this round, please do not worry. We will try and list them periodically :-)

The Vintage Pearl is doing us the ultimate kindness by making these necklaces! These girls are rock stars! We love this post on The Vintage Pearl blog by Whitney: how God speaks, a stamper’s testimony.  Whitney is just one of Erin’s AMAZING stampers.

Thank you to The Vintage Pearl and to all of YOU for the support you have shown Ashley!

You can get your Choose Joy Necklace by the The Vintage Pearl in our shop HERE.





P.S. We have received emails about alternate chain lengths for the necklaces. We only have one length available but The Vintage Pearl does have an a la carte page where you can shop for different chains. Thank you for your understanding!



  1. Leslie says

    I just ordered mine! I missed the first two rounds. I’m so excited.
    I. can. not. wait. It’s my valentine present this year. I made it super easy on my husband. :)

  2. says

    I just ordered mine. I, too, missed the first round. I still am composing an email to Ashley. She doesn’t even realize how much she has helped people with her beautiful outlook. Thank you to VINTAGE PEARL… I LOVE that store! SO much!!! xoxoxo

  3. Sunny says

    I got mine in the mail today too! I LOVE it. It’s the first piece of jewelry I’ve bought from The Vintage Pearl and definitely won’t be my last. I love everything about it!

  4. Cynthia says

    WooHoo. Ordered one. Was so sad that I didn’t get on the last pre order and thought I was out of luck. Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

  5. Ceil says

    Hi! I’ve been reading this blog for a short time and find it uplifting and truly a reason to hope!! Is it possible to get this amazing necklace with a 20″ or 24″ inch chain?? Thanks

  6. laura~eye candy event details says

    YAY!!! I finally got one! As soon as I saw this – ordered & done! Anything to support you my friend + they are way stinkin CUTE!!! =)

  7. Pamela says

    Got two ordered tonight! One for my daughter and one for me. Ashley, I homeschooled my children and when it came to Homemaking class of sewing my youngest daughter balked. I knew she could sew but she absolutely refused. We verily finished a simple pillow just so I could have something of a grade to turn in. Then one day last year she sends me your link on Facebook. “Mom–check out this blog!” Next thing I know, pictures of cute little dresses for my granddaughter are showing up on Facebook. My daughter gives you the credit, Ashley, for teaching her to sew. Guess I just taught her how to thread the machine—LOL!!! Hugs!!!

  8. Nina H says

    I jut ordered one. I was so sad i missed the last chance – they were there when i went to bed, and by morning (uk time) pre-orders had stopped. I was not hanging around this time.

  9. Nichelle says

    I am so excited I was able to order one this time! I have been having a few struggles lately, and often remind myself of your “Choose Joy” outlook. The necklace is beautiful AND it can only help me keep my attitude joyful! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  10. says

    Just ordered one! I am at a crossroads in my life and having to make a very important decision–to let something go that I use to love very much, but it just isn’t bringing me joy anymore. Choose Joy could mean so much to so many people. For me…it means letting go of something that isn’t bringing me joy anymore and doing just that! CHOOSING JOY!

  11. Ali Thompson says

    Rats. I’ve missed three rounds now. But, I did open my mailbox and find two packages of “Choose Joy” bracelets today so I’m choosing joy instead of disappointment and I’ll just keep trying!

    Good luck tomorrow. I know we’ll probably never meet but I think and pray about your health that that of your family daily.


  12. says

    I can’t wait to wear mine! I ordered it and will await it patiently as I know there are lots going out! I can’t wait to show it off at work, I work at Hoag Hospital, in Newport Beach, as a Registered, and cant wait to show it off to all my fellow Nurses and share your story!

    I have learned so much from YOU, from reading your blog about your life and your experiences through your cancer journey and your love for crafting , I have vowed to CHOOSE JOY and make it a part of my everyday life! You truly are more than an INSPIRATION!

  13. Emma Beatson says

    Awww!!! I missed out this round! Waiting patiently, (well maybe not so patiently) until next time, I cant wait to get my daily dose of reminding me to be joyful of every moment. I will wear it with pride here in Australia.
    Much love to you and yours Ashley, Emma.

  14. Kristen Urie says

    Ahhhhhh, I missed it but I am hopeful to get in on one of these beauties soon. I am sure I know someone who needs this for a gift, too. These are great and very meaningful. I can’t wait to order some and get to wear them.

  15. says

    LOL – missed the preorder again! Dang it! Oh well, I’ll get one sometime soon. I hope there will be more opportunities to help Ashley & family out while getting a wonderful Choose Joy necklace!

    Ashley, you and your family continue to be in my thoughts…

  16. Deb says

    Received my Choose joy necklace today and LOVE it! I put it on right out of the package..two words can have an amazing impact on everyday life..thanks for inspiring me!