A Little of the Same

Well, I got my HCG numbers back yesterday and they haven’t moved……despite the icky Cisplatinum drip last week. The good news is they didn’t go up!  That means either the tumors are just being stubborn and not shrinking or some are growing and some are shrinking and balancing each other out. I think they are just being stubborn…..holding on for dear life as we try to annihilate them. I have CT scans on Monday so I’m excited for those. It’s always nice to see what’s going on inside.

Thanks to the steroids from Thursday…..I felt amazing. I’ve got this whole health regimen going on too which I swear has made a huge difference the last week…..I’ll share soon as soon as I get photographs and put it in manageable format. Lisa said she heard me say on the phone during a phone call: sorry I’m talking so fast….just too much energy today!

I had a run-on sentence day……you won’t want to actually read this…..but it’s a great picture as to why I didn’t do a blog post last night! 

I woke up at 6:30am and jumped out of bed, I did my makeup all pretty, I went to Dr. L’s office for my Nuelasta shot, then I went to Clark’s for a wheatgrass pallet and our other local health food store for a smoothie and an egg salad sandwich, then came home and made a bunch of phone calls and picked up Boo early from school. Boo and I went to the school thrift sale fundraiser and I bribed the lady at the back door to let us out with a quarter so I wouldn’t have to wait in line 45 minutes to pay for a 25 cent rubber ducky. I researched and ordered an inexpensive wheatgrass juicer on my iPhone…..first time placing a mobile Amazon order….hope it went through.  We went to Marshall’s…..I had promised Boo an insulated tumbler cup like mine and they had them there for $4.99, then we went ran 400 other errands (did you know they make special tennis balls just for kids? you can get them at Sports Authority…my FIL is teaching Boo to play tennis).  Next up: Target to stock up on breakfast cereal, Sephora so I could get some under-eye concealer to cover up my new dark circles, the dog boutique to get Diesel a new collar that doesn’t choke him, and Walgreens to buy a stockpile of enema systems. The guy at Walgreen’s thought I was nuts when I told him I was paying enemas forward as gifts. Oh, Boo ate it on the pavement outside of Sephora so the nice lady inside patched her up. We finally made it home by 5pm to say goodbye to Lisa and Gicela. We weren’t allowed to talk to Lisa all day…..she was in Choose Joy necklace shipping frenzy. Are you tired yet? Boo and I practiced her tennis on the back patio and then we made some recycled crayons. Our friends George and Jodi came over for dinner and we all played Candy Land with Boo……resulting in the biggest meltdown in history when Boo lost. Then Boo mooned us a few times. Then she “sunned” us and we decided it was time for her to go to bed. Mr. LBB and I fell into bed and watched Moneyball. Great movie. PHEW.


Not part of the health regimen (the only healthy cereal, Crispix, is Boo’s!):



We might try to make it to the Wildflower Festival today. I’ve got exactly 4 more precious days until they kick my butt again with Cisplatinum!

Hope you have a great Saturday!




  1. Kathy Hoy says

    I so want to go to that festival not sure yet waiting till noon to see if we are up to it with Miss P having a cough still but some sun and fresh air might do her some good!!!

  2. says

    HOLY COW, girl! I bet Boo ate it on the pavement because she was trying to keep up with you moving a mile a minute! Ha, Ha! Yay for no increase in your HCG numbers. Looking forward to more answers from the scans.

  3. Michele M says

    Thank you for the update! I was sending vibes that you would have energy! Enjoy your weekend! Take it one day at a time! Continue to send hugs and prayers! Michele M

  4. Kara Snider says

    I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I just love you! I hope you have the best 4 days you’ve ever had!!!

  5. Ruby Lynn says

    I sure hope you took a couple of breaths while you were typing my friend. :)

    Glad the numbers didn’t go up. May the scans show good news on Monday.

    Give Boo a kiss on her booboos, and she’s entitled to her own meltdowns once in a while with a running day like yesterday. I would have mooned all of you guys too. (_|_) Trust me…not something you would want to see. LOL Now, don’t know what the sunning is all about, so I’ll pass on that one.

    The fair sounds like fun, we have Honolulu Festival going on this weekend.

    Aloha to you and the family. Prayers and healing light from our island. Huggers, Ruby

  6. Mary Jane Postiglione says

    Wow those are some serious errands! I need this energy regimen…I am a sugar addict!

    Hoping for some great news at your MRI scan!

    Any recommendation on eye concealer?!

  7. Dianne K says

    Holy Cow! Not sure I could keep up with you!! Loved the movie Money Ball. Have fun at the festival!

  8. Dyan Rose says

    I’m thinking those stubborn tumors are going to get their butts kicked with your next dose of Cisplatinum. You are a fighter, and lovely, intelligent woman to boot. I hope everyone is as inspired by your attitude as I am. As they say, it’s all in how you choose to look at it. I’m sending lots of positivity and prayers your way chica.

  9. Karyn G. says

    LOVE it! My sweet Hannah Bean melts down every. time. we. play Candyland!! It’s a childrens torture device I tell you. She screams “NOOO, I don’t want to go back to the peanut!!” I’m so happy to hear you have lots of energy. xoxo

  10. Jeja says

    Karyn G, I just had to jump in here to tell you that my daughter Hannah has been referred to as ” my sweet Hannah Bean” for all of her 22 years! That makes me smile!

    And Ashley, I never thought in a million years I’d find myself following along a total strangers cancer journey, but here I am, reading, laughing, hoping, and praying…I’m inspired, and so humbled.

    Does Hollywood know about you? Cuz they should!

  11. says

    I love your positivity, it’s such and inspiration and good example. I hope I am half as awesome as you are in dealing with your illness. I hope you get good news from your scan.

    Btw yes, I did read your steroid induced ramble, and I laughed because I can totally imagine you talking like this and racing around like you’re in fast forward mode!

  12. Meredith M. says

    Moneyball was such good movie! Good choice. Take Boo to see the Lorax if you are up for it! It was a really good movie adaption and some great music too! Wish those tumors were shrinking but glad it isn’t going in the other direction with your numbers. Pray your CT scan reveals encouraging things and useful information. As always you crack me up! And I love that my children aren’t the only ones who are terrible sports when it comes to losing. :) Good y’all put an end to the madness once you got “sunned”.

  13. Kalle says

    Hooray for steroids and health regimens! Whatever keeps you feeling happy and energetic and accomplishing your goals is GREAT!

  14. Julia says

    Lisa, I got my Choose Joy bracelet very fast and it’s beautiful. I appreciate your (and the teams) hard work.

    Ashley, I am also very grateful for your hard work: Staying positive, being a fun and loving mom and still working as much as you can. (Take it easy … ).

  15. Jessica says

    Hi, been reading some of your stories and I wish you the best of luck. I have stage 2 breast cancer and have been feeling like death lately, BUT I was given a bottle of prescription steroids to control the nausea. I never took them, but now I’m thinking if I do I’ll be feeling much better, lol.

  16. Lori says

    You are a machine! I got tired just reading that post! 😉
    God bless.
    “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. ”
    – Psalm 37:4-5

  17. Krystal says

    Awesome post:)
    One question! Which concealer did you buy??? Did they have a best concealer recommendation?!
    Hope your next few days are JUST AS FUN!:)

  18. Angela says

    Does it make me a bad person that when I read that someone else’s kid has meltdowns over the same thing my kid does, it made me smile?

  19. says

    First time on your site… followed a pin and am now caught up. Thank you for the positive energy and, yes, JOY, that you exude.

    Seven years ago I battled choriocarcinoma following a twin molar pregnancy. I worked through much of chemo (until we had to graduate to the drug “cocktails,” and I was too tired to teach for several days afterwards), I still played with my two year old, watching my weary husband do most of the daddy and mommy stuff, and felt the blessings of amazing people around me (meals bought, gifts dropped by, silky scarves left anonymously on my desk, etc.) and experienced much Grace.

    I now have two more beautiful children, and a more joyful outlook on life. I applaud your spirit, and hope you continue to do well. I’ll pray for your numbers to continue a steady downward spiral (I remember the discouragement of hitting a plateau — or worse finding out that the numbers were rising again).

    Best wishes,

  20. Debbie B says


    Wow, I thought I was doing good spending the afternoon in search of double ended, non-static, cotton swabs. We went from Woodland Hills to Burbank. I fell asleep on the way home. So happy to hear you had a good day! No movement in the numbers? The nasty tumors are being stubborn but they will shrivel soon. Have a great weekend.
    Debbie B.

  21. says

    Um… Oh my gosh! You are CRAZY woman! Lol! Glad to see you with so much energy though! Must have felt good. Glad to know I’m not the only one that had to battle a meltdown lately! I was picturing you and Boo running around in fast forward while reading all that, and had to laugh. I’m one of the lucky recipients of the Choose Joy necklace orders that Lisa was quarantined for to get shipped (big thank you Lisa). I’m so excited to get mine! I can’t WAIT! I’m so inspired by your choice to choose joy, that I’m trying to do it everyday! This is a challenge for me as I am a natural born pessimist, unfortunately….. BUT, I’m bound and determined to CHANGE THAT. (although some days I feel like I could use about 12 of those necklaces hanging around my neck). :). Have a great weekend Ashley!

  22. Amy says

    Wow! “I want what she’s having.” love that line from “When Harry meet Sally” So happy to hear you had a wonderful day.

  23. says

    The Cereal picture spoke to me- it is like that at our house too! :) I have been thinking though, my sister and mom are on a plant-based diet and they’ve been telling me how animal proteins can increase cancer growth (I think it is in the China Study or Eat To Live books). I still eat meat, but it is something to think about. Don’t hate me for the suggestion! I just want to you all better.