Photo of the Day: 60-years of Wisdom and Strength

I love this little vignette from Rosie….a sweet woman that works with my sister Perry. Rosie doesn’t know this……but I used to find four leaf clovers for my dad when I was little since he was born on St. Patrick’s Day.

Recently I was looking for something meaningful to give my 30-year-old niece who is going through breast cancer and remembered I had tucked away a few 4-leaf clovers in my Grandfather’s bible. Frankly it was about 60 years ago. I use the 4-leaf clovers to make you and my niece a little keepsake. I like to feel like they have been soaking up the wisdom and strength in that wonderful book.

60-years of wisdom and strength….and it reminds me of my dad too. So thoughtful. Ever feel like you are getting sent little signs?


  1. K G Palmer says

    I think God talks to us all the time and sends us messages, it is a shame we sometimes miss them. I am praying for a complete recovery for you, strength for each of you and being open to receiving blessings in disquise :+) I had a friend suggest a book called ‘When God Winks at You” by Squire Rushnell. It is wondeful and amazing, a quick read – but so inspiring! Blessings – K

  2. says

    It’s a beautiful keepsake and story tied to it as well. I am so happy that you are getting ‘signs’ along the way. I know in my own journey through grief and tragedy sometimes the smallest things meant the very most. I haven’t gotten any tangible signs from my little Teagan for a long time now. But I can tell you that nearly every Sunday- or wherever else I find myself lifting my heart and voice in worship and song- I love to close my eyes and for a moment I can “see her singing” and I am reminded that our hearts are in the very same place. Even though we’re not physically in the same place. I love knowing that Heaven really isn’t that far off at all. I hope that the strength and wisdom and faith you have from your dad, your family with you and supporting you, and from your friends all around the world you will continue to feel lifted up, loved and filled with the courage it takes to seek Joy and keep pushing through. Each day. My love and prayers continue for you…xo.

  3. Kitty Schaefer says

    Oh Sweet Girl you are, that is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have heard of in a long time. Blessed those are who have you in their lives :)

  4. Laura Cardner says

    Hello! I am rosie’s niece. I have the matching clovers! I will put a picture on your Facebook page. I was so moved by rosie’s wise clovers!!!

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing it helps me in my journey.

  5. Cindy Riley says

    I have definitely had signs from those that I had loved and lost. This post is just another affirmation that it happens. Beautiful.

  6. Mary Todnem says

    YES, your Dad is really letting you know he is watching over you with this and the lullabye!! Have fun with your sis!!

  7. says

    Hi, Ashley
    It’s always neat when people gives you something and it just Blesses your heart. I’m praying for you. I have a saying and I hope it Blesses your heart before chemotherapy this week; “I will not be defeated and I will not quit.” Press on and keep thanking God. You have bless me so much and I am thankful for you. Have a bless week!


  8. Meghan Grace says

    What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I truly believe that messages are given to us all the time. We just miss them sometimes!

  9. Beth Morrow says

    Beautiful! I love the sentiment behind it!
    Love ya!
    I used to hunt 4 leaf clovers too and found them all the time!

  10. janejane says

    We need more Rosies in this world ! What a sweet gesture. One of my favorite quotes…..” There are joys which long to be ours. God sends ten thousand truths, which come about us like birds seeking inlet; but we are shut up to them, and so they bring us nothing, but sit and sing awhile on the roof, and then fly away.” Henry Ward Beecher I admire your spirit Ashley. You are open to the truths and the joy. Thanks for sharing .

  11. Gaëlle says

    Beautiful story !
    Beautiful message ^^

    Beautiful signs from your father <3

    Enjoy journey !!!

  12. says

    We definitely need more Rosie’s in this world! I thank God everyday that I am blessed with such a wonderful, caring friend as she is at work every single day! She has made me feel so very accepted at my new job from day 1. Thank you Rosie! Love, Perry

  13. says

    Wow! What a beautiful post and YES, I feel like there are signs out there all the time. It’s just one of the ways God speaks to us, we have only to listen.
    I came across a Bible Quote, typed on a piece of paper in my own Bible that has brought me inexplicable peace many times.

    Phil 4:4-7: “Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice! (Bible rarely has exclamations)
    Your kindness should be known to all. The Lord is near.
    Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
    make your requests known to God.
    Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts
    and minds in Christ Jesus.”

    Additionally, I heard it said: “When we suffer,
    and we trust in the love of God,
    we make a miracle present.”

    Thank you, God, for miracles. I’m praying for a miracle for you Ashley!

  14. Heather says

    I satisfied a life goal today and absolutely had to share with you. I have always wanted to find a four leaf clover and I never have- not for lack of trying. I couldn’t tell you why it has been on my life’s list of “things to do” (i am not irish or outdoorsy ) but it always has. I think the more years I have gone without finding one, the more determined I became. Today while outside playing with my two boys, I started to do my usual quick scan of the clover patches in our yard….and I FOUND ONE! I couldn’t believe it. I picked it and stared at it forever- and you ran through my mind. I brought it inside to show my husband (he was thoroughly unimpressed) and, after basking in the glow of my lucky find, went back outside to continue playing with my boys. I couldn’t help but continue my almost subconscious scan of the ground…and I FOUND ANOTHER ONE! Again, picked it, basked in the glow….and wouldn’t you believe I found a THIRD ONE two minutes later. My entire life (I will be 32 next month) I have searched for these little suckers and have never found one. I had almost started to believe that they didn’t really exist organically. That people actually somehow crafted them together to make them look real. But today, I found 3. In a span of 15 minutes. Unbelievable. I had to share with you. I am not a very spiritual person, but sure makes you think….I would love to send you a picture but I’m not sure how