10 Ways to De-clutter and Organize the Garage

I write daily for Babble.com. As part of my Spring Cleaning series I’ve rounded up some of my favorite idea for organizing the garage! Let the de-clutter begin…..

Click the image below to view the gallery!



  1. stephanie says

    Awesome ideas! I am always writing about organization, as it is one of my favorite things. Im doing a 21 day challenge next month to declutter the entire house.

    I recently discovered your blog and love it!
    I am sponsoring the Elevate conference too.


  2. Jo says

    Oh Ashley, your timing is impeccable! We’ve spent the last two years with the majority of our garage stuffed into our conservatory, thanks to the garage having a leaky roof. Last summer we managed to pull the old roof off, but thanks to ruddy typical British weather, we didn’t have a dry spell for long enough to build new one. I have just this very second ordered the materials to build a new roof this week! Can’t wait to shift everything out of the house and into the garage! I think in my excitement in getting another room in my house again, I would have probably dumped the whole lot into the garage with no consideration for organisation at all! Thank you for the awesome ideas so the garage can be awesome from the word go!