Moving On….Quickly

I had my blood test yesterday morning. When I picked up the phone today I was a little nervous to get the results but my HCG numbers stayed at 2. Yay! I have to admit I kind of forget that I have results coming each week…..I move on so quickly to the next thing. I had an appointment today with my OBGYN to see about my hormones……and how my ovaries are doing. My terminology was “are my eggs dead?” The doctor said we’ll know eventually what my hormone levels are and whether I’m going in early menopause or not.  I’m not in a hurry to figure all that out yet.

Here’s a new project I started this week……making all of the dresses I’ve made Boo (the one’s she’s grown out of) into a big double-sided quilt for her.  I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow but I leave for the SNAP conference early Thursday morning so it might not be completed until next week.  My mom flew in today to help out with Boo while I’m in Salt Lake City…..she and Boo spent all afternoon swimming and playing volleyball in the backyard. Life is good!



  1. Jen Spilker says

    Love that idea. I wanted to do something similar for my boys but haven’t quite gotten it done!

    What great news about your HCG numbers. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

  2. Katrina says

    I wish I could quilt lol I need to figure it out…I have a sewing machine just sitting all lonely in my house lots of things I would love to do with it just gotta actually take the time to sit and figure it out lol

  3. Nemiha says

    How is it that I live in Utah and Work next to thanksgiving point and didn’t even know this (SNAP) was going on!!!!??? well now that I know I am totally going to register, hope they still have spots. 😉

  4. Connie says

    Congrats on the numbers! I love the quilt idea too… I am saving all of my girls’ swim team shirts to do a quilt with :)

  5. Rebecca Garrett says

    I made one of those with all my kids clothes from their first year. It took forever but it is amazing!!!

  6. says

    Great news!

    I am making a quilt with my little ones baby clothes (onesies etc) and I am wondering if I should be putting interfacing on the back of each knit piece….are you doing that or just leaving them as is?

  7. Christine says

    Wishing I was still in UT! I’d come see you at SNAP! Good luck and have fun! The quilt is an adorable idea by the way!

  8. says

    Congrats on your numbers!!
    That quilt is going to be amazing. I’ve got boxes full of my boys clothes…I figure I’ll stop collecting when they turn 5 and actually put quilts together. :o) Looking at your quilt I might add some squares of fabric from the clothes I’ve made them too.

  9. Meredith M. says

    YAY!!! YAY!!! I am sure you have fabulous eggs! So glad those numbers are staying down.

  10. Amber L says

    Yay!! Hope your eggs aren’t dead! :)

    Love the quilt idea! I cut squares using your scraps, and made them into rainbow colors for a blanket but never sewed them up! I may need do it soon! It won’t be as big as yours!

    And Salt Lake City! You will be in my neck of the woods! I live about 40 minutes from salt lake now!

  11. Jennifer D. says

    Ashley I’m so happy to hear your wonderful news!! The quilt is beautiful and such an awesome keepsake for your daughter! I hope you have a great trip!

  12. Cyndi says

    I love it! My mom made me one from t-shirts I’ve collected over the years, I absolutely love it.

  13. Sheila says

    I have been following your blog for over a year now and haven’t left a comment until now. The reason – you are going to be in SLC which is where I live! I hope you have a wonderful time at SNAP (even though I don’t know what that is) and enJOY our beautiful mountains and weather. I am so glad your numbers are staying steady and I will continue with my prayers.

  14. Laura Ritter says

    So glad about your numbers!! The quilt will be fab….my girlfriend made one for me using most all of my son’s hockey jerseys from age 6 to 17. Love it!!

  15. Valerie says

    Another shy SLC resident here who has been reading your blog every single day for quite a while, but never commented. : ) I’ve even shared your story with the girls I teach at church, and even mentioned that we should paint our scriptures. hehe

    I have never heard of SNAP, but will be at the Tulip Festival Friday morning with my mom and sister, so I’ll have to check it out! So lucky that you get to come right during the Tulip Festival, which only goes on for 2 weeks. I hope you have a fabulous stay! If you have time to head downtown (15-20 minutes on the freeway from Thanksgiving Point), you should check out the brand new City Creek Center mall. Have a safe trip!

  16. says

    Aw, that quilt is going to be cute and colorful!

    I made a t-shirt quilt a while back, and really wish I still had some of my childhood clothes to make a quilt of. Somehow my childhood doesn’t seem real, and old t-shirts, clothes, or quilts helps make it seem real(er).. ha. I had never thought about making a clothes quilt until a few years ago… I guess they weren’t popular for parents to make in my day. Boo will love it… and will really be glad to have it when she’s older.

    Double-sided quilt? Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. I made a lap size ‘crazy clothes quilt’ and that took me forever. A double-sided patchwork? Oh my. I gotta see it… soon… hurry, missy. :) I’m sure it will be adorable like everything you make! So happy to hear that your levels are ok and your mom is visiting too.

  17. Marci says

    I hope everything goes well with the conference and with the discussions with the doctors. I have been wanting to do a t-shirt quilt for awhile and was wondering how you are doing yours. Are you using a stabilizing fabric? All the best!

  18. Danielle says

    For my moms 60th birthday we made a friendship / sisterhood quilt. We had all the ladies and girls who loved her most decorate white fabric with their name. Lots of beautiful fabrics were used to create the squares that went on to complete her quilt. 72 days later my mom lost her fight with cancer. Her casket was wrapped with her quilt at her funeral. It was so beautiful and will remai or of the most treasured items. I am not a quilter but the memories they can evoke are just magical.

  19. Jennie Carlston says

    I am so happy for you and the fact that your numbers are staying put. I am so excited for this weekend. The only reason I am attending SPARK is to meet you. I hope after you get a few years away from your cancer journey you write a book about it because the world needs to see how you have faced it with grace, beauty, and humor and that other can too.

  20. says

    The quilt is going to be fabulous! When my daughter turned 10 this year, I had my mom make a quilt for her (she is the quilter, not me!) using a bunch of t-shirts from over the years – Girl Scout tees, camp tees, school tees, sports team tees. It turned out so fun! She loves it!

  21. says

    awe, come on! Seriously?? Don’t make a quilt. HAND ME DOWN them all to ME. Ok, just kidding. (well, kind of.) The quilt looks great.

    Congrats on continuing good news. So happy every time good news comes to you!
    IN celebration you should have a shot of wheat grass, and then go buy some doughnuts. Maybe I will celebrate with some doughnuts too.

  22. Kayley says

    I read your blog all the time, but I just realized SNAP is in SLC. You’ll be in my neighborhood and I can’t go because it’s sold out. (and I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway) :( I hope you have a wonderful time here! It’s supposed to be beautiful weather. Let me know if you need a break from the conference and want to enjoy a nice walk/hike. :)

  23. says

    If you suddenly get hug attacked by some random smaller brown-haired person at SNAP-just know it’s me :) I’ve been waiting for SNAP and the opportunity to meet you IRL. I’ll try not to act like a total dork-but no promises :)

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  24. merry says

    My mom made quilts out of my sisters and mine old clothes as well. She still has them. Glad your results were good!

  25. Linda L says

    2 is good! No, 2 is awesome!! YAY!!
    Love the quilt! Great way to up-cycle those dresses!
    Life really IS good!

  26. Joy T. says

    I wish mine could be so consistent and beautiful… I’ve saved all my favorite outfits for all three of my kiddos and plan to make a memory quilt for each of them… and thanks to you, I plan to print some of my favorite photos of them on printable fabric to include in the quilt… I never knew it was possible until I started following your blog… so thank you!!!!! I can’t wait to see your finished quilt!

  27. says

    Oh my gosh, that is going to be an amazing quilt! LOVE it!!! Hey, you are in my city! That is so dang cool. I wish I was coming to the conference and could see you. If you need anything, let me know. :)

  28. Judit says

    Dear LBB, I’m Judit from Hungary and I just love your blog.
    Now I cant resist to suggest You the paleotic diet. I’m on it already for 1,5 years and I have a friend, who has PCOS, and coud heal it with this way of life.
    Wish You the best!

  29. gina toothe says

    So happy for your good results. will keep you in prayer, You have been such a big inspiration to me. Love the idea of your quilt. can’t wait to see it done 😉

  30. Bonny Smelser says

    Ashley the quilt will be gorgeous! Are you going to put a light batting between and quilt it or have it quilted? I know you have already thought of this but be sure and make a label for the back! A fab keepsake but one Boo will also enjoy now.
    So thankful for your numbers! You are an inspiration above and beyond!!

    @brianne regarding question on backing for baby clothes quilt. If they are delicate it is a good idea but I personally would not use a fusible type of backing.
    Onesies could be a little stretch but use a ball point needle when sewing. :)

  31. Vanessa says

    Greetings from Costa Rica! I have been reading your blog and I admire what a strong woman you are.
    I felt that I had to share this with you: I had uterine cancer myself and I have been well for six years now. Don’t be very concerned about early menopause, you just take the replacement hormones and life goes on just like usual. Seriously, I can’t tell you anything that is different from before my “eggs where alive” :)

    Keep being strong!
    As we say in Costa Rica: Pura Vida! (it’s a way of saying that you are full of life and well: just like you)