Photo of the Day: Juice Bar

If you live in the desert you’ve probably been to Harvest Health Foods and Luscious Lorraine’s (the deli inside). I love to visit the juice bar when I don’t feel like making my own juice. My favorite? The Green Drink: cucumber, kale, apple, lemon……with ginger added.

I’m in detox mode…..trying to get my energy back. That means eliminating the yucky stuff….but also feeding the body with good stuff as well. Your body can’t get rid of stuff if you don’t put stuff back in. Profound right?

When I’m not feeling great:

Water (flushes you out)
Probiotics (help with digestion)
Miso soup (a live food, helps with digestion)
Fresh juices (easily absorbed and you don’t spend any extra energy on digestion)

Coffee Enemas (speaks for itself haha)

I’m feeling better already!

If you missed my Lil Detox List… here to see all my favorite things.


  1. Megan Armstrong says

    You are so Good 
    LorraineS is for sure the Best Fresh Vibe
    Around our town !
    MiSo Happy …for you are making such great choices. Be well soon… wishes for you . So glad you made it out today it is Perfect weather almost chilly  soak and rest too !

  2. Megan Armstrong says

    Harvest Health Foods and LuciouS Lorraines
    are my favorite duo a few times a week 
    YuMmy Stuff !!!!! Great place to be !

  3. Michelle T says

    Yes-juice will help!!
    I am on day 6 of a 10 day detox juice fast right now and am going strong-I feel awesome. I just ordered Dr Ginger’s ( Healing Power of Green Juice after hearing about it from someone who is all about the juicing. It may be of interest to you.
    Hang in there-every day will be better than the last!

  4. Jane Patterson says

    I love Luscious Lorraine’s! The soups there are so amazing.
    Got my Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath at Harvest Health Foods a while back. What a great find! Thanks for the recommendation!
    Chronic Abdominal Pain has sent me down the path needing to find more ‘joy’ in my life!
    You are our gem of the desert!

  5. says

    Always cracks me up when ginger costs a little extra something. It’s supposed to be so great and all, throw a little something in there.

    I’m new to your blog and love your “this is it” attitude and ability to share the things we all wonder about.