Photo of the Day: Monologues

It was pretty hot here this weekend.  The first big wave of hot. The air conditioning was broken at church today….everyone was using their bulletins as fans. I told Mr. LBB just to stay as still as possible so he wouldn’t exert any energy and therefore might remain cool.

We went out to eat last night and walked around the shops on El Paseo. Boo was the comic relief at Tommy Bahama’s.  She just cracks me up sometimes….I wish I had a recorder 24/7 to keep track of her little monologues.

“Cavemen had to wear really dirty clothes. Even at night! They weren’t scared of anything. I’m scared of some stuff…(pause)…like bees. Did you know all the dinosaurs are dead? There are some people under the ground that can find them though. Just their bones.” -Boo



  1. Shelly Kurtzhals says

    I am moving to El Paso, TX and plan on a few trips Westward. we HAVE to get her and Ellie together. They are kindred spirits….Ellie says to us: Dad, you have to be careful when working in the garden. Daddy: Why Ellie? Ellie: Well, because if you get bit by a black spider it could cause death or great bodily harm……
    HUH? Nat Geo much???

  2. jan says

    This reminds me of a funny picture of a dinosaur with a shovel. After the dinosaurs ate.everything on Earth they dug deep in the ground in search of food. Sadly they became trapped in their holes and died. That is why their bones are found underground today.

  3. Liisa Sanchez says

    Smart girl! My daughter chatters CONSTANTLY…..I need to remember to slow down and listen more often. Stay cool!

  4. Kristen says

    Oh, I can sooooo relate. I, too, have an only daughter who keeps us in stitches!! My husband and I just shake our heads, because we are both fairly reserved–we have no idea where this kid came from. She’s 8 now, and still very philosophical and funny. But when she was little, people would always tell me to write down all the crazy things she said. I always said that it would have been ten times easier to just videotape her entire day and edit out the dull bits! Enjoy!

  5. says

    I keep a little notebook of the cute things my children say. I just can’t keep all that cuteness in my head. It’s too adorable to let slip away!! Love it! :-)

  6. says

    My little girl must be related to Boo! She constantly talks and some of the interesting facts that come from the back seat are perfectly divine! Some are fabulously scientific as well, not much on dinosaurs, but right now a lot about plants and animals!
    btw, I love the hat with hair!

  7. Kelly D < :) says

    I live in El Paso County, Colorado
    and the first place I lived was on El Paso Street :)