Photo of the Day: Nametags

Playing Barbies is really hard work…..which is why I don’t play Barbies. My mom is here visiting….and she plays Barbies. Thank God.

Boo is ecstatic. The only thing is…..Boo names all the Barbies (all 20 of them) these really elaborate names…..and you’ll get reprimanded for being rude if you forget one of their names. My mom had to make nametags for every doll to make it easier to play.

Ken is “on vacation.” We can’t find him anywhere.



  1. says

    OMG! I am so glad I am not alone in not liking Barbie play! I always feel guilty! Love the nametags! Cute idea! They can pretend they are at a convention! LOL

  2. Liisa Sanchez says

    Oh so funny!! Thank the Lord above for Grama’s, I pretend anything I don’t like to play is ‘special Grama bonding play’ that way I have no guilt :)

  3. says

    Still have my “only” Barbie from childhood, and surely it’s worth millions since it’s over 50 years old!!! My Ken has had to knee replacements and I think he needs shoulder surgery. Does Boo have “Medic Barbie?”
    Stay well- so excited for you!

  4. Sydney says

    I like to tell the story about my daughters (now 23 and 24) and how when they played Barbies, Ken was only allowed in the dream house if he was eating dinner. He never had clothes; I know he came with an outfit but it was lost at some point in time. On the rare occasion that he was allowed to dine with the glamorously dressed Barbies all he had on was a pair of Barbie’s skin tight pants or shorts. He was also allowed to drive the Barbies around in the Corvette but most of the time he was laying under the car fixing it. My youngest daughter (7) has older brothers that have cool GI Joe’s so she’s much more tolerant of males in her Barbie’s lives plus they have cool military clothes and guns. I tease my son-in-law and tell him that I hope she’s nicer to him than her Barbie was to her Ken when she was little! 😉

  5. Nicole L. says

    Oh my gosh that’s so funny! My girls do the exact same thing and I can NEVER remember their names. Although to be fair, I am pretty sure some of the names change depending on which game they are playing.

  6. says

    I “loved” to play Barbies & was sad when I was told “you’re too old”. So I waited until I had a daughter, then I was able to play Barbies all over again! Now I collect Robert Tonner dolls (think Barbies for grown ups). They are 16 inches tall and have elaborate clothing & shoes that buckle/zip/tie (no plastic shoes!). My daughter has started collecting them, too. She’s now 17. But the fondest “Barbie” memory I have, is my Mom & Dad visiting us in Hawaii. My daughter was only about 4 1/2 and my Dad sat on the floor, with barrettes in his hair (that were lovingly placed there by Jessica) and he played Barbies with her. I took a picture of the two of them and looking at it still brings tears for my eyes. Such love. :)

  7. says

    Love this! Boo is a crack up. My oldest daughter named her first doll XeXera. I don’t know where in the world she came up with that name, but she was adamant about it and wouldn’t let us call her anything else.

  8. Karen says

    My husband is also good at playing Barbies with our granddaughter…it takes great energy and an ever fertile imagination! The name tags are a great idea…although he loves the spontaneity of the narrative…and sometimes his dolls transform into different characters…!

  9. says

    Great idea, naming Barbies. Maybe now I will have a place to put all the wonderful names I think up in my head but no longer have any babies to name! My last post was all about names and I think your Boo has come up with an answer. I’m off to buy some Barbies, and officially change their names!

  10. Karen Crosby says

    Once I lent a few Barbies and Kens to be dressed for a Clue game at church, and a couple of the teens forced the Kens into ladies clothes. They still seem cross eyed from the rough treatment.
    I have my Barbie from 1967, she has a bad knee like I do, hangs out with a 12 inch tall GI Joe who only knows how to bark orders at her. Really, I don’t play with the dolls but they do seem to have a life of their own in my imagination.

  11. Denni says

    I love Barbies! Unfortunately my 4 boys don’t!! Ha! The name tags are a riot!!! Have fun on your trip!!

  12. says

    Haha! That’s awesome. My daughter names all of her stuffed animals and pets crazy elaborate names too. And she REMEMBERS them all! For instance…her fish is named Crystal Moonlight. And she has a GIANT stuffed shark named Nothing. Not nothing….the WORD nothing. (Emma clarifies that every time she tells someone his name). Haha! Kids are so fun!

  13. Meghan Jensen says

    Ken never recovered from his kidney operation? But Buddy put him on ice!?! My daughter calls my son ” Franny”, who knows where it comes from….. He has learned to answer to it. She is four and he is 18mos. Kids are hilarious, and Grandmas are wonderful!

  14. says

    My girls just got the barbies naked at our house. They would take them out of the package and within a couple of minutes they were naked never to be dressed again. I was shocked to see them playing Barbie with Grandma. All of the Barbies were dressed.