Photos of the Day: Channeling Martha

My mom is still here visiting….if you remember she shaved her head before I cut all mine off in January….and she has a wig that she wears out sometimes. I put it on for fun today. I felt like I had a Martha Stewart haircut……or maybe Paula Dean? I think the only wig for me is the Leeloo blue wig…..maybe because it’s “un-sophisticated”?


Here’s my mom with it on… she’s obviously a lot tanner than I am! It looks GREAT on her!

So….I got my HCG levels back today. Still at 2. I guess hopefully I’ll be at 2 forever!  My new OBGYN said I should be at zero but I’m over that.

Oh my gosh…..I started crying at Costco today. I was all excited to finally get some prescriptions filled…..the ability to cross something off my to-do list……and as soon as I handed them over to the pharmacist she looked a little hesitant.

Me: What’s wrong?
Pharmacist: The doctor didn’t put the date on the prescription so we can’t fill this.
Me: Ugh….well can we call the doctor or have them fax something?
Pharmacist: That won’t work, we have to have it physically rewritten.
Me: Why don’t I just fill in the date…..
Pharmacist: Yeah, that won’t work either…..the handwriting has to match.
Me (in tears): So I have to drive across town pick up a new prescription and then come back to fill it?

Ok….across town is only 15 miles…but it was the principle of it. The pharmacist was as nice as could be. I felt bad for getting emotional because then she felt bad. I think I would have been okay if the nurse at the doctor’s office had been at least a little apologetic that they had made a mistake….but instead the nurse acted like I was inconveniencing her. I’m pretty sure that this prescription won’t get filled for another month or so……

From now on I’m carrying a pen that matches my doctor’s pen.


  1. Trisha says

    BOOOOOOOO for no date!!! and Booooooo to a 2!!! Oh well, it could be worse, right?1 ugh…Im sorry, what a pain in the rear! I like the blue wig best too! LOL! xoxo

  2. Meagan Briggs says

    2 is good!!! Sorry about the prescription though…..BUT, maybe you walked out with a Costco hotdog or churro to cheer you up??? Those hotdogs are the bomb!

  3. says

    You are beautiful – always!!! With the wig or without – we all see the real Ashley! SO sorry about your frustrating day at Costco – going to those megastores either make me feel violent or cry (or both) !

  4. Krystina says

    Oh I lost it and started crying in Walgreen;s a few years ago. I was in a serious amount of pain and I took in my prescription to be filled for a pain killer. Well then I get there and they said they had to contact the insurance company and blah blah blah. So I left Walgreen’s without my prescription and went to lunch with a friend (who was sweet enough to drive me to my doctor and the pharmacy). While we were at lunch I got a call from Walgreen’s automatic thing saying my prescription was ready. Woohoo! So I went back to Walgreen’s and the lady said “well actually it’s not ready, it’ll be 45 more minutes…” I just started crying.

  5. says

    The pen is genius. I am right there with you! I am so ticked that the nurse acted that way. I just refilled a bunch of prescriptions from three different places today – it took half the day.

    I’m sending all of my wishes and energy to help get that HCG level down. You are already working miracles – there is no telling what you can do whether the numbers are 2 or zero! You are amazing.

  6. says

    It is the principle of it! Shoot! Seriously, with all our technology and they need a date handwritten?! I say you go girl on that matching pen/ink thing! I think your mom and my mom have matching wigs. My mom finished chemo a month ago and has about an inch of new fuzzy white hair…not at all like she used to have, but still wears her wig most days. Anyway, when I say I’m praying for you, I just want you to know I mean it. It’s not trite language or platitudes. And praying for your family on this journey with you, as well. xoxox

  7. says

    Wonderful news on your numbers and I have totally been in your situation. I was still living in Connecticut and my husband was living in east Hampton, ny and I got my bc pills filled at CVS in ny and so the next time I had to refill them I was in ct. They were like sorry and of course I’m the girl that waits right before closing time on Sunday to get the refill. I’m like, it’s not a controlled substance it’s to keep me from having babies…really sweet lady. She finally let it slide and said next time I’ll need to get a new script. Of course I left happy a clam because I was moving to ny and wouldn’t have to see her again.
    The best of luck with everything ashley!!! Your in my thoughts as always!!

  8. Sharon says

    When I was going through treatment I lost it on the girl that makes appointments at the DENTIST. All because I thought I had an appointment but it was the next week. I was horrible to her. I called and apologized. I still say I shouldn’t have had to wait two weeks for an appointment for a tooth that hurt.

    • says

      I agree. When I was 18 I had an absessed tooth and couldn’t get an appointment so my Mom called a friend who called her friend, a pediatric dentist, and he came in on a Sunday to take care of me. Was kind of weird sitting in the airplane. haha JK, I sat in the big chair (I just wanted to sit in the airplane.)

  9. says

    After I had one of my kids I went to Target to get one of the prescriptions filled, to be told that my insurance wouldn’t work and it would cost me a big amount of money that I didn’t have… I walked away and bawled next to the Tylenol. :( *HUGS!* Stupid prescriptions!

  10. Kate says

    Sounds like a load of malarkey to me! I work in a drs office. The nurses usually write out the prescription and the dr signs it OR the dr writes it and we fill in the patient name and date. The drs use a blue pen and we use black. Never had a pharmacy have a problem with it. Sorry for the hassle!! I know it stinks!

  11. Debbie B says

    Buy a lot of Choose Joy pens. Give them to each doctor when they fill out a prescription. That way you won’t have to have 10 different pens but you will have THE pen that matches all the doctor’s new pens. That way you can write in the date when needed.

  12. Jen says

    Aw bum, I usually get “pretty sassy” (as my husband calls it) when things like that happen, 15 miles is a long drive! I’m glad everything worked out for you!

  13. Liisa Sanchez says

    Stoooooooooopid rule!!!! C’mon Costco, get with the program, lady needs her meds. Big hugs xxx

  14. says

    The wig reminds me of Rachel from Friends :-)
    That is really dumb about the date. What a waste of your time to have to deal with that.
    I think carrying a pen matching your doc’s is a brilliant idea

  15. says

    First of all, you totally rock that wig! I love it! And as much as I love Martha, you look way better than she’s ever looked!
    I don’t blame you for crying I want to cry for you!
    My sister starts chemo tomorrow morning for breast cancer. She’s been reading your blog for inspiration:)
    You are in my prayers!

  16. Allison says

    Maybe there’s something in the air today that’s causing people to be unnecessarily rude. I called the Live Scan office today to see if I could use my same finger scan for two different agencies, and the person on the phone said, matter of factly, “No, that’s against the law.” Really? She couldn’t just say “No, sorry” ? So of course, I hang up the phone and burst into tears. Today is a tough one.

  17. says

    I am in stinkin’ love with that quilt. AND that you got it done so fast! Love it.

    Sorry about the meds. Lame sauce.

  18. says

    Here is what I love about you. You Choose Joy and at the same time you show your heart & humanity by admitting Costco tears. THAT is why you inspire. You keep it real, all the while choosing joy through tears, and 2’s.

  19. Kristen says

    As a fellow pharmacist (and in a Cancer Center no less!), we are just as frustrated as you. I promise! It’s a broken system that fails many. I hope your next venture is a success. Here’s to the perfect 2s!

  20. says

    I work at Walmart and my doctor calls in prescriptions and faxes them all the time. Maybe it’s because of the kind of medicine it is. Seems ridiculous. Yeah, get a pen and check it before you turn it in. They’re not handwriting experts. The nurse wasn’t the same handwriting as the doctor. Sorry that happened to you.

    The wig looks great on both of you. It looks like a different color though. Does it change to fit the personality of the wearer? LOL

  21. Kelly says

    I was at the DMV last month registering one of the two cars my husband and I have. It’s such a long process so I ended up making two trips because I had to get it smoggwd AND I had to get my husbands signature verifying that DMV spelled his name wrong on he paperwork. Well, I went back the second time and brought the smog paperwork, but totally forgot my husbands signature. I told a white lie and said he worked 2 minute away and that I would be right back. I walked outside, signed the paper, checkedy email and twiddled my thumbs for a minute or two and walked back in. The lady was very nice because I think that it was pretty obvious that I, ahem, did some magic!

    • tanya says

      so what i woulda done- and same the that rx.. i would have walked out.. dated it and walked back in..

  22. Alison says

    That is ridiculous!! I work as a nurse, and they should have been nicer to you – my GOSH that pharm tech…and yes you should start carrying around pens!

    And for the record, I would have started crying too.

  23. Julie Edwards McCartney says

    I, am an R.N., mx Yrs! I, feel, so sorry, re the system!!..Yes, I do cry, raise my Voice, ..Give ” evil Eyes!!..I, amso sorry, re our ” system”..yes, I, have been..a “victim”..,..Horrible..Misdiagnosed M.S…4 years!..Took..all, the Meds..Injections, 1x week!..Sick!..4 years!!..from..Meds!..I, follow..your Blog..Daily!..( off Meds.. 7yrs..FYI!)..No!! mS!! I know anger!!..I am a RN..!!..I, found, just turn your day around….Stuff Happens!!!..I, find Happiness..” bring my 5 Yr oldGBabe, Snonwhite Dress,.. Feast, Watermelon, Blueberries, Jump, Giggle, share Stories..she will will share..plan..( per you) build a Fairy Village…Ms Bella, whispered in my ear..” I love You, NaNa!”tonight!!..Tomorrow, will be Better!..Share more later!!..(excuse so errors)..Hugs!..Julie..Seattle area

  24. Sydney says

    I would have reacted the same way. How frustrating! I use a little hometown pharmacy that knows me by my name. They just get my prescriptions out and hand them to my husband when he walks in and he doesn’t even have to give them a name. I guess that shows how many prescriptions I get, huh? 😉

  25. Connie De Grandis says

    I know you are just joking about using a pen to add your docs info he left out but for anyone else thinking that is a good idea, it is illegal, in fact in most states it is a FELONY. Yes, even just adding the date. Any altering of a script is illegal. They should’ve been able to call the doc for you and have the doc office call in the script instead. I’m not sure what the issue was unless it was a Schedule II controlled substance. Anyway, sorry to hear about your trouble. It’s frustrating when those things happen. UGH!

  26. Beth Morrow says

    Ok…first the wig is adorable on you …a little too neat, but adorable nonetheless; the quilt is so smart…great job! This will be something that your grandchildren will wrap up in and watch cartoons at grannie’s house one day and I would have cried too…not so sure about that pen though, you can go to jail for that one…NOT GOOD!
    So glad you are feeling so well and getting on w life. Still praying for that 0 HCG.
    Love ya girl,

  27. says

    Can I just say that one of the my highlights last weekend was meeting you? It totally was. You are even lovelier in person than you are on your blog (and that’s saying something.)

    Thanks also for the choose joy bracelet…..which I love. When I had cancer I was just plain mad. And now I look back and I wished I would have chosen joy. (And didn’t have to do so much repenting for being so dang mad about it….)

    You are truly an inspiration!

    PS—LOVe your quilt!

  28. tanya says

    gladd your numbers are staying put!! ANd i totalllly would bawled too- been there .. its sooo sad.. and honestly if its just the date i KNOW its illegal, but if i KNOW the rx is legit, and i know the date was left off- id have been adding the date myself.. in fact i had a dr. who wrote my bc rx and gave me a 12 moth pad of his siggy with post dates.. so i did not have to drive or call him every month.. sorry your nurse was cranky.. totally send her a GIFT of a choose joy pen :) xoxo’s

  29. says

    I had never filled a prescription until our children were placed with us for adoption. At the time, each of them had four separate prescriptions that had to be managed. It never failed that the doctor either wrote their birthday incorrectly, forgot to put the date on the prescription, put the wrong date, used the wrong name (each of our kids wanted to pick a new legal name for their adoption, so during our pre-adoption placement they went by their new name, but were otherwise named, legally)… It was always SOMETHING. We would wait HOURS to see the doctor to get a prescription (we were glad the kids had insurance through medicaid, don’t get me wrong, but most of the doctors that accept the plan are overworked and overbooked) and then they’d always be wrong!

    I have to admit, I cried at the pharmacy more than once. I was a first time mom, with kids old enough to notice when I screwed up. I always ended up apologizing to the poor pharmacy techs, but sometimes, it was just too much for me!

    The take-away for you is: you aren’t alone! Those pharmacy techs have dealt with far worse, I’m sure. Carry a pen of each color with you whenever you’re dropping off prescriptions and… once your doctor has had to make a change on the form and initials it, take a picture of the initials for future reference. 😉

  30. says

    So sorry you got upset at Costco. You did make me laugh at the last part though about carrying the same pen your doctor’s do! Good idea! 😉

  31. Katie says

    I just love your blog and your attitude…and your Mom! Such an awesome lady! Fret not about the pharmacy sitch, been there, only I was just a few days post delivery and a huge hot mess! I learned it’s OK to shed a tear or two of frustration from time to time!

  32. says

    ARg! I hate it when things like that happen (with the script). I once cried over something similar and feel a little less crazy after reading this. Happy Wednesday. :)

  33. Amy says

    You are adorable and you are at zero for you!! I never hit zero……you are negative girl, don’t give it another thought!!! sorry about the pharmacy…..i would have been a wreck too. xoxo

  34. Ellie says

    Sometimes I think drs. etc. do these things on purpose so they can charge for another visit. Paranoid? I think not! I feel really sorry for you in the US with your medical system. Ours in Canada isn’t perfect either by any means but at least we don’t have to pay for everything. About the pen…great idea especially the Choose Joy pens! I once checked off something on my blood work sheet that I felt needed checking and I don’t think the doc even noticed that he hadn’t ordered it! :) By the way, great #’s and hair!!

  35. shannon says

    They should have been able to accept it verbally over the phone from the doctor’s office. You also could have tried calling the doctors office and having them call it into Costco. I really don’t see any reason why they could not have gotten the date over the phone since they had the rest of the information.

    Healthcare can be so frustrating…