Summer Love Art | A FREE Printable

Summer Love Art Free Printable for DIY via


Kick off school vacation with a summery coloring page to pass the kids’ now-lazy days. This doodle prints perfectly on a plain letter sized piece of paper. OR, print the mirror image onto soft inkjet transfer paper like this. Then iron it onto a white or light colored tee and let your little one color it in with fabric markers. They will be so proud of their wearable masterpiece! It would also be a great project for a summer birthday or pool party!

Boo tested out the new doodle print recently:

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The Purse

Just a quick little story:

The other day, just a few days after the one year anniversary of my dad’s death, my mother was packing her car to head to North Carolina. She left her purse in the car briefly and as she jumped back into the car to do another errand her purse was nowhere to be found.  She lives in a gated community and it’s usually pretty safe… it’s likely someone was watching and quickly took up an opportunity to steal it.  It was devastating that someone would take such an opportunity but thankfully a few months back, she had color photocopied all the cards and her drivers license. My mom was able to quickly cancel all her credit cards and have new ones issued.  She had to go immediately to the DMV (for the second time in a month!) to get a new drivers license before she left the state.  She didn’t have to wait long at the DMV and once it was her turn it only took a few minutes to get a replacement because she had the photo copy of the old version.  The DMV worker straightened my mom’s wig (my mom shaved her head to lesson the blow for Boo when I shaved mine) before she took the photo and dried my mom’s tears of relief that she was able to get a new license so quickly.

After getting her new license, my mom went to Target to purchase a new wallet and purse but only ended up getting a wallet because she just felt so sick about the whole thing.  She saw a purse she really liked…..but just had no more energy to make such a huge decision. It wouldn’t be a huge decision for most people but my mom holds onto clothes and purses FOREVER…..I can’t remember the last time she got a new purse! Anyways…..she walked away that day with just the new wallet. A few days later she was at church, and a new friend from her Griefshare class handed her a gift.  My mom cried as she pulled out the VERY purse she had been eyeing at Target (her friend didn’t know).  My mother’s friend exclaimed that an overwhelming voice had told her to go to the store and get a new purse for her before church. My mom wasn’t even supposed to BE at church….she was supposed to be on the road back to NC…..and my mom’s friend was shocked that she had actually cancelled her trip because of the tropical storm. She said she couldn’t ignore the voice that told her to make the trip to Target before the service.

From my mom:

“God is so good to care about every detail of our lives…..even if we do not understand ….why I had this tribulation! I learned a lesson….never leave my purse for a second. Also, be sure to copy everything in your wallet on a color copier and put it away for safe keeping. Love, a blest mom”


I re-photocopied my wallet today…..and so I’m passing on the tip to all of you too. Share it with all your friends too!

Emergency preparedness: Photocopy contents of your wallet via


Don’t leave your purse unattended!  Even in your driveway :)

Staying Connected

I tend to stay up to date on all my favorite blogs in one of two ways: Facebook and RSS feeds

I’m not sure what all the recent Facebook page changes mean for small business and blogging but I wanted to share a few ways that we can make sure to stay connected!


1. Make sure the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page and your favorite pages are in your news feed….I update my page every single day….. several times a day… there’s always something new ranging from fun finds and new products to new posts!


2. Subscribe to Lil Blue Boo by email so you don’t miss a post.  Just enter your email address in the sidebar. You’ll get an email with a summary of recent posts that you can easily click through to read:

I get most of my favorite blog updates by email. It’s a lot of email but I can quickly browse through each morning to see what everyone’s been up to!


3. I can’t leave out my new favorite: Instagram!  I try to add a few photos a day ranging from behind-the-scenes to upcoming projects! You can find me at @lilblueboo.


4. Lil Blue Boo is on Pinterest too!


Any other ways you stay connected to your favorite websites and blogs?



I do love it. And I’d be lost without it.

Me: I couldn’t get to Jen’s (my sister-in-law) without my GPS.
Mr. LBB: Well, when the lease is up [on the car] we’ll get a handheld GPS if we need to.
Me: No, I mean I’m just saying if there was a nuclear war……and I had to walk hundreds of miles to civilization….I couldn’t. I would have no idea where I was. I’ve never paid attention.
Mr. LBB: Well…..hopefully there won’t be a nuclear war.

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Felted Pinwheels (A Tutorial)

Felted Pinwheel Accessories Tutorial via


Have you tried felting yet?  It’s so easy and a fun effect.  We’ve been making these little mixed color pinwheels for accessories. Boo’s favorites are the rainbow ones. With this technique using pipecleaners it’s easy to make a long “rope-like” piece of felted wool.

First, you need some wool roving (I got mine from Dharma Trading)…..and a little bag goes a long way.  It comes in a variety of colors:

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4.9 Years

Yo. Check out my hair length! My last day of chemotherapy was March 29th… this is almost 8 weeks of hair growth.  My hair is still pretty thin but at least you can’t see my scalp as much anymore….with the hot desert sun I need the cover.


Remember when my hair looked like this? At the time I was looking for any way to speed up my morning routine……I guess I got what I asked for!

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The Rescue

Boo and Mr. LBB playing on the beach at Dana Point this morning:


I saw my first lifeguard rescue today.  I was relaxing while Mr. LBB and Boo made their sandcastle and I noticed a woman, that had been sitting next to me a few minutes earlier, wading in and waving frantically to someone out the water. It only got my attention because she was wearing jeans and carrying an nice handbag… I knew something was up.  Looking out past the surfers, I noticed a little head bobbing up and down in the water. My heart started racing… was so windy and there were rip current warnings. All I could think was: it would take someone WAY too long to get out to that kid if he got into trouble. Okay, I try not to judge people on their decisions under pressure but the next thing I knew she was asking some 6-year-oldish kid to swim all the way out to bring her son back in.  At about the same time, her husband showed up and stripped off his shirt in a panic like he was going to swim out himself……phew…..but then he only made it in to about his knees. I don’t know, maybe he couldn’t swim? Or maybe it was because the water was freezing. I looked back at the lifeguard stand…..thinking maybe I should run and let him know….but was relieved to see him removing his jacket with his binoculars fixed out to sea. A few seconds later he was in the water and a few minutes later he was dragging the kid back to shore.

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