Email Love

Hater email version 1 via lilblueboo.comHere are a few excerpts from emails I’ve saved over the last few years of some doozies that pretty much made my day. A few even came from the same email address. Unfortunately my email folder labeled “Crazy People” was lost when my hard drive crashed so I lost the best of the best……so these will have to do.  Names have been removed to protect the innocent. Enjoy!


“It has come to my attention that you have your laptop while on vacation……for you to say you don’t have access to a computer is dishonest.”
Oh really? It’s COME TO YOUR ATTENTION? Caught me….although, at the time I replied, I did happen to be on the beach.

“This [tutorial] is lame.
And thank you for taking the time to let me know.


“You aren’t by chance going through my Twitter followers and trying to pick up fans are you?”
I wish. I could use some more Twitter followers.

“I’ve sent you several emails and still haven’t heard back from you.  I think it’s pretty rude that you couldn’t take a few minutes out of your day to respond to my question.”
I’m so sorry.  I was in the hospital. No really, I was!

“Letting your daughter sell beer? You just lost a follower.”


“I don’t get Lil Blue Boo…..or her scary little dolls.”
I don’t get this comment.


“Nice candy dress you made your daughter. I’m sure the Willy Wonka Candy Company would love to know that you are using their copyrighted image.  Don’t worry….I emailed them for you.
Should I lawyer up?


“I went through all of your past eBay purchases and saw that you purchased NEW shirts for those dresses.”
This sounds a bit stalkerish.

“My wife is forcing me to send this. Please count this as an entry into the giveaway.
A new fan!



P.S. If you sent one of those emails…..I still love you.  I hope this doesn’t keep the “doozies” from coming.  I heart them.

P.P.S Any doozies you’ve received lately?


  1. Stephanie says

    HAHAHA!!! Those are HILARIOUS. Keep up the great work (and blogging)! I’m sure you’ve got tons of love to forget about these!! <3

  2. Trisha says

    LMAO….loooove it! Some people, huh?! LOL! Give a girl a break! They’re just haters! xoxo have a beautiful day my friend!

  3. Liisa Sanchez says

    Bahahahahaha!!! I love the lame tutorial one, seriously, you bothered to take time out of your day to write that??! These must be the same people I see shouting at cheese in Walmart…..;)
    PS Lil Blue Boo makes my day happier :)

      • Liisa Sanchez says

        I live in North Carolina at the moment….it’s a whole different world here girl :O

      • Jen says

        Nobody at my Walmart yells at cheese :(.

        Does being told by the tire guys at Walmart that they won’t fix my tire b/c I have a Deer bone stuck in it, count as Walmart fun???

        p/s We did not run over the Deer…. poor Bambie.

    • Tausha says

      You are missing out if you do not venture to Wal-Mart at least once a week. LOL

      LBB makes my day as well. I’m so thankful I found you!

    • Ashley says

      I don’t either. I guess I have some creepy dolls laying around somewhere…..

        • Sue says

          LOL Me too! I like the creepy doll photos. I couldn’t stop laughing. Now I want to go out and find a summer elf or maybe a garden gnome.

      • Madi says

        I told my friend about that comment and she said there’s a story about a doll named Lil Blue. She had this curse and killed her owner and flushed her down the toilet, so I guess thats what they were referring too? i dont know… lol

      • Gweny says

        I seem to remember you talking about a monster looking doll she had.. Or maybe it was the pillow she gave you for comfort when you went in for your surgery that has the goofy face on it?

  4. Teresa says

    The best one was the candy one ha! Oh people need a life! Sending love to Ash and the Lil Blue Boo crew!

  5. Shauna says

    lol sorry but that gave me the giggles. I get some awesome ones too and I have to say I don’t always have your sense of humour about it.

  6. Tabatha hasselbrink says

    LOL you just made my day sweet heart {seriously} I think we must have some of the same emails…I never thought of making a folder lol.

  7. Linsey Hathaway says

    Haha these are too funny! I can’t imagine what the people at Willy Wonka are thinking of that person. Thank you for showing us!

  8. Anne says

    wow. people have too much time on their hands. glad you have a great attitude about it! :o)

  9. says

    Okay, that was fun! People really crack me up (as long as those ones don’t live in the same town….then they scare me). Keep your friends close and your laptop closer. :)

  10. Sarah Hammond says

    Oh. My. Goodness. BTW – I’d totally buy a beer from your daughter. I think I’ll make it my personal mission to only drink the beer she sells! In theory…. :) Hope you are feeling well!

  11. Sarah Noll says

    OMG! The nerve of some people! Why don’t people teach their children If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all!

  12. Kelly says

    You crack me up. Thank you for posting these.
    It’s funny and sad that some people have to write some obsurd things.I agree with others some must have too much time on their hands. Thanks for posting-this was a good laugh that I needed! :)

  13. Christina Bailey says

    Oh em geezie louisy! I religiously read your blog, but have never commented.

    But this….this is just too good!

    CRAZY PEOPLE….they. are. everywhere.

  14. says

    That hurt me from laughing so hard… maybe I should call a lawyer too… 😉 It’s all your fault! Just kidding. Those are funny emails… I need some funny stalker emails. :) I should save them in a crazy people folder too… :)

  15. Tessa says

    Hahahaha! This is hilarious. I hope this becomes a new series. Sort of. I really hope their aren’t enough crazies out there to do a whole series. Or that you should have to deal with all the crazies. Thanks for the laugh.

  16. Karyn G. says

    Oh jeez! The joys of WAHM-hood…Crazy customers also make my day. And the one about the beer made me LOL. Keep ’em coming please Ashley!

  17. Pamela says

    Ashley, thanks for posting this. I’ve a “person” who I know but leaves her comments anonymous on my blog. She left some pretty tacky stuff. I didn’t answer though. Maybe I should and make a crazy people folder too. Admire your character and all you have accomplished! Love ya gal!

  18. says

    Wow, if I only had as much free time as those people….I could get a lot more positive things done OR go out and have fun, hello people there are so many fun things to go do and learn, ahhhh that was FUNNY and thanks for sharing, please do it more, like a little segment!

  19. holly says

    You radiate beauty.

    I’ve been a reader for the past several months but had to comment on this one. Repeat after me…”Choose Joy”. I love your attitude and I love that you are so real, honest and open. Some people like to hurt others and honestly some of those people really need some Joy in their lives!

    • Heather says

      I had a pastor who liked to say, “Hurting people hurt people.” I often repeat that to myself when I’m hurt or offended by someone. I appreciate not only your sense of humor but especially the grace you show to difficult people who most need our love…Jesus didn’t ask us to love the easy ones. He told us to love the unloveable because that’s what we were to Him before He saved us! Your interaction with the man in the waiting room a while back is such a neat example of Christ in you.

  20. says

    Ok, really? There are a lot of unhappy people out there. I have been nothing but blessed and humored by your blog. Glad you can take the good with the bad.

  21. Jacqui Tomyn says

    Are people serious with these emails? Oh my gosh! So crazy/funny/weird. Do you just want to tell them to get a life?! You are an amazing woman, keep up the awesome work! Funny story: through reading your blog, following what you do I feel like we are friends. When I talk to my husband and tell him the latest with your blog I say, “my friend Ashley…” he corrects me and says wait have you ever met her?! I feel like I have :) Love Lil Blue Boo!

    • says

      Me too! I used to make fun of my husband for acting like he was a part of the morning radio show conversation but now I do the same thing!! Love Lil Blue Boo and loving that you Choose Joy in everything… the big trials and even the small bumps in life.

  22. April says

    People actually send that stuff to you? Really? I am in total shock right now.

  23. Chelsea says

    These are hilarious! Some people really need a life. You seem to have quite a few stalkers! lol Thanks for the laugh:)

  24. mary anne says

    Good grief! It’s good you can laugh at it. I’m appalled and they didn’t even write to me!

  25. Alice H says

    I thought it was great that Boo was out trying to make money by working instead of free-balling off of the government!! She didn’t have an open beer and she wasn’t chugging it. So what was so wrong with that!? LOL!

    And I bet Willy Wonka is going to be pissed! Lawyer up…haha!

  26. Michelle says

    Crazy is right. Well, just to offset some of the crazy:

    Boo is adorable and I totally get her.

    I don’t drink beer, but I would still buy some from her.

    Your tutorials are awesome. Even though I am not half that creative, I still enjoy reading them.

    That ebay comment was just creepy.

    Have a great day!

    • says

      I’m with you, Michelle! Especially about the ebay stalking. How does someone know about your ebay purchases? How do people even think of doing this stuff? I choose beer, creepy dolls and joy!

  27. Christy Dowd says

    You have to laugh at the Crazies!! The moon controls them, and they seem to find us normal people. PS- I love your Wit!!

  28. Amruta says

    WOW! These people need to GET A LIFE!!!!
    I agree with Sarah’s post above. I’ve said this to a few people… If you don’t have something nice to say.. Don’t say it.

  29. Beth Ellen says

    Oy–haven’t people ever heard that expression about no saying anything if you can’t say something nice?
    It reminds me of something I saw a few months ago on one of the quilting sites I read, about people posting negative comments about others’ work. Really, it takes a long time to make a beautiful quilt, and surely there is something in each and every one to appreciate–choice of colors maybe, even if the pattern is not your style.
    Now that I am a little older (49) it is easier for me to (mostly) figure that people who make negative comments are carrying around their own anger, and maybe they should think about CHOOSING JOY!!

  30. Melissa says

    You crack me up as always. Too much time and not enough sense is what I always say!

  31. Meg says

    I have an Etsy Shop and I get some CRAZY requests!!! This just made me laugh…. Thanks for sharing!

  32. says

    Haha thanks for the laugh….I’m glad you don’t get down when you get mean emails! They always ruin my day, but it’s awesome that you can laugh about them. I guess that’s what we all have to do with mean people sometimes :)

  33. Melissa K. in Nebraska says

    People yelling at cheese at Walmart!! That’s just as funny.

  34. Barb Woods says

    That was fabulous…and made me laugh outloud in my quiet office. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

  35. says

    I love that you kept these! Why are ppl so easily offended? No doozies for me. Just spam. Though this one lady left a comment “pls email me at…I have a question about your blog”. When I emailed her, she wanted to know if she could guest post. The audacity — at least leave a thoughtful comment first!

  36. CarmenG says

    These are so funny! I can’t believe people e-mail such rude stuff like this. By the way, I ordered the new pink dresses for my daughters, and they are the cutest things ever! I bet when they wear them this week, I’m going to get some questions from people about where I found them.

  37. says

    Recently someone convo’d me and asked if I could just give them a tutorial for free. Then they gave me their email and said ‘Thanks so much!’ Like they were sure I was going to do it. Uh, no. People are whacked.

  38. Liz says

    LOL! Why do people feel the need to take the time to send a nasty, negative email? Are their lives really that awful that they have to try (TRY) to make yours awful, too? What ever happened to spreading joy and love. CHOOSE JOY, PEOPLE! CHOOSE JOY! 😀

  39. Siobhan says

    After I’m done peeing my pants I would like there info so I could beat them up please:) seriously…. People!

  40. says

    Hah people are so freaking wierd.

    Although I was already a follower, if I wasn’t and would have ran across the post where you daughter was selling beer, I would have became a follower soley based on that post. Beer is both amazing and delicious and your daughter is adorable. It’s like all these incredible things combined into one great post. Keep up the good work.

  41. says

    Why do people really feel the need to leave negative comments! RUDE! HA! But really…poor souls. They must lead a dull life that they feel so inclined to try to ruin others days! Glad you can have a good attitude about it!

  42. Tracy says

    Ok – I see comments like these on FB posts or blog posts all the time – and they just make me so mad – so then I start typing a “why are people so mean” post after their’s – and about halfway through my “novel” I look up and think – WHAT is wrong with me that I am taking the time out of my day to try and convince people to be nice and polite – and erase the whole thing – I had to realize – You can lead a person to Joy, but you can’t make them choose it !!

  43. says

    WOW! I love you for that, and here i thought i was the only one! I call them the “death threat emails.” xoxo You just made my day, and to think i almost gave up my small business bc of those emails. “WHATEVER” as my daughter would say!

  44. JOYce says

    This made me chuckle,till it hurt(seriously). Just had surgery. I have Breast Cancer and I choose JOY. My Parents chose the right name for me. Keep up the positive attitude.

  45. Timanda says

    Hahaha some people are ridiculous.

    So have you gotten a “cease and desist” letter from Willie Wonka’s lawyers yet?

    • Ashley says

      Not yet. I hope they don’t make me destroy it…’s part of Boo’s memory quilt now. That might be a PR disaster for them.

  46. Ruth Orozco says

    ONe of my favorite “doozies” was: “We apologize for any incontinence this may have caused.”
    I mean, the situation was slightly disappointing, but not enough for us to COMPLETELY lose control!

  47. tracey wallis says

    Bahahahahhaa !!! OMG I need to make up a list… I get frustrated though..I should “choose Joy” and just laugh at the crazies !!

  48. says

    i have no words. so i thought that i would comment and tell you that i have no words. no. words.

    however. you made my daughter masyn the CUTEST little dress out of her daddy’s fire department t-shirt a couple of years ago. and that little stinker can still wear that thing. it’s getting a little short but i just keep putting it on her. because it is the cutest thing ever! i hope the willy wonka lady doesn’t see a picture of her wearing it and write into the Lubbock Fire Department.

  49. says

    Ha ha ha! You are hilarious and I would LOVE for these to be a regular post! I had a crazy lady email me and leave me a lengthy comment about “How dare I show my 1 yr old’s bottom” on a scrapbook page! She went on and on and on about what a horrible mom I must be?! I was so in shock that I then took the post down and didn’t post anything for a good month or so! Then I thought about it and sad to myself, “Why am I letting this crazy get to me?!” She’s my daughter, she was 1 and her butt was freakin’ cute! I just wish that if people didn’t have anything nice to say, they just wouldn’t say anything at all! But then again if they didn’t we wouldn’t have these statements to laugh at! Thanks for your amazing attitude and for always Choosing JOY! 😉

    • says

      There is nothing cuter than a squidgy naked butt (on a small person of course!) and I for one have a truck load of pictures of my three. These people are hilarious and the world just wouldn’t be the same without them! Don’t let them stop you blogging! Leigh

  50. says

    Are you kidding me!??!?!?

    I keep a folder called “encouragement” in my inbox. Not sure I could keep these doozies. People need some hobbies.

  51. says

    This is hilarious.
    Too many people take things too seriously !
    Thanks for laugh !
    Did you hear from willy wonka ? haha ! …I’m still laughing.

  52. says

    This is amazing! Made my morning. Maybe they will appreciate you showing them love by posting it on your blog! Sometimes I wish I knew people like this just so I could slap the sense out of them…

  53. JaNette says

    Sounds like a few people need a “choose joy” slap across the face….wait does that put me in the crazy category? I haven’t come across another blog to date that has so much fun, love & sweetness pouring out of it! People really need to get a life!

  54. says

    I have a file labled “cranky pants” and I love that you shared these! I dont have the guts lol! We are busy moms and wives as well on top of savvy business ladies!

  55. jamie says

    People have WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands! I get some doozies too. Good to find the humor in them.

  56. meghan says

    Love these! Pretty sure my husband thought I was being awful when I started a folder like this. Thanks for sharing!

  57. says

    Note to self – do not drink tea whilst reading this blog!! The “lame tutorial” one made my spit mine out at the screen!!!!! All of them are hilariously funny, but that one did it for me :-) Happy Wednesday!


  58. Meredith says

    THOSE WERE HILARIOUSLY FANTASTIC! Please post more! I can’t believe that people take the time to tell you they don’t like you. I LOVE you and I don’t always take the time to tell you!

  59. says

    People are so entertaining. For those people who have the time to be not nice, you are more than welcome to come to my house and clean. I will work your anger issues out of you.

    Funny Post!

  60. Alicia says

    I love that you had a folder called “Crazy people” …That’s awesome. There is a LOT of crazy out there :)

  61. says

    you have got to be kidding me?!
    you are kinder than i would be with only calling that your “crazy people ” inbox…
    love you and your blog!

  62. Karin says

    Is it bad that my take away from this was “hmm wonder what doozy thing I can eail Ashley to make her laugh and to feature my bizarre rantings in the next one”. Be prepared for a very random string of emails.

  63. says

    People are insane.

    And clearly have too much time on their hands.

    ps I’m dropping the Willy Wonka charges.

  64. Becky says

    wow….it amazes me how many people (well a generic term here) have so much time and effort to waste…but then again they did make me laugh oh so much….
    oh and btw if there was a like button on the comments above, i would have clicked most of them…they too were great…(in a nice way!!)

  65. Amanda Moutos says

    Wow. First off, how can someone look at all your past EBay purchases? These people are freaks.

    I love your sense of humor and careless attitude about it. I definately need to take some of that advice when I get weird emails. Kudos!

    Oh and yes, quite a few of these seem rather stalkerish.

  66. Taylor says

    Oh my gosh… Amazing haha!!! I made some stethoscope covers for my sister who was in nursing school and I had someone email me asking if I love spreading diseases and getting tons of ppl sick haha… Geez ppl take DIY so seriously :)

  67. Laura says

    Ha, Ashley, this is *awesome.* I totally sympathize too — my husband and I run a secondhand/vintage store, and we get doozies on a weekly basis (sadly, spoken word, but we try to journal the winners). Thanks for cracking me up. :)

  68. Christa says

    Some people are so prone to “doozies”! I guess it keeps life interesting! But I would like to say that I loooove reading your blog and you are one awesome lady!:)

  69. says



    You MUST save those so they are never lost.

    Apparently, some people just don’t have enough to do.

    How dare you fib about having your laptop whether you’re on the beach or not. And what, you can’t reply to an email from the hospital….this IS 2012 you know.

    wink wink. nudge nudge.

  70. Deanna says

    One lady e-mailed me with some “advice” regarding the price at which I was selling my e-books on Etsy. She said, “I can’t believe you’re trying to sell these for $50. I think you’d sell a lot more if you priced them at $10.” I don’t know where she got the $50 thing from, because the ebook to which she was referring cost only $9.50. Maybe I would have sold more if I raised the price by 50 cents?

  71. Karon says

    Ashley _ Love these !!! Well there are lots of us who would buy beer from S and her creepy dolls !! We love you and to many of us you are our “online friend ” who we care very much about !! love you one of those creepy stalker people : ) !!!

  72. Karon says

    Oh yeah and I’m sure willy wonka wouldn’t give a flying F*^&^% that you “recycled” his shirt new or used !!!!! xoxoxK

  73. brenda says

    do you think some of those people were responding to having received some spam from you? I have gotten some emails from some of my friends excusing any peculiar emails I may have received from them as they have been spammed/hacked and to please excuse adn they are taking care of it. They do not make sense and it is to your credit that you can make a jolly answer to them.

  74. Jody V says

    You should take it all as a compliment, it just means you’ve made something big!! Someone will always try to take someone successful down…very funny though!

  75. says

    Love your sense of humor Ashley! You always make my day!
    I haven’t had too many whacked e-mails, but I get A LOT of whack comments on my YouTube channel!
    One person left a comment on a Craft Haul video that I did and said “You Talk Too Much!”
    Uhm…Okay…then click on the “STOP” button! LOL! It’s not like I’m holding a gun to your head and making you watch my video!
    Me & Hubby just laugh at these people…if only we had the kind of time that they do!
    Hope your doing well Ashley!
    Keep doin’ what your doin’…cuz we all love ya!
    Lisa H.

  76. says

    I dare someone to accuse you of not reading emails…you obviously do! Haha! Love your attitude-just another laugh in your (and our) day! You ought to tell “glass half empty” people not to subscribe. Save your energy to make those of us who love you, laugh with you, pray for you and sincerely want to see only good come your way be inspired! I look forward to reading every single day that you post. Keep up the good work girl!

  77. Alison says

    I vote for making this a series – perhaps a quarterly update?
    Seriously, if I had this sought of time…. (but I’m a tad busy raising kids, working (more than one job) and adding some craft when I can.) I think there is a word for what I do: TYPICAL.
    If ONLY these people could use their time for good, not evil. You know, like volunteering, picking up rubbish, visiting an old person, cooking an extra meal for a neighbour. But I guess they are too busy consumed by social media, (and stalking sane people).
    ANYWAY, I live in Australia, but am visiting the US later this year. I’ve just added Walmart as a must-see tourist attraction. Clearly there is a slice of humanity that I am completely oblivious to.
    Your blog is a joy. Today is it just hysterical – in a weird-stalker-way. Please keep it coming.

  78. Annie Wetherbee says

    I am sitting here, trying to think of how I can tell you, what I think about those comments……
    You are an example to all of us. I am not sure I could take them as beautifully as you did. I do not understand why some people feel the need to be mean. I will pray for them, they certainly need it.
    God bless you…..there are LOTS more of “us” than there are of “them”!

  79. says

    Wow, seriously. Those people need help. You put yourself out there, give free tutorials, etc. etc. and (some strange) people complain. You have an amazing attitude. I am too sensitive to be in the public eye!

  80. Kathy O says

    Gee… I love your responses more then their stupid comments. You should write a book someday.

  81. says

    I can’t believe how crazy and rude people are! Actually, I can believe it but I don’t understand taking the time to write and email those awful things! Thanks for sharing and big hugs from this follower!! :)

  82. says

    Thanks for sharing this. It was great for some laughs…and it made me feel better about some doozies I have received recently. I ended a recipe with yummy and I got a response that said, “I might consider trying this recipe one day, but I think it is the most obnoxious thing ever to use the word yummy.” Yep. There are some rude people out there. :)

  83. Ashley says

    I am New DIYer and I absolutely love your site. I’ve bookmarked your tutorials and absolutely love your sense of humor. Although, this post has made me a true fan! You rock!

  84. victoria says

    They are so awful. Seriously, if you can’t say something nice…..
    Have a lovely day. And thanks for making my day lovely!

  85. Barb Solano says

    I can’t even imagine some of the ‘REAL’ doozies that were lost 4evr when yur hard drive crashed….everyone is entitled to their own opinion…people don’t realize how funny they really are when they think they “Really TOLD HER…” Their righteous indignation turns out to be our laughs of the day…!!!!! hahahahaha….thanks for sharing…!!!!

  86. Andrea says

    Mwah ha ha ha ha!!! People just don’t think- it’s random malarkey. I worked in a 1 hour photo lab back in the day when people still used film. One customer brought in an old hard copy photo and actually had the negative too, the photo had someone’s head cut off (it’s called compose your shot!) and they got mad when I told them I couldn’t put the head back on. Even the negative didn’t have the whole head on it!!!

  87. Becky says

    Wow, I can’t believe people can be so petty! Ok, I can believe it, but it is pretty sad. I look forward to everything you post. It is my treat after I get the five kiddos to bed. Keep up the awesome posts. Praise God that you are doing better. You have been in all of our prayers.

  88. says

    Perhaps you need some “Choose Joy” SLAP bracelets? Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Just kidding.

    LOVED this post! Please post more! 😀 I am glad I’m not the only one who gets weeeeirdo emails!!

  89. Michelle says

    I agree that you should make posting these comments a regular thing! It must be a full-time job for those kinds of people to tear others down! If they spent as much time accomplishing things in their own life as they do tearing people down, then they wouldn’t have to be so jealous of other people and wouldn’t need to tear others down! People who make comments like those just have low self-esteems. It’s sad. I wish there was a way we could help them! :-)

  90. says

    What I really want to know is…how did you get away from Willy Wonka? I heard he was really mad…

    These are great (:

  91. Sydney says

    Amazing the things people will say hiding behind their computer screens. As you promote; CHOOSE JOY! Creeps will be creeps….

  92. lilyandbilly says

    An inside glimpse of your life- Omg Ashley, I don’t know how you do it. I have trouble accepting criticism and this would floor me.
    Thanks for being so open about it.

  93. leslie says

    These were funny. The scary doll comment made me think of the pictures of a yard sale you did- didn’t boo have some doll heads tied up or something? I can’t quite remember but that’s all I can think of in regard to scary dolls.

    thanks for a laugh.

  94. says

    Hilarious Ashley!! Can you post these every week?? Pleeeeaaasse! Oh wait, maybe then people will stop sending them! Never mind…can you please just secretly forward them to me 😉 They are very entertaining!

  95. Nicole L says

    WOW…thanks for sharing! People are amazing (and sometimes in a different way) and that is what keeps the world interesting!

  96. Zoe B says

    I have gotten a few myself… one very hurtful BUT, I have no idea what personal issues are/were going on in that persons personal life. This particular experience taught me to try to always be kind to others.
    Ephesians 4:31-32 Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. :)

  97. GayleB says

    These “crazy people” need to learn to sew, scrapbook, etc. An outlet for their inner bitterness!!!!!! Gotta love it and laugh at it.

  98. Gina says

    Someone went thru all your past eBay purchases?? OMG – there are some crazies out there!!!

  99. ira lee henson says

    wow, people are crazy!!!! i think making light of them and sharing the emails is the best way to deal!!! ur too funny!!!!

  100. says

    OMG! That is about the funniest thing I’ve ever read! I can’t believe that people can be that rude and freaky!! Post some more of these! It makes my day! lol

  101. beth says

    wow, the human capacity to be unkind is such a terrible surprise every time i’m faced with it’s evidence. it’s really sad.

    • beth says

      i just can’t believe people would actually take time out of their own lives to send you negative, hurtful, and unkind judgements about such random stuff…

  102. Chelleigh says

    The good, the,bad, and the crazy!!! I’m all three, kinda surprised that I was not quoted with my half baked comments, guess I’m just silly,,
    love ya,
    joy always, chelle

  103. says

    The crazy people is every where, I can’t believe people take time out of their “busy” day to write emails like these.
    You are a nice lady, I would have left the names and email addresses public.

  104. Amber says

    Thanks for this! Funny (and sad at the same time). But, more importantly, such a great example to me to ‘love my enemies’ and to also not be offended so easily. I too often get wounded by snarky, mean people! I think I should start a ‘crazy people’ file, too! Puts everything in perspective with humor! :) Luv ya!

  105. Denise says

    I just love the word “doozie!” going to use this on my husband tonight! Thats a doozie hon!

  106. Amy says

    one of my hubby’s favorite finds on ifunny reads like this:

    “haters gonna hate. potatoes gonna potate. alligators gonna alligate. waiters gonna wait.”

    i guess so long as you can laugh at the haters, life goes on! though you’ll be the one wearing a smile while they continue to try to rain on everyone’s parade. keep up the great work ashley!

  107. Julie says

    Glad to see such great wonderful souls making fun of mental illness. Almost 170 comments laughing at other’s ailments aka “crazy people”. This has to be one the last groups that many are ok with mocking. Mental illness will touch about one in five of us at some time in our life. Perhaps Choose Joy needs to be set aside for There but for the Grace of God for now. If this was making fun of an entire race , ethnic group or one gender, it would be stereotyping. But making fun of “crazy people” is cool, it brought lots of comments and tons of attention. There has to be a better way to accomplish that.

    One in five. Look around you and count.

    • Ashley says

      There are about 20 definitions of “crazy” that don’t refer to mental illness. And you can count me in that one in five…..I was on Prozac for many years….

  108. says

    And some people are thread killers. :)

    Certainly not everyone who sends a rude e-mail is mentally ill, and maybe previous poster was joking? Just sayin’….I live with a family member who has a mental illness that sometimes rocks our little world, but I didn’t take Ashley’s post that way. :)

  109. Robin says

    I am speechless… and I always have SOMETHING to say! I hope you girls have a good laugh after the doozies.

  110. andrea porter says

    Ohmygoodness! That IS some crazy stuff! I work with the public in customer service and I am constantly amazed by the things that come out of people’s mouths sometimes! It does make for good conversation though! :)

  111. Rebecca says

    The more I read on here, the more I love LBB. I found LBB b/c of the creativity, stayed b/c of the spirituality and now I’m committed b/c of the wit and humor! Oh, BTW, how do you go through someone’s past ebay purchases? Your style/taste is amazing and I think it’s only fair if you create a tutorial on stalking so we can all benefit:)

  112. lynn says

    lmao!!!!! this is too funny! and the comments even have me laughing! too much!!! bwahahahaha!

  113. Nicole Bowen says

    Okay Julie, AKA “thread killer” no one, I repeat, NO ONE referred to any of these posts as someone with a mental illness. I am quite sure that the majority of LBB followers would never even consider speaking the word “Crazy” in the same conversation with that of mental illness. Get off your soapbox, and realize that your comment could easily fall into one of Ashleys crazy people files!

    • Julie says

      Then please tell me what exactly was meant. Comment after comment. I look forward to my daily LBB. I KNOW how others here usually are, supportive and kind. Coming to read this day’s blog and seeing everyone enjoying a laugh at the “crazy people” gets the same reaction from me as though I overheard it. I speak up and remind others of this tired old stereotype. I sometimes get the response that you gave me here, that I must be a “crazy person” too. I am used to that, it is what often happens when someone has a mirror held up to ugly behavior. This is not a soapbox that I will be putting away anytime soon. It has affected my life way too much.

      Calling people who act oddly or out of step “crazy” is like calling children with developmental delays “retards”. And now, anyone who has read this may think twice about calling rude people crazy..even if it comes at the expensive of some stranger online coming close to calling me the same. I don’t care how you take my comments.

        • Julie says

          There but for the grace of God. I pray that whatever caused you to be on Prozac was temporary and not genetic. If I was rude to you, Ashley, I apologise. That is not my intention, not at all.

          • Ashley says

            Not at all Julie. I just don’t want you to think that crazy here refers to mental illness……because it doesn’t.

  114. says

    What!? Some people are crazy! The one who looked through all your Ebay purchases was a bit creepy though – who does that!? o.O

  115. says

    Wow.. that is sooo nasty. Not that I’m surprised, though, as I get them on my website, too. Anyway, your blog rocks socks… just sayin’ :-) Hope you have a great day!

  116. Claudia Méndez says


    Creo que un mensaje es mio!
    Jajajajaajjjaaja no no es cierto!

  117. Beth Morrow says

    Wow…been out of touch for a while and just reading this thread…AMAZING! Keep doing what you do sweet lady…those of us who follow you feel like we know you and know your heart! There is not a mean/insensitive bone in your body! You handleded this beautifully and your Choose Joy motto is shining! Still reading and still praying for you.Love ya,

  118. Tishelle says

    I happen to love you! Your attitude is just awesome. How anyone can say negative things About someone who finds and gives so much inspiration is beyond me. You rock!!!

  119. Heather Louise says

    How on earth did I miss Boo selling beer!!?!! Where was this?
    I love that you live one of the 4 agreements: never take anything personally. Thank you for the reminder.

  120. Erin says

    I love your blog for so many reasons, but this is hysterical. You seriously made my day. What is WRONG with people?!

  121. Mikki says

    These were so funny. People are amazing aren’t they. The only this better than a kid thats figured out selling beer turns a profit is when its my kid AND they give me one for FREE!
    Have a rockin’ day! :)

    p.s. You make me laugh and inspire me to keep my chin up when I have the occasional pity party. Thanks for that.

  122. Nikki says

    Oh my, these are funny! Just hopping over here from crafterhours. I can’t believe the nerve of some people! Great attitude that you have, though. :)

  123. Candace says

    These made me laugh….and think seriously some people have nothing better to do then pick about everything. Love ur way of thinking and blog!!! read it everyday! 😀

  124. says

    Hahahahaha!! These are sooo funny! But seriously, I’m so sorry that people are rude to you sometimes! Oh, and, good luck with the Wonka lawsuit. :o) haha

  125. Sonya says

    I’m so relieved that I wasn’t on the list of people who said stupid/silly things ;-). Seriously, though, this post is a community service. Various bloggers I follow periodically vent in a very sanitized manner about the inappropriate comments they’ve received and my mind hadn’t quite conceived what they could be like. Now I know. I’m so glad you choose joy. Keep up the good work!

  126. Peggy says

    Well! I just want you to know that the hateful emails just make me love this blog all the more! & my Bry does lots of the same (questionable) things that your Boo does…. Add – rides in firetrucks on a regular basis, eats ice cream entirely too much, goes on after school “dates” with her grandparents… EVERYDAY!; hunts hogs and deer with her Daddy (no shooting of either by either as of yet), went on her first quail hunt at the ripe ol’ age of FOUR (4), fishes… with BOYS!, runs outside barefoot, & on & on…. People are so ridiculous! & judgmental, to boot! Love to you & yours! Your positive outlook is infectious! & wonderful!

  127. Barbara says

    Now when boo sells the don’t let her sell cigarettes too right? cuz that would just be wrong. Seriously..some people just have to much time on their hands…to go thru your eBay purchases? Who does that? I love to read your posts…I feel like I know you and your family…not in a creepy stalker way..I can’t believe anyone could say anything negative to you, what would we all do without you help get us thru our day! Keep up the good work…and choose joy! Oh already do…mean people out there…choose joy!

  128. shelley swenson says

    Precious Ash….your grandma Perry taught me that jealousy is only a compliment and I am sooo glad that you reverse their evil and turn it to joy!! You are a child of God and He loves you for your Jesus attitude! mom

  129. Beth W. says

    Ok, so mine was a hand-written thank you card. A woman in my Bible study, who I wasn’t friends with, and knew I never would be, had a baby. I’m not much of a meal-taker, but my mentor/friend said she just takes a costco chicken, nice salad and loaf of bread. Ok, I can do that. The note I got back said something like this:
    “Thank you for bringing us dinner. All we had to do was make some mashed potatoes to make it a complete meal.”

    I asked to be removed from the list of “meal-takers”….