1. says

    Fun fonts! I really like Pacifico.

    Any advice on what we can use these for or if we should credit the author or that sort of thing? Like, could I put them in a scrapbook kit, or is that a big no-no with free fonts?

    • says

      As I am a font designer, I can tell you that it’s very important to ask the font author first before including free fonts anywhere. Some fonts are only free for private use, others are completely free, and some are share- or donation ware.
      Some of my fonts, for example, have been offered in “free font archives” without my consent. If you use fonts, please always have a close look at the included readme files.

      Thanks, Ashley, for the great selection!

    • says

      If you are going to use the fonts in any projects you plan to sell, then you should always take a look at the designers terms of use :-)

  2. Teri says

    I love that you are so honest about “real life” issues. You crack me up !!!! I wish my dogs “bombs’ were that little :) Diesel is so darn sweet. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your beautiful family.

  3. Joy T. says

    Super cool fonts, thanks! I love having a good selection for birthday invitations and such… gonna have fun using some of these for certain!

  4. Jacqui Tomyn says

    I am not computer savvy at all, so I need some help! Once I download the fonts how do I use them? I can’t get them to show up under my fonts list? Again this is my first time doing anything like this, so any information I would greatly appreciate!